Pretty Home Finds.

Pretty Home Finds
i love my zalto wine glasses so much

Today I wanted to share a few pretty home finds. Everyone will feel differently but having observed my own behavior now for a while, I’ve realized that given the choice I’d rather splurge on items for my home vs. my closet. I will always love pretty clothing and accessories but the things in your home you will use or at least see every single day, and beautiful home decor is something that creates an experience, if that makes sense. Worth the splurge in my opinion.

An example is these ceramic mugs with their oversized handle. One of my girlfriends was horrified that I bought a set of $44 mugs. But I use them every day, it supports a cool local small business, and everything about them makes me happy… from opening up my cabinet and seeing four matching mugs lined up in a row to drinking my coffee in them. Even washing them makes me happy… yes, I know that’s weird!

Pretty Home Finds

Pretty Home Finds. Pretty Home Finds.

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This rattan ice bucket is so fab.

I don’t personally have it, but I bought it for a girlfriend (one of those friends who has everything and didn’t register) as an elopement gift.

I am big into nice glassware.

It really started when my friend James gave me a set of Zalto wine glasses for my birthday last year. I didn’t break them, so for Christmas I bought myself four more to complete the set. They are the nicest wine glasses I’ve ever drank out of and I know it sounds pretentious but I’m convinced wine tastes better in them! I have been very into Fferrone everything as well. It’s thoughtfully designed and just beautiful. These goblets are truly enormous and epic, and these glasses are fun + versatile as you can use them the shallow way for a martini or the deep way as a rocks glass. And Estelle Colored Glass is just beyond, I love everything but get overwhelmed trying to pick a color!

I included a couple new coffee table books.

The first is The Surf Club’s book… I stayed there right before lockdown and it makes me happy to peruse (and learn more about the history of the hotel) and the second is Richard Avedon’s photography book. Would you be interested in a roundup of coffee table and art books? I have so many.

Last but not least, my Chappywrap blanket is SUCH a favorite. It’s so soft, I love to curl up and read under it but oftentimes fall asleep!

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photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Cute picks! I love the vases (they are vases, right?) ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.13.20 Reply
  2. Cassie:

    I would love a coffee table round up : ) both for myself and they are great gifts for the people who seems to have everything

    8.13.20 Reply
  3. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I love the colorful glasses x

    Lisa |

    8.13.20 Reply
  4. Caroline:

    Thank you for sharing this list! I would personally LOVE to see a round-up of coffee table books. I looked through ones you’ve previously shared, and ended up buying several for my mom, who loves coffee table books. They were a huge hit.

    8.13.20 Reply
  5. Monika:

    The Rigby stoneware is beautiful! Do you have it?

    8.13.20 Reply
    • I do! I have the smaller bowls and the salad bowls in mint green, and their drinking glasses. Have had both for a year or two and highly recommend. (FWIW I never recommend things here that I don’t personally have an experience with!)

      8.13.20 Reply
  6. Debra:

    I agree! I’ve always felt that when you walk into your home at the end of a long day it should make you happy. The place you spend your time off (or quarantine) has to be a place that you find beautiful!

    8.16.20 Reply
  7. That fan is so cool.

    8.17.20 Reply
  8. Anna:

    I love that very elegant wine glass. Not too big, not too small, not to heavy, not too slender – it just has the perfect proportions.

    9.20.20 Reply