Two of My Favorite Body Creams.

Sol De Janeiro Body Creams Review

We talk about this a lot but I am trying to take better care of the skin on my body! I spend so much time doing my skincare routine but sometimes get lazy after a bath or shower. And I get sent so many great products and aspire to be the sort of person who dry brushes every day, then uses a body serum, cream, and oil, but most days I am just NOT THAT PERSON. I am trying though! Sol De Janeiro makes two of my absolute favorite body creams so today we’re going to talk about them! I really love this brand. It’s cruelty free and everything they make just smells so good (I totally realize that’s not the point but it’s the truth).

PS – this is my other favorite body cream. I do love that it comes in a TUBE, I wish every brand would do that, I hate sticking my fingers in jars!

Sol De Janeiro Body Creams Review

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This is my favorite of Sol de Janeiro’s body creams. It’s pretty much the holy grail – I even have a travel size jar of it that I’ve used up and refilled from the big one. Besides all the skincare benefits which we obviously LOVE, it just smells SO freaking GOOD – like salted caramel. It smells so good that they even made a body spray with the fragrance (I have and love this too!!!!). This one is especially good for dry skin types (ME!).

The key ingredients in the bum bum cream (pronounced BOOM BOOM) are Cupuacu Butter (full of fatty acids to lock in moisture and restore the skin’s elasticity, Acaí Oil (an antioxidant), and Coconut Oil (my favorite oil – melts into the skin to soften, condition, and moisturize). This one is also caffeine rich (thanks to the guarana).

If firming the skin is your priority, this is your body lotion. It tightens the skin and also has just a touch of shimmer… those light reflecting particles are SUBTLE but will help camouflage any imperfections.

Sol De Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Body Cream with Vitamin C

While the Bum Bum Cream is really focused on firming, this one is amazing for brightening and evening out the skin tone. I just finished my jar of this (full disclosure, I was saving the Bum Bum Cream – for what, I don’t know!!!! If I was going to choose between the two I would pick the Bum Bum, probably just because it’s thicker in consistency and I like the smell so much). Even though this one is just my second fav I will tell you that with daily use I definitely notice the brightening effect. It’s an excellent body moisturizer (I think it’s a little more lightweight than the Bum Bum Cream which is more of a body butter IMO) and smells like vanilla, plum, and jasmine.

You truly can’t go wrong with either one. They both smell so good and will leave your skin so silky and soft.

Sol De Janeiro Body Creams Review

Sol De Janeiro Body Creams Review

photography by Clay Austin.

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  1. LB:

    I hate sticking my fingers in jars too! I thought it was just me!

    9.20.21 Reply
  2. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    BumBum cream is one of my favorites! I LOVE the smell so much, I also have the body wash, scrub, and sunscreen oil… It works so well and it’s kind of remarkable how many people comment on how good I smell when I wear it. It’s not crazy strong, just GOOD. Totally agree with Grace on this one. Haven’t tried the BomDia, but I will say I tried a sample of the Coco Cabana, and while I generally love coconut scented skincare, I hated this one.

    [And I say this with love and humor … I find it a little comical when folks complain about putting their fingers in jars, but at the same time love their skin care products that come in jars, which is just as bad from a germ perspective, and even worse when they contain ingredients that will degrade because repeatedly exposed to air and light. I put the lotion on right after my shower, when my fingers are about as clean as they ever get, lol.]

    9.20.21 Reply
    • Totally hear you but I am an equal opportunity jar hater – face creams too!!!!

      9.20.21 Reply
      • MarciaMarciaMarcia:

        I’m with you! My only exceptions are for the BumBum cream and the Flamingo body cream, which as you know is also fantastic (although I prefer the Flamingo lotion specifically because it’s in a tube).

        9.20.21 Reply
    • Kasaundra:

      I just tilt the jar and plop some out on my hand so I don’t have to dip my fingers into it ! I absolutely love it !! It is the best body cream I’ve ever used !

      4.23.23 Reply
  3. Christina:

    Trader Joe’s has an amazing dupe for the Bum Bum Cream. Smells EXACTLY the same for a fraction of the price.

    9.20.21 Reply