Saie Beauty Review.

Saie Beauty Review

I always get excited when a new clean beauty brand (especially makeup – there are so few good brands) launches, and was immediately intrigued when I heard about Saie Beauty! Saie (pronounced like “say”) is a very new brand (they have just four products). Founded by a former Estee Lauder exec, their mission is to create products that are stylish and effective… using sustainable packaging and clean ingredients.

Saie Beauty Review

The mascara is the best product in the line.

It’s VERY good. Up there with the Ilia mascara. I want to spend some time doing a side by side of Ilia vs. Saie (maybe I’ll do that on stories when I’m back from LA) but I think this is a great everyday mascara. It’s a little less dramatic than the Ilia… kind of a la Glossier Lash Slick.  The formula is buildable, easy to apply, and made from 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients. I like it a lot.

The brow butter is very very good.

The formula and package remind me a lot of Lime Crime’s bushy brow (my current fav brow product). The spoolie brush is long and little which is makes it easy to use, and great for fluffing up your brows. I found the hold to be medium. It’s a pomade, as opposed to a gel. It is not as good as my beloved Bushy Brow, but still good. This is probably the best clean brow product I’ve tried (While Ilia is my fav clean cosmetics brand, I don’t totally love their brow gel – it’s a little messy!)

The liquid lip balm was fine.

I think there are a lot of great clean lip balms and glosses on the market and while I liked this, it wasn’t anything special or the best I’d tried (I didn’t have the OMG I LOVE THIS reaction I had to the Kosas Lip Oils.) I’d probably skip this one and save my money for the mascara + brow butter.

And lastly, they have a lash curler!

Functionality aside, the curler is very pretty – it’s a pale lavender. It worked very well. I’m not someone who really cares about a lash curler or curls my lashes daily so I don’t have any strong thoughts here. But I like it, and I like that they’re working toward producing it from all recycled materials.

Saie Beauty Review Saie Beauty Review Saie Beauty Review

Photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. Thank you for always introducing us to new brands! Looks great! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.12.19 Reply
  2. Thanks for the great review Grace! Enjoy x Laney

    12.13.19 Reply
  3. Karen:

    Thanks! So excited to try this brand. I also use and love the ilia mascara but was looking for something a little lighter and less dramatic for day so this sounds prefect! And definitely trying the brow gel. Thanks Grace!

    12.14.19 Reply
    • You’re welcome! I really, really like this mascara. If you end up buying it please come back and let me know what you think! x

      12.15.19 Reply