NuFace Review and How to Use It.

NuFace Review and how to use it

Last month, I did a paid Instagram story for NuFace (refer to this Instagram highlight for more on that!) and honestly the best part of that partnership was getting a sit-down training via Zoom with their education manager Michele Suviate, to learn how to use it! She taught me so many good tips and I learned so much from her, so I wanted to pass everything I learned along in a blog post. This is a product that I really believe in. It’s become something I use nearly every day and see a VERY noticeable difference from using. I really hope it’s helpful but if you have any further questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

Also, for the record: I have the Trinity + Eye and Lip Enhancer Attachment bundle.

NuFace Review And How To Use It!

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

Product Overview and Benefits:

The NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer is a microcurrent facial device that trains your facial muscles. Think of it as a workout for your face! With regular use it can reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines, help with sagging jowls and define the jawline, and provide a more lifted look overall. It even improves skin tone! This thing has been clinically tested and it WORKS. I have some before + after photos at the bottom of the post where you can really see a difference. I personally have the Trinity device and I like that because you can use the different NuFace Trinity attachments, but if you don’t care about the attachments you can get the mini – it’s a lot more affordable.

When to Use It:

There’s a little bit of debate here. Honestly, you can use it whenever you want – it’s being consistent that is the most important part. A lot of people like to use it in the morning as you see pretty immediate results. Or, before a big event to get that lifted effect right away. I personally use mine at night. This was at the recommendation of Michele. Her rationale is that the microcurrent keeps toning your face for 8 hours afterward, so it will keep working while you sleep. This is also conducive for my evening TV routine!

How often to Use It:

Like working out, consistency is key! I use mine almost every day. I plan for every day so that way if I mess up or forget a day, I am still doing it 4-5x a week which is the recommendation. What I’ve been told is that you need to use it 4-5x a week for the first three months and then you can go down to 2-3x a week to maintain your results after that.

How to Use It:

First of all, I can’t recommend watching NuFace’s how-to video enough. You will learn basically everything I learned from Michele by watching their video! Sephora has a good video, too. They will show you the basic treatment as well as a few advanced techniques, too.

Prep the Skin.

You want your skin to be clean and dry and makeup free. Wash your face using an oil free cleanser (or if you like an oil based cleanser, use a toner after to get skin extra clean). I spoke to the team about this and you can use a serum before you apply the gel primer, but only if it is a) water based and b) has no AHAs. The gel primer actually is packed with hyaluronic acid, and can be left on overnight as a treatment. I know it’s annoying but I typically wipe the primer off and then do my full skincare routine after.

Prime using the NuFace Gel Primer.

Don’t be stingy with the gel primer. This conducts the microcurrent so you want a nice thick mask-like layer. If you can feel sparks, the current is ricocheting… NOT being delivered into your skin! It’s not one of those cases where you want to feel sparks… if you feel sparks you aren’t using enough of the gel. I have dry skin which absorbs the gel very quickly so I apply it as I go (mask my neck, use the device; mask my cheek, use the device, etc.)

Work in upward glides.

Two things to note: the device has beeps which will help you to gauge how long you should glide for. Second, I use mine on the highest setting.

You want to focus on the three main areas: neck, cheek, and forehead. For each area you will use medium pressure and perform three sets of glides, three times. For the neck, start at the collarbone and glide up to the base of your neck. Then do the same thing mid-neck and then just under your jaw. Repeat three times. For the cheek, start at the base of your jaw and then glide to just below your ear. Then up a little higher and a little higher. And for the forehead, start in the middle just above your brow and work up to the hairline. Then work your way outward to the side of the face. The treatment takes about 10 minutes but can be done in 5.

Do you really need to use the Gel Primer?

Okay I don’t know the answer here. I am definitely a rule follower and I know a lot of people use other things (aloe vera gel or the Peter Thomas Roth gel mask) but I am of the mind that NuFace created this gel specifically to go with the device. So I may be drinking the Kool-aid, IDK, but I am not going to mess with that. I use the gel and like it a lot – I bought the large size during the Sephora sale!

My Honest Review of the NuFace Trinity

I love this device. In the months that I’ve been using it, it’s become my favorite beauty device. It’s highly effective and has been an amazing alternative to the microcurrent facials I used to get pre-quarantine. It can visibly improve the facial contour in just minutes, which is pretty amazing.

It is expensive though and it’s definitely an investment. If you don’t see yourself being disciplined with it, I wouldn’t bother. You need to stick with it to see lasting results. If you are on a budget, the attachments are more of a nice to have, so you could totally just go for the mini. I would also absolutely spend some time reading the NuFace Trinity reviews on Sephora – there are some good tips + tricks in there (and that way you’re not just taking my word for it!!!) Kathleen Jennings also has a great review, as does Jess Kirby, and I know Helena from Brooklyn Blonde is also a big fan. And read the clinical studies on microcurrent – here’s a good one!

I think the before and after are pretty telling. The biggest difference I see in my skin after using the NuFace is a more lifted jawline. But if you look closer it’s also noticeable in my cheeks + brow area – both are much more lifted! This is after just 5 minutes!

NuFace ELE Attachment

Product Overview and Benefits

NuFace sells a lot of wrinkle reducer attachments and the ELE attachment is NuFace’s eye and lip enhancer attachment. Think of this NuFace 2.0. Extra credit for brow furrows, crows feet, smile lines, etc. It has smaller facial wands to stimulate more delicate areas of the face.

While I use my NuFace nearly every day, I don’t always use this attachment. But when I have a little more time on my hands I will spend 20 minutes… starting with the Trinity and then swapping out the attachment for the ELE to give myself a mini brow lift and target those pesky nasolabial folds!

How to Use the NuFace ELE Attachment

Whereas the classic NuFace is all about GLIDES, it’s more about HOLDS with the ELE attachment. The first thing Michele told me was that she loves this to just pick up anywhere that’s sagging and hold the device there for the count 1-2 beeps. It’s amazing for the brow + lip area. I recommend watching this tutorial from NuFace to really master it. The eye area was a little tricky to master but it makes a BIG difference.

My Honest Review of the NuFace ELE Attachment

The ELE is a nice to have. You definitely don’t need it but if you are concerned with your eye + lip areas I’d definitely recommend it as an add-on. You can buy it bundled with the Trinity, or buy it solo.

Do you have the NuFace? Do you love it? Let me know if you have any questions.

I’d also recommend checking out my at-home facial tips (it includes the NuFace of course!). And if you can’t spring for the NuFace definitely give facial gua sha a try!


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  1. A friend actually recommended me the Nuface. Love the before and after, it’s definitely something I’m willing to invest in! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.12.20 Reply
  2. Brianna Rooney:

    I am SO curious about this and debating getting the mini. My biggest fear is that my skin won’t react well to the gel primer (it’s very sensitive plus rosacea) but would want to make sure I’m using the right steps. maybe I’ll start with buying that to test it out — is that crazy?!

    5.12.20 Reply
    • So the mini comes with the gel primer. I think you will be fine… it’s really mild! What I would do is try it out (since it’s “free”) and if it doesn’t work out I’ve heard a lot of people using it with aloe vera gel!

      5.12.20 Reply
  3. Jill:

    I ordered the nuface trinity after seeing your Instagram posts and am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I cannot wait!!

    5.12.20 Reply
    • YAY – hope you love it!!!!

      5.12.20 Reply
      • LaDonna:

        I love my Nuface Trinity but I’m not sure that the ELE attachment is delivering current. I can feel the sting of the regular trinity head if the gel dries a little but even on dry skin I don’t feel anything from the ELE attachments. Do you have the same experience or is my ELE attachment possibly not working?

        6.15.23 Reply
  4. Rosie:

    I’ve been waffling on getting a NuFace since I first saw it on your blog and then watched some very impressive YouTube videos and thanks to this I finally just pulled the trigger.

    I’m 32 and only have the very beginnings of some forehead wrinkles and “11s” but I have one eye that’s much more hooded/droopy than the other. It’s one of those things I know others hardly register but it drives me absolutely nuts. I was using occasional Botox as a fix but clearly that’s out of the question for now, and I don’t like having to go back so regularly. (The tiny dose wears off super fast.) That doesn’t look like it was ever a problem area for you, but your eyes do look very lifted and even better than before! Your whole face just looks subtly more lifted and perked up… like fillers from a truly subtle doctor. I would love to see some side pictures too if you do and six month/year update or anything like that.

    5.12.20 Reply
    • It’s funny how we are self conscious about these tiny things. For me, one ear is much higher than the other. I never even noticed til I got glasses and noticed they were always crooked and now I’m super self conscious of it! I think this will really help with a lifted look- the changes are super subtle but you will be able to tell!

      5.12.20 Reply
      • Rosie:

        That’s so funny! I think you’re gorgeous and never in a million years would I notice that about your ears… as I’m sure you probably wouldn’t notice my eyelid to be totally honest.

        I’m always trying to strike that balance between loving myself exactly as I am flaws and all and indulging in the sometimes expensive fixes that make me feel more comfortable and confident. I really appreciate your approach to beauty; it seems like you’re confident in your skin, but also great at finding new ways to treat your skin/hair/body right, not “fixing” a million “flaws.”

        5.12.20 Reply
  5. Jen:

    Same. I bought the Trinity (without attachments) after seeing your review and Helena’s. Been using it for about a week and it is so amazing I bought the Ele attachment last night.

    Also – FWIW, and in response to the other comment, I have very sensitive skin and while I don’t have rosacea I do have very reactive skin and I get red with the slightest irritant. This does not irritate me at all. The first time I was a little red for about 10 minutes on my forehead but I realized I wasn’t using enough gel. Hope that helps! I am really impressed with this.


    5.12.20 Reply
    • Thanks for weighing in on that.. it’s always nice to have others share their POV as we all have such different skin! I don’t have very sensitive skin BUT can generally sense when something will be irritating and didn’t think this would be!

      I’m usually a little bit red after using the device (like just a tiny tiny bit and it goes away quickly!) but think it’s because it also really gets your circulation going.

      5.12.20 Reply
  6. SadiaS:

    I love my Mini – I pulled the trigger after seeing your initial posts and seeing a few other people recommend it. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I’ve noticed a big difference. I have quite defined cheekbones already (read a bony face!) and it’s tightened and lifted things up plus I think it’s evening out my skin tone but I need to use it for longer to be sure. From reading your review I now know the ricocheting is not a good thing! I thought that was normal so I’ll definitely use more gel now and stop being so stingy with it! Thank you for the tips 🙂 and the original recco – my face thanks you!

    5.12.20 Reply
    • So happy you are loving it!!!!

      I know, that was one of my biggest takeaways from talking to Michelle – prior to speaking with her, I was like “ooh this hurts a little so it must be working.” When no that’s actually bad!!!! Now I make sure I use more gel. I def go through a lot of it but it’s worth it!

      5.12.20 Reply
  7. Malvina:

    I have been lusting after this ever since you first posted about it and was looking forward to this review. I’m not very into facials and am squeamish about people touching my face but have wanted to do microcurrent facials. Now with the pandemic exponentially multiplying my germaphobia, this feels like a great purchase! #influenced Can’t decide if I should splurge on the whole set or go for the mini as I wasn’t very consistent with my Clarisonic back in the day, but I’m super interested in the ELE attachment so I may just go for it. Thanks for such a great review!

    5.12.20 Reply
    • It’s hard to say! The mini is such a good value compared to the Trinity but I feel like the attachments are really cool and they keep coming out with new ones.

      5.12.20 Reply
  8. Lisa Autumn:

    Okay I need this in my life!

    Lisa |

    5.12.20 Reply
  9. haley:

    I’m so about to pull the trigger on the mini!! I read some comments on Sephora about the device not working or breaking after a couple uses. Did Michele happen to address that? Or is there a warranty associated with them in case they do break? Thank you so much for this post!!

    5.12.20 Reply
    • I haven’t heard anything but Sephora has an amazing return policy. x

      5.12.20 Reply
    • Kelly:

      Hi! Just got my nuface about 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it! I’ve only had it “ricochet” a couple times and so I add more primer to that area. But I do notice that my muscles twitch at times while using it (particularly when I do my forehead and parts of my neck). Is this normal?

      5.17.20 Reply
  10. Kristin:

    I read through this and really tried to keep an open mind. For me, it’s just way too pricey for a payout of subtle effects. I honestly don’t know which is the before and which is the after picture. You look beautiful in both and I really don’t see the difference!

    5.12.20 Reply
    • That’s okay! Not everything I post is going to be for everyone. You may love facial gua sha; linked at the bottom of the post.

      5.12.20 Reply
  11. I have the Mini and love it. I always use the gel primer. I am a rules person too, but I’ve tried with just water and with a PTR mask, and I get those little stings more often.

    5.12.20 Reply
  12. Michelle:

    Grace – when I started following nuface from your giveaway I saw that they are doing free 20 min zoom consults. I did one last week and it was awesome. I have the mini but haven’t used it too much because the primers (have tried regular and gold) seem to break me out. On my zoom consult she told me not to use anything with oil as a primer and that PTR rose mask has castor oil :(. I have been using this NuSkin moisture mist (which she checked the ingredients and said would be ok) and don’t feel the zappies. On my consult she also said I could use the nuskin spray then put some primer on top so it would hopefully not break me out.

    Would highly recommend the free 20 min zoom consult – I think they are booked out pretty far in advance but she was very helpful and very nice. They also give you a coupon to use for future purchases.

    5.12.20 Reply
  13. Lindsey:

    I happened to buy my Nuface about a week before you first mentioned it and I am OBSESSED. I am also 38 and in the last six months I’ve really noticed my skin starting to take a turn and it was making me really sad. Within a week of starting to use this I was blown away. I thought there was no way that it could actually keep getting better, but six weeks in I am still seeing improvement.

    I used to wake up in the morning and look so tired no matter how much sleep I’d gotten or what kind of skincare routine I’d done the night before. Now I look well rested, barely any wrinkles and it truly does make a difference in skin tone, too! I didn’t even attribute that to the NuFace until I read your post, but I have noticed that my skin looks wayyyy more even lately as well. I honestly cannot recommend this product enough and have told all of my friends about it. If you’re on the fence, just buy it! I am such a believer that I’m exchanging my Mini for the Trinity so I can get the ELE attachment.

    5.12.20 Reply
    • It makes SUCH a difference and I really appreciate your testimonial too – I am obsessed with mine. 🙂

      5.12.20 Reply
  14. Lynne:

    Thank you, Grace! I bought the mini but I’m not using It consistently. I had questions about the gel — do you wash it off? Can you just use water? I think Kathleen Jennings uses PTR, which I think you’d need to wash off. Embarrassed to say the extra step of washing off the gel holds me back — in quarantine I don’t have that excuse. I’m going to start using again and I like your idea of using at night with TV.

    5.12.20 Reply
  15. Lynne:

    Thanks for the post, Grace! I bought the mini but I’m not using It consistently. I had questions about the gel — do you wash it off? Can you just use water? I think Kathleen Jennings uses PTR, which I think you’d need to wash off. Embarrassed to say the extra step of washing off the gel holds me back — in quarantine I don’t have that excuse. I’m going to start using again and I like your idea of using at night with TV.

    5.12.20 Reply
    • Hi! So my usual routine is that I will wash my face and do this right after. And then I just wipe the gel off with a wet wash cloth since I already washed my face earlier! It only takes a minute!

      5.12.20 Reply
      • Lynne:

        Love that idea—thanks Grace!

        5.13.20 Reply
  16. Andrea:

    I just bought the mini and love it! I’ve only been using it a week but I notice a big difference in the shape of my face. I’m 53 and have felt better not wearing makeup when quickly going out to get my mail or for a walk while in quarantine. And for the person who was worried about the gel that’s included with the mini – I have extremely sensitive skin and the gel doesn’t bother me at all. I spread it around after I use the mini and it makes my skin feel amazing. Thank you for having such an informative and entertaining blog with great content!

    5.12.20 Reply
  17. Erin:

    Hey Grace, Thanks so much for the review! Never heard of this but I am curious to try. I’ve invested in the clarisonic face massager and the ice roller as and curious how you mix these items in your routine or if the Nuface replaces these items for you.

    5.13.20 Reply
    • So many devices! TO be honest I have been slacking on the face massage. But I love it. More for lymphatic drainage. The ice roller I do in the morning for puffiness. If I were going to differentiate the 3 products it would be:

      – nuface: like a workout for your face – microcurrent stimulates your facial muscles.
      – face massage: lymphatic drainage; instantly debloats and improves circulation.
      – ice roller: amazing at depuffing and making you look more awake in the AM.

      hope that helps!

      5.13.20 Reply
  18. Lindsay:

    I pulled the trigger on the NuFace Mini after seeing on your stories that you got one.I have been curious about the NuFace ever since reading Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen’s review a few years back. She loved it but hers went crazy and broke. Hoping that doesn’t happen to me! I also recently started following Kathleen Jennings and she raves about hers, so I think your stories were the push I needed! I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis and all this facetiming and zooming has made me want to work on my skin! I have only had it for a week, so I haven’t noticed much a change yet. I do think I look better after using it in the morning, but I think that might just be from the facial massage aspect of moving it around my face, since I noticed the same thing when I started using an ice roller. I’ve taken a bunch of before pictures and am looking forward to comparing them to photos a few months down the line. I’m really hoping this helps define my sagging jawline!

    5.13.20 Reply
  19. Michele:

    Grace, it was truly my pleasure to have some one-on-one time with you! I’m so happy that you are loving your Trinity and your NuFACE regimen! You are definitely one of my favorite Virtual House Calls 🙂

    5.14.20 Reply
  20. Sharon:

    I have had the NuFace Trinity for about 2 years and not exactly sure what to think. I have very sensitive skin and had to stop everything last year as I had a horrible rosacea outbreak. I have since recovered, and started adding back in my go to skin care products. I have found with the NuFace, it seems to cause a rosacea outbreak after using a few days in a row. I have tested on just one side of my face to ensure it was the NuFace and not something else. I also use a tonic spray instead of the gel as it works just as well for comfort and is gentle for my skin. A bit bummed, as I want to use and hate to waste it, but can’t seem to figure out how to have benefits without causing irritation…

    5.14.20 Reply
    • Oh no! That’s a bummer. I would def reach out to their customer service or maybe set up a zoom appointment? I’ve heard good things about doing it with aloe vera! If all else fails and you hate it, I bet you could sell it on Poshmark or something like that.

      5.14.20 Reply
    • Daria:

      same! My Rosacea is out of control every time I use it!

      3.31.23 Reply
  21. Sandy:

    I am a NuFace new user, normally I use it at night, I am so confused by should I leave the gel on to sleep or I need wash it off? right now I always wash it off, but I see some video say leave it on. it is so confusing.

    9.26.20 Reply
    • I usually wash it off. It’s fine to leave on though, if I’m being lazy I’ll often just pat some oil on over it.

      9.28.20 Reply
  22. Shari:

    I’ve just bought the Mini. A question – when you/they say glide over the skin, do we have to ‘push’ the skin at all, or really just go over it without it moving? I’m wondering if we ‘push’ it so the muscles move up higher, or if the skin is meant to stay where it is and just the current does the work on its own. Watching some videos, especially when it’s over the eyes I see them pushing the loose skin upwards. I’m using it more on the lower half of the face, ie. jowl area etc, but not sure if I need to softly push the skin at all. I don’t want to push if it makes the skin saggy, but then, I am wondering how it works if we don’t push the skin/muscles up higher and if we’re only lightly going over the top of the skin.

    12.15.20 Reply