Saie’s new GLOW Products (+ Swatches)

Saie's new GLOW Products review

It’s been a really long time since there was a new cosmetic brand that really blew my mind. I remember when Glossier launched, being really excited about that. And more recently I’ve fallen in love with KOSAS and Ilia. And Tower is great too.

But otherwise, I’ve been pretty medium on any of the new brands that have launched over the past year. Enter Saie (pronounced SAY!). I will admit that I was immediately a little bit skeptical because they were all over every cool girl on instagram’s feed. It helps that Geri Hirsch is their creative director, and that the founder Laney Crowell is a blogger herself and very well connected in the beauty space. Was it all just hype? The answer is NO, the products are GOOD. Very, very good. I first wrote about them back in December (their mascara and brow gel are FAB and I love the purple lash curler; you can read my post about those  products there). I get a similar vibe (aesthetics-wise) to Glossier (bold brows, fresh dewy skin), except with only good for you ingredients. The price points are also very good – nothing is over $25.

Saie’s new GLOW Products (+ Swatches)

More recently the brand sent me their new glow / luminizing products: their Glowy Super Gel and their Dew Balms. I am going to give you a review of both products but want to stress that I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE. Like, I’ve had them maybe two weeks (I think?) and I use them every day. I think you’re going to be obsessed with them too!

Saie's new GLOW Products - Beauty Glowy Super Gel Review

Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel Review

The glowy super gel is probably my favorite out of the new collection but it’s hard to pick a fav as I love them all so much. First thing first: someone asked me if this is a foundation. It is not – it isn’t pigmented and won’t cover anything up, but it will give you an amazing GLOW. This is a sheer luminizing gel that you can wear alone, or under makeup as a primer. OR mix in a drop or two with your foundation (I tried mixing it in with both Beautycounter Dew Skin and the new Ilia Skin Tint and had great results with both). It only comes in one color and will work on ALL skin tones as it’s super super sheer. In the above photo you can see it on my hand. Just subtle, glowy radiance.

The formula itself is 75% water so again it’s very sheer – meant to enhance your natural complexion. It contains brightening Papaya and Vitamin C and Rose Hip Seed to moisturize. My favorite is on no makeup days (most days, haha) to just apply a pump or two over moisturizer. It’s like an instagram filter IRL.

You can use it on your body too. Chest, collarbones, shoulders, shins… I am taking this (well honestly I’m taking all of these!) with me to Miami next week.

Saie's new GLOW Products

Saie Beauty Dew Balms Review

OH how I love these. They are just the prettiest little fingerpaints for your face. I’ve swatched them above (out of the tube) and below (rubbed in) to attempt to give you an idea of how the product looks but they’re just so pretty! These are more of a classic highlighter. While the Super Gel can be used all over your face if you’d like, these are just meant for the high points (I do the tops of my cheekbone and my collarbone and sometimes my eyelids).

The formula is very much like a balm, hence the name “dew balm.” So if you have oily skin you might not like these (the super gel would be great for oily skin). They are rich and creamy and blend in so well… plumping up the skin and hydrating it while also providing GLOW!

There are three colors:

Rosy Gold: This one is the best for everyday as it is the most natural (if you look at the swatch below you can see how well it just blends into my natural skin tone.

Saie Lilac: I thought this one was strange at first but it’s actually so pretty on. A tiny bit iridescent (in the best possible way!) If you are very fair, this is going to be your perfect highlighter.

Bronze Nectar: This one is my favorite as it adds just a tiny bit of bronzy radiance… but not TOO much // it’s still fine on my pale winter skin.

The way to do these is to gently tap it onto your skin. Whereas the Super Gel can be the first step in your routine, I like these to be the LAST step in my makeup routine (so after any foundation blush or bronzer you might be using). Squeeze out just a little from the tube, warm it up between your fingers, and just pat it onto your skin. You can use them on your eyelids too. The best approach is to just tap on a little and then keep adding to build shine if you want more!

Saie's new GLOW Products

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. I’m so jealous that you get to try out all these gorgeous new products all the time, Grace! Thanks for the review! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.26.20 Reply
  2. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh they look absolutely gorgeous! LOVE THEM!

    Lisa |

    2.26.20 Reply
  3. RSF:

    I was so intrigued by the glowy super gel that I immediately went to their website to purchase. However, I was super disappointed to see that they only offer free shipping if you spend $30 — which basically means that you have no choice but to buy two products or pay $5 to ship a $25 product. I understand that there is a business reason for this, but, it totally defeats the purpose of marketing Saie as an under $25 product.

    2.26.20 Reply
    • Aw sorry to hear that! I am not 100% sure of Goop or Follain’s shipping policies but both carry the product so maybe you could order from them. Or, if you are close to a Follain store, you could pick up in store!

      2.26.20 Reply
      • RSF:

        thank you for replying — I will check out Goop and Follain! I like to try products from multiple companies so I get a little disappointed when a company’s shipping requirements make it difficult to do so.

        2.26.20 Reply
    • Lindsay:

      Hope it’s okay to post this here, but I had the same complaint about Saie requiring a $30 spend to get free shipping. I found a code for 20% off online: saielovesbecca. So, at least you can a few dollars knocked off. I just placed an order and the code worked.

      5.17.20 Reply
  4. Elizabeth:

    Just placed an order for the Glowy Super Gel! I am so excited – this looks similar to the Burberry illuminator I add to my foundation which I love but isn’t clean 🙁 Also got the mascara and brow gel! Thanks for the recs, Grace!

    2.26.20 Reply
    • I hope you love it as much as I do! Please keep me posted!

      2.26.20 Reply
      • Elizabeth:

        Grace – my Saie order came yesterday and I’m already obsessed. All I have on today is the Glowy Super Gel on over my sunscreen with a little concealer and it’s so pretty. I can’t wait to experiment with adding it to foundation. And I’m loving the mascara and brow gel. Perfect for a weekday when I want to roll into work looking pretty but not overdone. Your recommendations are always spot on! Thank you!!

        3.10.20 Reply
  5. Cory:

    Ordering the super gel right now! I am hoping it will be like the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, which I love, but stopped using because it isn’t clean.

    2.26.20 Reply
    • I think you’ll really like it! It’s different from the flawless filter as it’s not tinted (Flawless filter is shaded; this is universal) and I’d say it’s more subtle, but it’s really really pretty. For a similar look to Flawless Filter I”d try putting this on OVER your foundation!

      2.26.20 Reply
  6. Thank you for the review!! xx Laney

    2.26.20 Reply
  7. Anna:

    This sounds amazing!! Obviously it’s different than the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops, but if you could only choose one to achieve a glow, which do you now prefer? I want to try one of the two!

    2.26.20 Reply
    • They’re literally opposite products! Drunk Elephant drops go in your moisturizer (or you could even put them in this) to give you a bronze glow. This is a sheer, lightweight illuminator. I love them both!

      2.27.20 Reply
  8. Jess:

    After reading your review I’m excited to try super gel! Thanks Grace for always being honest and informative in your product reviews.


    3.10.20 Reply
  9. Emily:

    You always do the best reviews! I just ordered the glowy super gel and mascara!

    5.10.20 Reply
  10. Katie Stryjewski:


    I wonder if you can help. I’m wondering if you can buy these anywhere in the UK

    Thank you in advance


    5.12.20 Reply
  11. Pankti:

    Does saie glowy super gel has glitters in it?

    10.22.20 Reply