Personalized Gifts from Haverhill.

Personalized Jewelry from Haverhill

Have you heard of Haverhill? They have absolutely incredible jewelry that would be perfect for holiday gifting. Think birthstones, simple chains and stacking bands. Simple, pretty, elegant little things. All made in solid 14k gold which will last forever so you (or your recipient) never have to take it off if you don’t want to.

Everything is made in their coastal Rhode Island studio with a fast turnaround of 3-7 business days. I love their birthstone jewelry. There is nothing better than a piece of jewelry with a special meaning behind it… you think about the story (or who gave it to you) every time you put it on. As I don’t have kids, I stuck with my own birthstone (sapphire) but I am thinking about gifting my mom a Personalized 5 Birthstone Necklace to represent my mom, dad, sisters, and me!

I’m especially excited as Haverhill is giving us a code! Use code GRACE15 for 15% off!

Personalized Gifts from Haverhill

Personalized Gifts from Haverhill

I chose two pieces from Haverhill. The Bayberry Necklace and the Greenwich Ring. Now I’m planning to use my code to get a few special things as gifts. I think my youngest sister would love this Personalized 2 Birthstone Necklace with each of my nephews’ birthstones… and the Personalized 5 Birthstone Necklace for my mom. (Hopefully neither of them are reading this!)

Bayberry Necklace - Personalized Gifts from Haverhill Haverhill jewelry gift ideas Greenwich Ring

Photography by Clay Austin. // Created in partnership with Haverhill.

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  1. Such stunning items sweetie!

    Danielle |

    11.12.21 Reply