My Perfect Somewhere.

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My Perfect Somewhere

My Perfect Somewhere

Two years ago, I surprised my boyfriend for his birthday with a little LA staycation at Shutters on the Beach. We had the most amazing time and it is one of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed. (You can see my blog post from that trip here!). We both felt so happy and relaxed, a world away from everything. We went back again last year, and this year I booked a room (third year in a row!) with

The most important thing you can do is book an oceanfront room. It sounds dramatic but I am not sure it is worth it unless you have that ocean view! Ideally, a corner room, if you can. (Corner rooms have two porches!). You can often choose your room type with booking on The view is probably my favorite thing about Shutters. You are right on the beach. Sunset is a dream, sitting out on the porch, watching the sun sink into the ocean. Next to the view, the bathtubs are my other favorite part. These tubs are DEEP. And there are jets. I could sit in the tub all night with a book. And, if you time it right, you can watch the sunset from the bath tub, glass of champagne in hand (that is what I did on our first night and it was pretty amazing).’s tagline is “find your perfect somewhere.” They’re so much more than just a directory of hotels… they’re a matchmaker! And Shutters is our perfect somewhere for a million reasons: the view, the bathtubs… the downstairs lobby which feels like the world’s greatest living room with several fires and comfy couches. The fact that it feels like you are on Cape Cod (where I grew up) but you’re on the West Coast. The restaurants. The spa. The level of service. I could go on but instead I will show you!

Shutters on the Beach ocean view room

Really though it’s all about this tub with a view situation.

Sunsets here are just insane.

Shutters on the Beach porch

The perfect little spot to sit.

fireplace in hotel room
My Perfect Somewhere

We are big fans of One Pico, the restaurant’s fine dining restaurant. Coast is great too for brunch, but One Pico is so special. We always get a nice bottle of wine and lots of seafood.

The spa!! We both got 60 minute massages and they were heaven.

Shutters on the Beach breakfast in bed | My Perfect Somewhere

There is no better end to a stay at Shutters than breakfast in bed. What a wonderful couple days away. You can book your own stay at Shutters right this way on

Shutters on the Beach at night | My Perfect Somewhere
Shutters on the Beach review | My Perfect Somewhere

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  1. m:

    I know it’s not even winter yet, but I love the idea of a colder weather beach vacation where you drink champagne and eat oysters by the fire while overlooking a beautiful view. Seems so restorative and relaxing. Why don’t we all do this more? I’m putting some of your photos on my hygge winter mood board–the one that is supposed to help keep me out of seasonal depression. Thanks!

    11.27.23 Reply
  2. Maggie:

    Looks like I’ll be adding this to the When I Win the Lottery list, it looks so amazing!

    12.9.23 Reply