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Recent Amazon Finds Recent Amazon Finds December Amazon favorites

It has been a minute since my last Amazon roundup so today’s is (in my opinion) a really good one, with lots of fun things. From beauty gadgets to clothing and accessories to a few books I’m really excited about, there is a lot! Also, it’s worth noting: over the weekend I did a big refresh of my Amazon storefront, adding in everything I’ve been loving lately… sometimes I forget to update it but it is in great shape now! Literally that has everything, from gifts for kids to Tyrion’s favorite things to jewelry, food/snacks, and more.

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Recent Amazon Finds!

For the home, I bought these ice cream/snack bowls a while ago and use them every day. They look much more expensive than they are (only $26 for a set of 6). They are so good! And I saw that there is also a matching mug which is tempting me.

I can’t get over the quality of this $20 jewelry case. I love it so much. It would be a great last minute gift. I have the emerald green (natch) but there are so many more great colors. Also for travel: my favorite hanging travel toiletries case now comes in a sunny yellow! And on the beauty front, I’ve been hearing really good things about this roller (specifically for the jaw line and cheek contours). It is on its way to me and I will report back.

I’m kinda embracing the hair claw trend? I tried a bunch of different ones and these are just the right size. I also got these headbands which are just perfect.

On the work front, I am a huge fan of James Clear’s email newsletter so I finally bought his book. His productivity advice is usually so spot on so I am really looking forward to reading it over Christmas/New Years as I think about goal setting for the year ahead. Speaking of business books, I’m really excited about Carly’s book – I pre-ordered it ages ago and can’t wait for it to get here.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. Patty:

    Atomic Habits will change your LIFE!

    Maybe. I don’t know. It changed mine!

    Example: I was having issues remembering to take my medicine every day. Through the habit loop, I learned to attach the habit to something I already do every single day. “Every time I finish brushing my teeth, I will take my pills.” I did it every day for a few days, and now it’s so ingrained in me that I almost took my pills AGAIN when I took a random night shower the other day.

    It takes practice but it works! Science!

    Also, claw clips 4 lyfe.

    12.20.21 Reply
  2. Meg:

    The link to the jewelry case is wrong:(

    12.20.21 Reply
  3. Megan:

    I think the links are mixed up for the Amazon jewelry case – I click and keep getting the marble bowls. Could you share the link to the jewelry case? Thank you!

    12.20.21 Reply
  4. Atomic Habits is life changing. I need to re-read every year. Such a good reminder that little things add up!

    12.20.21 Reply
  5. Thanks for including Business Minded Grace!

    12.20.21 Reply