2 Nights at Shutters on The Beach.

2 Nights at Shutters on The Beach

Last week it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. Taking a proper vacation was not an option for either of us (we are both very busy w/work right now) but we wanted to make it a point to see each other and celebrate him, so I planned a little staycation (for him)/mini vacation (for me) at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. I had always really wanted to stay here. I’ve talked about having a “hotel bucket list” before and this was at the very top. We’d been for brunch at their restaurant on the boardwalk (Coast!) before and I’ve walked/rode bikes countless times along the beach in Santa Monica but I had never been inside the hotel or stayed there.

To say that the trip exceeded either of our expectations and was really special is a massive understatement. This was one of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed. I loved the laid back vibes (we both remarked that it felt like we were on Cape Cod, it has a very New England-y/coastal vibe), the service was incredible, and I felt like we were both able to really, truly unplug and relax in just a couple nights.

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2 Nights at Shutters on The Beach

I loved our room.

If you go, I can’t recommend springing for an Ocean View room enough. It’s a jump in price but worth every penny. Our room had two little balconies. Sitting out there with a glass of wine and watching the sunset was just heaven. And since it was quite warm (we had such great weather!), we opted to sleep with the doors open. Nothing is better than falling asleep (and waking up) to the sound of the ocean. Bliss.

Our room also had a giant soaking tub which I put to good use. I kind of loved the “window” between our room and the bath. Made it easier for us to chat while I lazed in the tub and he worked. 😉

I had a lot of people ask me which I prefer – this, or the Proper Santa Monica, which I wrote about this past summer. While I absolutely loved our stay at The Proper, I think it would be this. I feel like The Proper has sophisticated uptown/city vibes whereas this is more beachy and laid back. The Proper is also quite a bit up a bit from the beach whereas this is right on the beach. If given the choice, I’ll always take the beach. Also the service at Shutters was just exceptional (like Four Seasons level). No shade to The Proper but the service and concern for our happiness was just next level.

2 Nights at Shutters on The Beach - sunset

This was on our first night. We each had a massage late in the day and then came upstairs and opened some wine and watched the sun set. It was so romantic and relaxing!

2 Nights at Shutters on The Beach - spa

I highly recommend the spa.

I had a one hour massage and it was incredible. Nothing is better than getting a massage after a long flight!

2 Nights at Shutters on The Beach

We spent a solid chunk of our second day just relaxing at the pool. Plus eating quite a bit. Watermelon margaritas, avocado toast, a lobster roll… perfection.


Review of Shutters on The Beach Shutters on The Beach room service

On the morning we checked out, we sprang for room service which was such a treat. Nothing better than tucking into (a bagel and lox for me, an eggs benedict for him) a big breakfast, without having to leave the room!

Shutters on The Beach main deck

My favorite place to sit and eat was on the main deck. We sat in the sunshine and ordered some white wine and a seafood platter. And fries, of course.

fries and seafood platter

Shutters on The Beach travel experience Shutters on The Beach in 2021 Shutters on The Beach pool view

Shutters on The Beach ocean view

Disclosure: Shutters gave us a media discount on our room!

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  1. Marisa:

    Looks beautiful! Do you mind me asking how you two met?!

    11.23.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Through friends 🙂

      11.23.21 Reply
  2. Jessica:

    I agree that The Proper is definitely very nice but Shutters is like…..legit five stars and a legendary LA hotel. There is no comparison! This looks like it was such a great weekend!! That tub is FAB.

    11.23.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      That’s exactly it – like, no shade to The Proper, it’s amazing and still a splurge for me… but Shutters is NEXT LEVEL! I want to go back. xx

      11.23.21 Reply
  3. Lynn-Holly Wielenga:

    You look so lovely, relaxed and happy! Thanks for sharing. Now, Shutters will be on my hotel bucket list!

    11.23.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      That’s the best compliment – thank you!!!

      11.23.21 Reply
  4. Theodora:

    I have always wanted to do a staycation there, but it feels so silly since I live less than half a mile away! I’ve done happy hour and brunch there a bunch but only ever outside—the inside looks so nice, and you’re right, it does have more of an east coast vibe.

    Really wish I’d said hello to you when I saw you on my run?!?!?!?!!? I don’t know what was wrong with me, I was in such a weird mood that day.

    11.23.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I am all for a fancy staycation every now and again… even when I lived in New York I did them every so often and it was so luxurious. The best way to get away without actually getting away?

      I wish you said hello too!!!!

      11.26.21 Reply
  5. Roxanne:

    I absolutely ADORE Shutters! Many moons ago, I stayed there for a business trip and have been dreaming of going back ever since. I’m so glad to hear that it’s still as magical as I remember.

    11.29.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      The most special place!!!

      11.30.21 Reply