Persifor… + Harbour Island Travel Guide!

Harbour Island was the actual best. I had such a good time and can’t wait to go back. We’re already dreaming of a trip back in a few months. Today I’m going to share everything we did, the best places to eat, things to know before going… the usual!

Persifor… + Harbour Island Travel Guide

But before we get into that, this travel guide is sponsored by Persifor! Persifor has been on my radar for a long time now because of their cute travel-friendly jersey dresses, but they recently rebranded (I love the new website + logo so much!) and have really upped their game with amazing botanical prints, comfy jersey shorts, and more! They even have an entire section of their site dedicated to vacation dressing.

The tropical print blouse + cute patterned jersey shorts is my favorite outfit that I wore on vacation but I absolutely love the botanical print dress as well! The botanical print itself is just amazing. It was custom developed in Italy featuring a layered palette of blooms and fronds, rendered in 40 different hues.

Also, a special discount code just for my readers! With code GRACE, take 20% off at Persifor now through Sunday night at 11pm.

Persifor... + Harbour Island Travel Guide!

Things to know before visiting Harbour Island!

  • I’d definitely recommend staying 4 nights if you can. We did 3 and it was too short!
  • Getting there can be a pain. We flew to Fort Lauderdale on Delta and then took a flight from FLL to Eleuthera. From Eleuthera, it’s just a quick 10-minute ferry ride. (You can also take a longer ferry ride from Nassau). Honestly, Silver Airlines seems pretty unreliable (both of our flights were delayed over an hour and I got a lot of DMs about how bad they are as an airline), so make sure you have a big cushion for your connecting flight! I DID hear that Delta will be flying to Harbour Island in the coming months, so I’d recommend that, if you can!
  • Bring cash! There aren’t very many ATMs on the island, and a lot of places were cash only (ferry rides, coffee, pastries, taxis)
  • Rent a golf cart. We didn’t rent one until we got to the island but we got ours through Michael’s Cycles (best name ever) and were happy with our experience. It was $180 for the four days. The island is more spread out than a lot of other islands I’ve been to so I would say you definitely need one!

Where to stay.

We stayed at The Ocean View Club. To be totally honest, I was just medium on it. I loved my room, and the overall vibe/decor of the hotel… it’s VERY pretty. It’s right on the beach and reminded me a lot of one of my favorite hotels in Tulum.

That being said, the service wasn’t great, and the food was not good. We all got sick from lunch one of the days which was not fun. It’s not a huge deal but one of my favorite things about staying at a nice hotel on the beach is ordering lunch on the beach. Katie raved and raved about The Dunmore (they were sold out the weekend we went) and after visiting, I see her point. I want to stay there next time!

Hotels in Harbour Island can be very pricy so another good option can be renting a house. My friend Chassity actually has a gorgeous house in Harbour Island, Coral House! (We looked at renting that too, but it was also booked!)

I think the lesson is to book WAY in advance as this time of year, things fill up. I’m dying to go back and stay at The Dunmore.

See what I mean about my room? It’s very pretty!!!!! I rented the “Kitchen Cottage.”

The tub was really nice too. The only downfall was that there was never enough hot water to fill it up. This is probably a personal problem, I don’t think most people take baths on beach vacations!

the photos above were taken at The Dunmore. I love the preppy, beachy vibe and all the stripes!

Where to Eat:

My favorite meal was at Sip Sip. I had one of the best salads I’ve ever had. We also shared hummus and shrimp + bean cakes. The cocktails were fantastic too – they had this really delicious watermelon cooler. Highly recommend!

We had two really great dinners at The Landing. It’s Katie’s favorite restaurant and it was very good.

My favorite dinner was probably at The Dunmore. We had stone crab legs, this amazing pasta, and ice cream afterward! It’s so pretty and right on the beach. I think one of my all time favorite things might be eating something delicious with the ocean waves as background noise.

These photos were taken after dinner at The Dunmore! Back in my Persifor botanicals… I love this dress so much! (I am wearing a size medium!)

Coffee and Pastries!

We went to Bahamas Coffee Roasters EVERY DAY for iced coffee. It was very good. They also have a really cute cat!

And Arthur’s Bakery was great. Someone told us we had to get the cinnamon roll (apparently they sell out of them by 8:30am) but we didn’t love the cinnamon roll. It was pretty dry. We did however LOVE both the breakfast sandwiches and the donuts! Live and learn. (You guys were all freaking out about their donuts in my DM’s, thanks for the suggestion!)

Persifor... + Harbour Island Travel Guide!

This was definitely my favorite outfit of the whole trip. It’s worth mentioning that the shorts are a comfy stretchy jersey that’s perfect for the beach (it’s similar to bathing suit fabric and dries very quickly). I really hope they make these shorts in more colors as they’re just the best… such a good transition item!

Thank you to Persifor for sponsoring this post!

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  1. You make me so jealous with all the trips you go on, Grace! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.13.19 Reply
  2. What a great spot! I definitely would check this resort out! I love the tropical dress!

    12.13.19 Reply
  3. Hallie:

    I would check out Coral Sands to stay at for next time as well. It’s much larger than the Dunmore and has great lunch while also being right on the beach! Dinner at the Rockhouse is also great

    12.13.19 Reply
    • Nicole:

      I love the Carter dresses – I love casually or dressed up a bit for dinner, and the material is the best – no wrinkles!!! Love the Kelp pattern. My insta handle is nicoledrogers.

      12.13.19 Reply
    • Hallie:

      Also recommend flying American through Miami to/from when going from nyc. Much more reliable than the jetblue/silver airways option in my experience!

      12.13.19 Reply
  4. Robin:

    Your vacation posts are THE BEST. Always love your honesty!!

    12.13.19 Reply
  5. Meghan:

    I LOVE persifor! I love their little crop pants the most! My ig is megspivak, your trip looked so so fun!!

    12.13.19 Reply
    • Sarah E:

      Love the botanical shirt!!


      12.13.19 Reply
  6. Love the Rory Shorts and definitely want a pair!

    12.13.19 Reply
  7. Bronwen:

    Looks amazing! Love your pink sunnies, too!

    12.13.19 Reply
    • Bronwen:

      Whoops forgot my IG @bronweny. I want the button down shirt, perfect for our annual Hawaii trip!!

      12.13.19 Reply
  8. Sarah:

    I love Persifor!! My fav are the Rory shorts you wore- perfect for the beach and pool! My ig is @sturn513!

    12.13.19 Reply
  9. Fiona:

    I’m OBSESSED with that perisfor dress!!! And would wear it on a trip to Brasil this winter! – @fiona_hogan

    12.13.19 Reply
  10. Becca:

    I would love to get the botanical shirt and shorts you are wearing and if I win and get overnight shipping I would wear it when I get to Harbor Island on Wednesday! Luckily not flying Silver on the way out to Eleuthra but on the way home we are taking Silver and have heard similar horror stories!


    12.13.19 Reply
  11. Kelly:

    Love what I’m seeing from persifor! Especially the kilpatrick dress. Would be perfect for a backyard dinner party

    IG: @kellyqbyrne

    12.13.19 Reply
  12. Jessica Swanson:

    I would love the palm dress you wore! Going to Miami in February and need some fun tropical pieces! @jesswan26

    12.13.19 Reply
  13. Jennings P Barnes:

    love & want that floraly maxi! @jenningspbarnes

    12.13.19 Reply
  14. Alison:

    The Carter dresses are legit the best summer dresses! Dreaming of warm weather….

    IG: alihew86

    12.13.19 Reply
  15. Amy:

    I love the print but the straps on the dress make it my favourite …already googled it for Cuba!

    12.13.19 Reply
  16. Jenni Brooks:

    My IG handle is @jenni_brooks. My family is headed to Hawaii for Christmas and I’d love to grab a few more pieces for the trip, especially the Anna dress!

    12.13.19 Reply
  17. Sarah:

    Obsessed with the Clementine dress. Love a midi that I can wear a regular bra with

    12.13.19 Reply
  18. S. Kennedy:

    IG- @shamrockkennedy
    I’d wear Persifor when we go to Turks and Caicos in January to celebrate my daughter’s birthday! I love the Winpenny Dress! And the Rory shorts look so versatile!

    12.13.19 Reply
  19. kate:

    Love this dress and would wear it out to dinner with friends:

    IG is katemariecooper

    12.13.19 Reply
  20. Mary Hunter:

    @machetastic- Love love love the Clementine dress! It might just inspire me to book a trip somewhere tropical for myself when winter seems to keep dragging on

    12.13.19 Reply
  21. Chelsea:

    @chelseagilliland // Loving the Clare dress for holiday parties!

    12.13.19 Reply
  22. Alex Wilson:

    I love the shorts!! I’d wear them to the lake this summer 🙂

    IG: alexiswanderlusting

    12.13.19 Reply
  23. Annie:

    This vacation looks so relaxing and fun! All of Persifor’s clothes look so fun. You look amazing in the Clementine Dress. I’m dreaming of their Clare Dress. I want to go on a tropical vacation and go out for a fancy dinner date and wear that dress. ig is @annie_e_willis

    12.13.19 Reply
  24. Julie Libin:

    @libinpreppy I am new to the Persifor brand, but I LOVE the dress in your pictures. I am going to Italy for the first time in July next year and would love to win and buy that dress to take with me.

    12.13.19 Reply
  25. Samantha Milles:

    My instagram is @samanthamilles….I’d love to get a pair of the rory shorts in valby….they look comfy and perfect for a tropical vacation!!

    12.13.19 Reply
  26. Nicole:

    I love the Carter dresses – I love casually or dressed up a bit for dinner, and the material is the best – no wrinkles!!! Love the Kelp pattern. My insta handle is nicoledrogers.

    12.13.19 Reply
  27. Linnea:

    I LOVE the tropical print blouse!! The trip looks amazing. I also love the Louise Dress Valby I saw on the website—the wrap is so nice and creates shape while still being flowy! I would definitely wear the shirt and dress in Brazil—always trying to go back there!
    My IG handle is linnea_books_it.

    12.13.19 Reply
  28. Jenn:

    @jennvachon , I love the persifore clare flutter dress! would be perfect for post beach drinks next summer!

    12.13.19 Reply
  29. Emily R:

    I have had a navy blue and white printed winpenny dress for several years now and it remains one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I would like to get another one! My handle is @erabbitt

    12.13.19 Reply
  30. Liza:

    Love the dress for an upcoming trip to Florida!


    12.13.19 Reply
  31. Kate:

    @kocripe. I love the Bamsie Dress and would wear in on vacation anywhere warm…especially Mexico!

    12.13.19 Reply
  32. Ashley:

    Ooh, the Poppy Dress is so cute! I’m aiming for more fun next year – I’d wear this on a fancy date night! My IG handle is @heyashjp.

    12.13.19 Reply
  33. Elise Welch:

    I love their classic 3/4 sleeve dresses!!

    12.13.19 Reply
    • Elise Welch:

      @manuwai808 I’d wear it to Hawaii and Cabo next spring!!

      12.13.19 Reply
  34. Leslie:

    The tunic Grace is wearing would be perfect for my 40th birthday trip to Mexico in February!! So would the matching dress!! @leslielinn1

    12.13.19 Reply
  35. Cecilia:

    I love those shorts! Would be perfect for my Christmas beach trip!

    IG @ceciliabroerman

    12.13.19 Reply
  36. Emily:

    Love the Poppy dress! I have the floral print and the fit is perfect. Sadly I’ve only been wearing it to work but would love to wear on vacay!
    Thanks for all you honest reviews. So helpful.

    12.13.19 Reply
  37. Raysha Stacey:

    My favorite piece is the Clementine Dress Tropic! I would love to wear it at my best friend’s bachelorette party in Sarasota this spring! It would be a great piece to wear to dinner or on an excursion.


    12.13.19 Reply
  38. Megan Harris:


    Their Poppy dresses look so cute for a casual Saturday outing.

    12.13.19 Reply
  39. Marie Wallace:

    I would wear those adorable geometric Jersey print shorts to ride bikes on the boardwalk! Perfect for any outdoor activity – and anything with pockets is a WIN in my book!

    12.13.19 Reply
  40. So so happy to hear you loved Harbour Island! It’s such a special place and very near and dear to me. And thanks for the Coral House shout out!! You’ll have to come back with me and I’ll show you some more spots 🙂

    12.13.19 Reply
  41. kate:

    love those shorts and the tropical print button down! instagram is @kharrington12

    12.13.19 Reply
  42. Kim C:

    Love your posts! Love the tropical shirt which would be great to wear when I visit Beaufort, SC

    12.13.19 Reply
  43. This is great, Grace! Harbour island has been on my list for a while! And, OMG all the pretty Persifor pieces! I have had my eye on the Louise dress in the Foxglove! So gorgeous!

    xx Libby

    12.13.19 Reply
  44. Danielle miller:

    I LOVE the Clementine dress! Need for my cruise in March and pretty much anytime when it gets warmer! @danserdani

    12.13.19 Reply
  45. Allie z:

    @alliezodin – that adorable floral dress to a rehearsal dinner in sanibel I have coming up!

    12.13.19 Reply
  46. Jenn:

    I love the Clementine Dress! I would wear it it visit my sister in Miami 🙂

    IG: @jenndare

    12.13.19 Reply
  47. Allyson:

    I’d wear that beautiful Persifor dress all over Harbour Island! Favorite place ever and can’t wait to go back.

    12.13.19 Reply
  48. Blair:

    Love the poppy dress in wildflowers! Perfect for a bachelorette party in Puerto Rico in Feb.

    12.13.19 Reply
  49. Chelsea:

    I’d wear those shorts on family vacation at Grace Bay Beach! @beaupre

    12.13.19 Reply
  50. Anna:

    My favorite is the Anna dress! I’d wear it to an outdoor mall.@annadr31

    12.13.19 Reply
  51. Wendy:

    Looks like a great trip! @wendysuecupcake
    Love the poppy dress in polka dot

    12.13.19 Reply
  52. Rachael S:

    Those shorts seem amazing, but I think the Clementine dress would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Key West. First trip away from my twin toddlers!!

    Ig- rach_summers

    12.13.19 Reply
  53. Jocelyn:

    These pieces look wonderful on you and the trip looked terrific. I love Persifor! I would love to have the Clare dress in the embroidered leaf pattern as well as some Rory shorts! My ig handle is jif13! Thanks for the fun giveaway. Welcome home!

    12.13.19 Reply
  54. Stacey:

    Ig handle @shoffman86. I love the separates, I’d love to wear for summer date nights and hopefully on a tropical vacation

    12.13.19 Reply
  55. Jess Baird:

    I love the Georgie Crop pants, especially the print ones! @jessbaird16

    12.13.19 Reply
  56. Mary:

    Love the Persifor LBD with eyelash trim! I’m spending New Year’s in Paris and would be tres chic! Ig: maryamelia26

    12.13.19 Reply
  57. Megan:

    The kitty Kate Spade I love Persifor’s Louise dress as an everyday dress. ig: Meg.rivera

    12.13.19 Reply
  58. Elizabeth:

    I really like the Winpenny Dress Solid in Rainforest from Persifor. Your vacation photos are so good! @LizO830

    12.13.19 Reply
  59. Alexandra:

    @alidagostino I need that beautiful printed dress! It would be a perfect summer soirée staple!

    12.13.19 Reply
  60. Tereena:

    Your trip looked so fun! I’ve never been to Harbour Island (heard great things!), but I’ll definitely check it out since The Bahamas is such a short flight from a ATL!

    I love the Winpenny dress is my favorite (all of the patterns are so cute!), but I would definitely splurge and get the Clementine Dress if I were to win the gift card!

    My IG handle is @tereenasaurusrex

    12.13.19 Reply
  61. Laura Strickland:

    Thank you for sharing this guide! The Clementine Dress (tropic) is amazing. We are spending that holidays at The Other Side on Eleuthera. It is The Oceanview Club’s sister property, which we love! @lauraannestrickland

    12.13.19 Reply
  62. Kiera:

    LOVE the clementine dress!!! Unfortunately I live in western ny, so I would have to wait for June to wear it . My ig is @khoenig10

    12.13.19 Reply
  63. Melinda:


    I would LOVE to have that Palm dress for a wedding I’m attending over Cinco de Mayo weekend

    12.13.19 Reply
  64. Kellie:

    Love those shorts….I need them for my next key west trip

    IG: kellieguinan

    12.13.19 Reply
  65. Christina:

    Loving the Clemetine Dress in the tropic print!

    12.13.19 Reply
  66. Bethany H:

    Eek! I’m loving the Clementine dress! Looks great. @bethany529 🙂

    12.13.19 Reply
  67. Kavya:

    Great recommendations on harbor island.
    I love the winpenny dress because of the print (reminds me of Beverly Hills hotel).
    I would wear the dress in Marco Island. Going there with my newborn daughter to celebrate the Christmas.
    Ig: kavyas

    12.13.19 Reply
  68. Rebecca:

    Hi Grace. I’d definitely love that blouse to wear at Martha’s Vineyard. I’d wear it with white cuffed jeans and flip flops.
    Instagram = rmpotterfield
    Your trip looked lovely and the advice is noted.

    12.13.19 Reply
  69. I can’t decide between the Jersey shorts or that colorful buttons down top! Love that you made it an outfit! That says a lot for me since I’m known for not whereing color, just lots of black and grays.

    My IG Handle is travelist_tracy

    12.13.19 Reply
  70. Gabbie Hall:

    I enjoyed reading this travel guide- it looks like a beautiful vacation spot! I love the Persifor Louise dress in Foxglove; it’s so different. my ig is @gabbiejanehall

    12.13.19 Reply
  71. Liz Johnson:

    I love the terry beach shirt! Would love to have a quick drying short for trips! @lizwesm

    12.13.19 Reply
  72. Alex Becker:

    The Clementine dress would be amazing for a beach vacation! IG: @alex_r_becker

    12.13.19 Reply
  73. Emily Schmitt:


    I LOVE the Clare Dress. Forever #daytonight looks

    12.13.19 Reply
  74. Katherine:

    Loved reading this! My handle is @katagories and my favorite Persifor item is the Rory shorts.

    12.13.19 Reply
  75. Navera:

    Those shorts are so cute! They are my favorite !!@navera_

    12.13.19 Reply
  76. Love Persifor! The Winpenny dresses are my favorite and I actually wore one in Harbour Island when I went in January! We stayed at Coral Sands next to the Dunmore and I really loved it there!
    IG @sweetteaheather

    12.13.19 Reply
  77. CharleneD:

    Looks like you had fun! Love the Stella Top Solid in Bright White, I would wear this on my next beach vacay 🙂 @novona4

    12.13.19 Reply
  78. Elizabeth Hills:

    Love Eleuthera and Harbour Island! My IG is @elizabethchills ; my favorite is the Persifor Winpenny dress! I would wear it at home in Charleston 🙂

    12.13.19 Reply
  79. Emily:

    What a great trip! Planning my next one to Sri Lanka and I think the Winpenny dress would be perfect.
    IG handle – @emily_kellert

    12.13.19 Reply
  80. Eva:

    IG: @azulskies

    My fave piece is the poppy dress in flowers and I would definitely wear it dinner after a day at the beach!

    12.13.19 Reply
  81. Kendra:

    I would def love those cute shorts!! @kendrabannish

    12.13.19 Reply
  82. Joy Bird:

    Hi, I have been holidaying in Eleuthera for 20 years. Although we rent a house on the main island we always visit Briland for a few days. December is a tricky time to visit. Anyone that owns a home there goes at Thanksgiving to open the house for the season. Christmas is magical there. It’s better to fly from JFK to Nassau and take Bahamas air to North Eluethera. Flights from FFL are notoriously late or cancelled. The weather is also much cooler Nov-Feb. The perfect months are March – Early June. Pink Sands is by far the most beautiful hotel and has some of the best food on the Island. If you are an adventurer and don’t mind roughing it a bit the main island has some of the best beaches in the Bahamas.

    12.13.19 Reply
  83. Megan Hinkle:

    This trip looked amazing!
    My insta handle is @minkle6. I love the Poppy Dress from Persifor- it’d be great for a summer wedding!

    12.13.19 Reply
  84. Laura:

    It’s too bad the hotel was just okay but the room is adorable and the water looks A-mazing- I’m sure such a nice treat to get away somewhere warm this time of year! I Iove the Clare dress! Ig:laurais

    12.13.19 Reply
  85. Emily:

    Love the Clementine dress! Would be perfect to wear on my trip to Hawaii in January! ☀️

    IG: @emilyhundtgolden

    12.13.19 Reply
  86. Carissa:

    I love the Clare dress. I Always wear them on vacay. I’m dying for the black one for a cute, comfortable dress for the holidays


    12.13.19 Reply
  87. Deirdre:

    My IG handle is @dreejay and I LOVE the Georgia pant. They’re definitely work appropriate but easily can be made part of a nighttime look.

    12.13.19 Reply
  88. Gabriela:

    Love these shorts and the tropical dress, would wear on an upcoming trip to the Dominican! Have been trying to get my husband to go to Harbour Island for a while! Looks like such a fun trip for you gals.

    12.13.19 Reply
  89. Gabi:

    Would love to wear these on a spring trip to the Dominican! Shorts, dress, cover up – ALL right up my alley. Looks like such a fun vacation! @gabrielajnagy (forgot to add on previous post!)

    12.13.19 Reply
  90. Katherine:

    I love the clementine dress and I’d wear it to Puerto Rico when I go in August! Awesome photos and great guide!

    IG: kparthum

    12.13.19 Reply
  91. Meridith Rollins:

    I love the winpenny dress. I’m not sure about which print is my favorite because they are all so cute! I would wear it on my honeymoon which we are finally taking after two years of marriage and two kids!

    12.13.19 Reply
  92. Chantal:

    I love the botanical dress, I would wear it on vacation with my family in St Thomas USVI, got married there in 2013 and hope to return 2023 for our ten year anniversary! Insta handle is @chantals630

    12.13.19 Reply
  93. Kristen:

    My ig handle is @kmarylynch and I would love to wear persifor clare dress striped in San Diego and Palm Beach. Both destinations that I will be going to in January!

    12.13.19 Reply
  94. Becka G:

    I love the Rory shorts – I may need to pick up a pair to wear if we make it back to Jamaica this year for our honeymoon!

    IG: @beckag

    12.13.19 Reply
  95. Elisabeth H:

    I love my carter shifts! I wear them all over Europe. The best staple and can be dressed up or down! @preppy_lizzy

    12.13.19 Reply
  96. Caitlin:

    I’m going back to harbour island this summer for my one year anniversary with my husband 🙂 that clementine dress would be perfection there! @caitportrie

    12.13.19 Reply
  97. Ellen:

    I’d love to try those shorts in Palm Beach for New Years Eve. @emgnyc

    12.13.19 Reply
  98. Em:

    IG: emmahlman. I have a Tyler dress and a Clare dress a basically wear them ever Saturday and Sunday all summer long! Brunch, beach, cocktails!

    12.13.19 Reply
  99. Christy:

    You said the Rory shorts had pockets and I immediately wanted them. So cute!

    12.13.19 Reply
  100. LeighAnne Tucci:

    I love the clementine dress and the tropical print shirt you’re wearing! @leighinyc

    12.14.19 Reply
  101. Mary Beth:

    I am in love with your Persifor Botanical dress! Looks like a relaxing trip! My Instagram handle is MBKrampitz. Thanks!

    12.14.19 Reply
  102. Deilia Darby:

    The Persifor Clementine dress is so stunning. Definitely could see me planning a 2020 summer getaway around it! Thank you for the travel guide, Grace – as always, super informative, thoughtful, and helpful.

    IG: @dadesinajd

    12.14.19 Reply
  103. Rachel:

    I love the botanical dress – such fun detailing – and would wear it when visiting my family in Florida. IG: @rwlevy

    12.14.19 Reply
  104. Allie Townshend Peña:

    My husband and I went to Harbour Island for our honeymoon! Fun to see you recap all the hot spots. You didn’t try the lobster quesadilla at Sip Sip though?!

    I love the Carter dress and hope to be wearing it somewhere sunny on vacation next summer. (Hard to think about warm destinations this time of year!) @atownshendpena

    12.14.19 Reply
  105. Lexie:

    I would love to wear the Poppy Dress on my honeymoon to St. Lucia!

    Insta: LexieKimball

    12.14.19 Reply
  106. Elizabeth:

    The Carter Dress Greenhouse would be perfect for a September weekend in Newport! @lizzy9886 What a fun trip!

    12.14.19 Reply
  107. Emily:

    Love the embroidered Clare dress! I’d wear it to med school “prom” with shiny shoes. @mays_anatomy_

    12.14.19 Reply
  108. @scoopstweet love the Rory shorts in the valby print! They look chic, durable and comfy, no wonder they are the unsung heroes!

    12.14.19 Reply
  109. @scoopstweet Rory shorts in valby are my favorite and I’d wear them in Florida and to the beach and islands.

    12.14.19 Reply
  110. Amy:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Grace! My Insta handle is @amycjes82. I loved the botanical print shirt you wore on vacation, it looks perfect for my upcoming vacation to the Keys!

    12.14.19 Reply
  111. Amy Cavanna:

    I would totally copy this entire experience! It sounds amazing. Love the Persifor maxi you wore. Looks so stylish and comfortable. IG is @ascavanna

    12.14.19 Reply
  112. Emilee:

    I adore the botanical dress you wore with the cat purse! Would love to wear it to my Bachlorette brunch in New Orleans this spring! ❤️


    12.14.19 Reply
  113. Looks like a wonderful time! I love the georgie crops and the palm button down you featured. So cute!


    12.14.19 Reply