Must Have Reading Accessories!

Must Have Reading Accessories Must Have Reading Accessories

During a recent Q&A a few of you asked about reading accessories so I thought I would do a little post today about them. I will be honest, I am not always the most particular here. I regularly (gasp!) fold pages in my books and sometimes accidentally get them wet in the tub. And maybe a really nice wine glass isn’t a must have reading accessory for you, but it is for me! So let’s dive in. I feel like there are some really cool gadgets and accessories that will make your reading experience even better (+would also make a great gift for the book lover in your life!)

Must Have Reading Accessories

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A great bookmark!

Etsy has so many good bookmarks. This one is a favorite of mine. It’s $16 and makes for such a great gift; you can personalize it and the monogram is available in gold, silver, or blind (no color) embossing. This brass bookmark is also very cool… it’s a miniature work of art!

A reading lamp!

One of the perks of being single and living alone is that I don’t need a reading light but if you share a bed and like to read at night while your partner sleeps, these are essential! This is a good one, it even has three light settings!

Cozy Socks

You know how much I love my Amazon slouchy socks. They are the best and bring serious 90s nostalgia.


Another fav. This is the best reading blanket you will ever own. And it’s fully washable etc which makes it perfect to take to the park, etc etc as well! (Read my review of it in this post!!!!)

Bath Tray

If you are like me (are books and baths your two greatest loves?) you absolutely need a good bath tray to keep your wine, water, book, and whatever else you need safe and handy. I love mine so much. I’d also recommend pairing it with this page holder book weight for the perfect hands-free reading experience!


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  1. Cute picks! I need to get a cute bookmark asap – I’m always using old receipts or namecards! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.2.21 Reply
  2. mary:

    Thank you for this list! I have a terrible cramp in my hand from reading a heavy hardcover book last week and that bath tray/page weight might be the answer to my problem.

    3.2.21 Reply
  3. Jamie:

    I am always on the lookout for gift ideas for my hard to shop for partner, and I never considered “reading accessories” even though he is an avid reader. These are great ideas! Last night we were trying to read and snack (as one does), and he kept complaining that he couldn’t keep his book open – the book weight is perfect!

    3.2.21 Reply
  4. Jessica Camerata:

    I love the idea of a book stamp. And may be getting that bookmark weight for when I cook actually. so smart!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    3.2.21 Reply
  5. Gretchen:

    When my parents downsized a couple years ago they FINALLY found my grandfather’s book stamp. He passed when I was eight and I’ve always loved reading his books with the stamp on them. It’s brought me so much joy stamping new books the last couple years.

    3.2.21 Reply
  6. Rachel:

    Honestly I just love you for finding another reason to post about these socks. Love, Rachel

    3.2.21 Reply
  7. Orla:

    Love this!! My BF actually got me a book light for my birthday along with books etc. I’ll admit – a great call!

    I have also gifted these bookmarks to friends for lockdown birthdays and they have gone down a treat!!

    3.2.21 Reply
  8. Casey:

    Great list, Grace! I just wanted to pop in with a recommendation you might also like. Last year I discovered the Page Anchor and it is a game changer! I love it so much I bought a second one!

    3.2.21 Reply
  9. Lisa Q:

    Just bought the book weight! I always use my phone; but not anymore! Thank you!

    3.2.21 Reply
  10. Such a fun post! Couldn’t agree more about the Chappywrap!

    3.4.21 Reply