Spring Beauty Refresh.

Spring Beauty Refresh

Spring Beauty Refresh

Just to be really clear, today’s blog post is all about NEW products I’ve tried and really love. Of course there are all my holy grail favorites but I try so many new products every month; I wanted to pull together a roundup with some of the newer things I’ve tried and really love. And of course:: I’ve looped in Carly as two perspectives are much better than one and she is always so in the know about the cool up & coming, younger, IYKYK brands.

Also, a few beauty codes to share!

Spring Beauty Refresh Grace's picks

Grace’s Picks

Grace: Like I said above, I try a lot of stuff. This is one of my favorite parts of my job. I have tried a lot of new things this month that I really love. Both newer up & coming brands (like Queen Musia – love their lipsticks!) but also, old favorites (the new Bobbi Brown eyeliner sticks are beyond easy… beautiful shades and completely foolproof!).

If you are doing an “everything shower,” Nerra’s kit is amazing. It’s designed to give you the closest thing to ancient Mediterranean bathhouse practices, from the privacy of your own shower. After using the four product routine your skin is going to be the smoothest it’s ever been. The set is a splurge but we do have a code. It would also make a great gift. Use GRACE15 for 15% off. On the skincare front, just two new favs. First, this retinal serum. I did a campaign with this brand, but I tried it for several months before accepting it. It’s one of the best retinals I’ve tried and it doesn’t irritate my skin. The other thing is this overnight eye serum. If you love the OG Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask you will LOVE this!

There are so many other faves. The new RMS bronzers are beautiful. This is my current favorite highlighter – it’s so pigmented and glowy. I wear shade “peachy.” This finishing powder is amazing and looks beautiful on your vanity.

Spring Beauty Refresh Carly's picks

Carly’s Picks

Carly: I tend to have a hard time finding those “holy grail” products because my skin/body can be so reactive to ingredients! Any products with strong scents or complicated formulas are automatic no-gos in my book, which eliminates a lot of products that others love and recommend. In the past year, I’ve really erred on the side of caution when it comes to purchasing new beauty, but have really looked to Grace for recommendations because her skin is INCREDIBLE (no beauty filters necessary).

She hears me talk constantly about the hair care line Crown Affair. I’ve been a follower since the brand’s launch and genuinely love every single one of their products. My “everything shower” typically consists of a good pre-wash brush to move my natural oils to my ends, a scalp reset with their cleansing scrub, and I finish off by substituting their hydrating mask for conditioner. Topped off with a dollop of this air dry cream—my curls have never been happier.

As I get older, I really have lost interest in going above and beyond with makeup looks for special occasions. It was never really my thing, but I’m so glad that brands like Merit and Ilia exist now so that I can effortlessly achieve that “no makeup” look while letting my skin’s texture and freckles shine through! This cream blush comes in tons of colors (and is the perfect size to have on-the-go), and this complexion stick conceals imperfections without irritating them. My one true holy grail product is this brow wax. If you’ve ever seen my eyebrows…you know why I need a product this strong. The best part is it leaves no residue!

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Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. Nancy:

    I do not see the bronzer in the “Peachy” shade…perhaps sold out so thats why it does not show up?

    I wish RMS products were sold at larger retailers where I could see colors etc before purchasing (like Nordstrom, Sephora or Ulta). I do not live by a Blue Mercury or Credo.

    I suggest you try Iconic London blurring primer…I got it at Sephora a few months ago and really liked it…then I saw TIBAL strongly recommends it also.

    5.2.24 Reply
    • The bronzer doesn’t come in peachy, that is the highlighter! Highly recommend. If you click through the highlighter is still in stock in Peachy.

      5.2.24 Reply
    • And thank you for the rec! I will check it out.

      5.2.24 Reply