Gift Guide: The Aunt Life.

Gift Guide: The Aunt Life

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Gift Guide: The Aunt Life

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Gift Guide: The Aunt Life

Being an aunt is the absolute greatest. All of the fun with none of the responsibility. 😉 Nothing makes me happier than spoiling my niece and my nephews. My youngest sister has some pretty strict rules around gifting but Magnatiles are always on the approved gifts list – they’re so much fun, I could play with them for hours! We’ve bought the boys several sets now, plus all the fun extenders! I was also allowed to get them matching Aviator Nation hoodies (splurgy but the absolute cutest, I got my sister one to match her boys too!).

One gift that has been SUCH a hit was a subscription to Green Kids Crafts. This is an amazing gift, my nephews love getting their monthly crafts + science boxes (plus it’s a fun small business, founded by a woman who is is an environmental scientist and leader in conservation, sustainability, youth education, and activism). From the same company: this crystal tree!

Meanwhile, I bought my niece the PonyCycle. I’ve been seeing all my influencer mom friends posting it and just kinda had to. She got these Lisa Frank stickers from me for her birthday and loved them, and this is her favorite little teddy bear hoodie.

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  1. Valerie:

    I am always looking for gifts for my nieces, so love this post!! Thing they’ll be getting a green kids crafts subscription-this is exactly the kind of thing I love gifting!! Thanks!

    11.28.21 Reply
  2. Ali:

    Magnatiles are the BEST gift. They are always a hit with my little cousins.

    11.28.21 Reply
  3. Lynn:

    I really love the Unicorn horse and I want one ! Well a baby to give it to at least ! Great present. I just loved seeing your niece ride that! Thanks fir sharing your family with us !

    11.28.21 Reply
  4. LS:

    Thank you for this post! My young niece and nephew have no uncles and only me for an auntie, so our time together is extra special! They cannot wait to see what “auntie brought in her bag of tricks!”. I will be getting the crystal tree and Lisa Frank collection!

    11.29.21 Reply
  5. Sara:

    Hi Grace! Do you know about Young, Wild and Friedman? She makes these AMAZING sensory dough kits for kids. You have tons of great ideas in this post, but should check it out in the future!

    12.2.21 Reply