How to do an At-Home Facial!

How to do an At-Home Facial

I have been spending some time perfecting the art of the at-home facial and I think I’m finally ready to share my little process here! I just posted a video to my Instagram TV with more details… enjoy!

How to do an At-Home Facial

one // wash your face!

This is obvious but of course, you want to start with clean dry skin! I love this yogurt cleanser from Korres. It’s really hydrating and takes of all my makeup without stripping.

two // peel!

I chose this peel from Dr. Dennis Gross as we’re doing things afterward. I love that you spend a minute doing the peel and then a minute neutralizing the peel, and then you are done. I love goop’s overnight peel but since we have several steps here, we do the two minute peel!

three // steam.

This facial steamer is one of my most favorite gadgets. It’s really what makes you feel like you’re at the spa and it opens up your pores so that your masks, serums, etc. can penetrate even deeper.

four // detox mask.

Right now for a detox, I’m very into Tata Harper’s clarifying mask. But you can use any sort of detox mask! I do this for 10-15 minutes.

five // hydrating mask.

You know I rave and rave about Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag mask and it’s for good reason. It’s so amazing and hydrating. I love this mask. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then tissue it off.

six // Nu-Face!

I promise to have a proper Nu-Face review for you soon but this contraption is just the BEST EVER. You can really see the results in the video; it is amazing for fine lines, LIFTING, and defining the jawline!

seven // serum.

I love Vintner’s Daughter for this as it’s super hydrating and rich, but any serum will do!

eight // moisturize

The Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair cream is really nice after a lot of aggressive stuff as it’s meant to restore the skin’s barrier after acids, retinol, etc etc!

nine // lip mask

The final step is a nice hydrating lip mask or balm. You can use any old one but I’m a big fan of this one from Tatcha!

PS – the pasta t-shirt from the video can be found here and also here!


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  1. Mackenzie:

    Oh!! I love this. I love the step by step, so helpful.

    4.25.20 Reply
  2. Emma:

    And just like that I have Sunday plans…thank you for the step by step detail!

    4.25.20 Reply
  3. This sounds like a great idea! I still have to go to work Monday to Friday but this would be nice on a weekend. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.26.20 Reply
  4. Lisa Autumn:

    I will treat myself to one today.. thank you for the inspo!

    Lisa |

    4.26.20 Reply
  5. Cassidi:

    Thank you for the step by step! Super helpful!! About to place another Sephora order! 🙂

    4.26.20 Reply
  6. Megan:

    Sunday plans officially made! Thank you for sharing the step by step… I’ve always wanted to know how to do this at home. What would you recommend as a step in place of the NuFace (really want one but am trying to be budget conscious right now)? Also, were those reusable cloths you were using to remove the products?

    4.26.20 Reply
    • Hey Megan!
      I haven’t found anything similar! So I would say just skip that step! If I find anything like the NuFace that I like as much I will share. It’s definitely an investment. I rationalize it though as I was getting microcurrent facials once a month that were around $150 so doing this over 3 months is less expensive. Totally get it though!
      And yes they were reusable cloths, I don’t know the brand but am sure you can just google reusable cotton pads? Mine were a gift from a friend! XO

      4.26.20 Reply
  7. Molly:

    Would love to read a full Nuface post!! I’ve been on the fence about purchasing one and curious if it could really make that big a difference in my jawline. I’ve seen some crazy before and afters but who knows if they’re outliers?

    4.28.20 Reply
    • I think it definitely makes a big difference! You just have to be consistent and use it (ideally) every day, if not 4-5x a week!

      4.29.20 Reply
  8. Okay! I finally ordered a facial steamer and then immediately came back to this post. I did this full routine last night and my skin is unreal. Everyone needs one

    7.24.20 Reply