Chappywrap Blanket Review.

Chappywrap Blanket Review

I have wanted to write this post for months now, but cozy season is here and this week of self-care posts felt like the time to do it. Also, the ChappyWrap is such a perfect gift!

I have to admit, I had reservations about this blanket at first. I thought the styles were too preppy. And also can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to things in my home. I like high quality blankets. Fleece? Really? I turned up my nose. And despite the blankets being SUCH a blogger favorite, I didn’t trust the reviews? Why was everyone so worked up about a fleece blanket!? I will be the first person to admit when I am wrong, and in this case, I was wrong.. very wrong. I regret my earlier judgments on fleece, and I realized this the minute I touched the blanket. YOU GUYS. THE BLANKET IS MAGIC.

So why is it so special? First of all, it’s just this perfect combination of thick and almost heavy, while also being incredibly soft and cozy. I’ve said this before but the only fault I can find with it is that it’s hard to read with it as I always fall asleep.

Chappywrap Blanket Review

ChappyWrap is named for Chappaquiddick, aka “Chappy” to locals – it’s a little island off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard and such a special place. I went years ago back when I was living in Boston right after college, and still think back to the time I spent there.. so peaceful. The owners are a mother daughter team – they actually started the company because they missed an old family blanket and could not find one like it anywhere they look. I love that story!

Chappywrap Blanket Review


The ChappyWrap is made from a natural cotton blend: it’s 58% cotton, 35% acrylic, and 7% polyester. They are fully machine washable and dryable (huge if you take it outside, or have kids!). Just wash on cold and then tumble dry on low heat.

There’s no shrinking, pilling, or fuzz – the quality is incredible. Lastly, they come in three different sizes: Original (60″ x 80″), Midi (40″ x 60″) and Mini (30″ x 40″). My preference is the original (I have 3!) but I got my niece Zoe this kids blanket and it’s so cute.

Chappywrap Blanket Review

What I Like About The Chappywrap Blanket

It’s so soft

Like so soft. And it’s hard to describe it because this is not the fleece blanket you had in college. It’s soft like fleece but really thick and luxurious.

It’s easy to care for.

I love that you can just throw it in the wash if it gets dirty. This makes them great for pets or kids, but also if you want to take it to the park or the beach, you’re fine. It’s luxurious but in a very liveable way.

The patterns.

I love the designs, especially the STRIPES! My favorites are the yellow stripe, the navy stripe (which I actually ended up giving to my best friend who lives upstairs; she was always stealing it, yes I am the best friend ever), the green plaid, and of course the Cape and Islands one which will always be sentimental for me! I’m also eyeing the buffalo check and the holiday stripe is fab.

The Final Verdict

This is my favorite blanket. The quality is amazing, it’s soft and cozy and luxurious but still practical, and there’s really nothing better than curling up with it at the end of a long day. Chappy wrap blankets are going to be your new favorite blankets. The price is not cheap (the classic style is $135) but you will have it forever. And if for some reason it’s not for you, you can return it within 30 days.

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photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. I love the name of the brand! Plus, the blanket looks super cosy! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    11.6.20 Reply
  2. Ashley Veronica:

    These are the BEST blankets! As a fellow blanket snob, I was also very skeptical, but now I want one for every room!

    11.6.20 Reply
  3. Mackenzie:

    I am obsessed with my chappywrap. I always say to my husband “ABC” which means Always Be Cozy lol. I finally got my chappywrap a few weeks (months?) ago when you gave us a code! Can’t remember when that was… what is time these days? My husband made fun of me for spending so much money on a blanket.. yet day 2 he was trying to steal it and now keeps asking if he needs one!!!

    11.6.20 Reply
  4. Becca:

    I have 2 and love them both! Also my cat loves them…She turned her nose up to the barefoot dreams blanket and avoided it at all costs but loves the chappy!

    11.6.20 Reply
    • Cats love the Chappy!!! Tyrion can find it wherever it is and will curl up on it even if it’s folded up in my basket behind the couch!

      11.6.20 Reply
  5. Melissa:

    I bought my first ChappyWrap a month ago and have since ordered two more for holiday gifts and one more for myself. I can’t help it…they’re so soft!!

    11.6.20 Reply
  6. Cy:

    Love my Chappy blanket!I ended up buying the green plaid a few months ago ( I remember getting a discount, was it from you?). I also though the prints were a little preppy, but plaid is a classic and green being my favorite color… brainer. It’s so cozy, I really needed to replace my old blanket. My only pet peeve is, I bought the original (I have a queen size bed )and it’s a bit short. It’s stops about 6 inches short, but actually a foot longer would be better to cover the length of the bed. Maybe people buy them mostly as throws? Anyway, it’s really soft and makes my bed more inviting.

    11.6.20 Reply
    • Yes that was me!!! So glad you have and love. Yeah, I use mine more as a throw and not for sleeping but I have a king size bed and that would never work!

      11.8.20 Reply
  7. Lisa Autumn:

    So cosy!

    Lisa |

    11.8.20 Reply
  8. I am trying so hard not to be influenced by you. 🙂 I have plenty of blankets and none of these look like they’d really go with my decor but they do look SO COZY

    11.8.20 Reply
    • Hahaha well, I might be able to fix that problem… but not for a while 😉 something fun is coming in the next year or so!

      11.8.20 Reply
  9. Sara:

    I have the fish Chappy (got it for Christmas last year) and I LOVE it. I will definitely be buying myself another one soon for the end of my bed. It really is the best blanket.

    11.9.20 Reply
  10. Jessica:

    I want to say thank you for the review and influencing me but my bank account might not feel the same way – kidding! TY I just snapped up my 3rd during the sale and have bought as gifts as well. Love my Chappies!!!

    8.9.22 Reply