This Month’s Favorites.

This Months Favorites This Months Shopping Favorites

We are back with another round of favorites… all things I have and really love! Lots and lots of white (I need to ban myself from buying any more white dresses!), a fun new read, a surface cleaner that makes chore time into a sensorial experience (I’m serious – the neroli fragrance is just… magical), and more. Let’s dive in…  again, these are ONLY things I actually own… tried, true, and put to the test.

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This Month’s Favorites

This inexpensive Amazon dress is a great little weekend dress, perfect for the beach or pool too!

I have not worn this Jonathan Simkhai dress yet but it’s pretty perfect… you will be seeing it soon! I like that it’s all utilitarian and clean lines but then it has a big sleeve. Perfect. Speaking of white dresses, this Sea dress is too good. Victorian doll in the best sense of the word.

My lips have been so dry and this balm has been a godsend. Love the glossy finish too.

These are the best white jeans. The fit is just perfect. You can see a photo of them in this week’s outfit diary.

The goblets from my Derby reel. I bought them a few years ago: a splurge, but a worthy one.

My favorite candle. 

These Veronica Beard platform sandals are incredible. They make your legs look amazing and are really manageable for 5 inches… I walked home from a luncheon wearing them and was shocked that my feet didn’t hurt.

The perfect carry-all. 

This green dress is under $150 and so pretty.

And these heels! Cult Gaia vibes.

The rich aunt pullover! I had the white and liked it so much that I got it in pink.

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  1. Sarah R:

    just placed my first AYR order, excited to try the french fry and sno cone tops! thanks for all the happy recs this week!

    5.6.22 Reply
  2. Lynnbcroland:

    I got an Addison Bay Short set not in the stripes you showed because they were sold out so I got a medium similar top on sale light pink and blur and yellow stipe and shorts that are huge . I may just have to take get a credit and I’m bummed . What size white and pink crewneck top did you get in white and pink aka The rich Aunt lol ? I’m 5”4 , 127 lbs and a bit curvy, hips . The medium ran big in the other top that looked like your yellow zip in medium . The bottoms were not quince but huge . I wrote them . Thank you so much !

    5.6.22 Reply
    • Oh no! Sorry they didn’t work for you. I got a medium across the board and it’s all fit very well so far.

      5.6.22 Reply
      • Lynnbcroland:

        I really don’t know why the top which is a strip in medium is so huge but if they only give me a credit what size in the crew long sleeve white and pink did you get? Thanks Grace . .

        5.6.22 Reply
  3. So many fantastic items sweetie!

    Danielle |

    5.7.22 Reply
  4. Maggie:

    As a full time member of Team Glasses (contact lenses & I never got along) I love seeing glasses featured in this roundup!

    5.7.22 Reply