Mimeo Cocktail Recipe.

Mimeo Cocktail Recipe.

Last week two of my friends had both had bad days so I told them I’d make them a special cocktail and we’d have a little patio vent session. Milagro Tequila and Shaker & Spoon (a really cool mixology kit – like an artisanal Fresh Direct but for cocktails!) had sent me a press mailer (honestly, I think I may subscribe to Shaker & Spoon after getting this as it is so cool) so I used my friends as an excuse to test out one of the recipes.

I loved the results. I am a big tequila fan (as are all my friends) and this Mimeo Cocktail Recipe is a fun alternative to serving Palomas (one of my usual go-to’s!) Chinotto is an Italian soda with notes of citrus and caramel – it’s delicious! It requires a few new additions to your bar cart but that’s kind of fun.. now I want to spritz all my cocktails with orange oil!

Mimeo Cocktail Recipe



Add the tequila, soda, and rice wine vinegar to a highball or rocks glass (I used these Fferone glasses) filled with ice (I used the large cubes from this set), spritz with orange oil, and top with candied ginger.

It’s delicious and creamy and just… yummy! Reminded me a little bit (oddly) of cream soda.

Recipe via Shaker & Spoon and Milagro Tequila!

Mimeo Cocktail Recipe Mimeo Cocktail Recipe

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  1. I don’t drink but these look so refreshing! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.26.20 Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata:

    WHAT these ingredients! Have to try. Sounds so good. And obsessed with these badass glasses.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    8.26.20 Reply
  3. Jessica C:

    If you care about the look of the ice you can boil water and pout it into your ice molds. It freezes completely clear!

    8.26.20 Reply
  4. Pestomonster:

    Looks amazing! Where did you get those beautiful glasses??

    8.26.20 Reply
  5. Lisa Autumn:

    This sounds delish!

    8.26.20 Reply
  6. Alexandria Thomas:

    Thank you so much for linking to the ingredients! I couldn’t find edible orange oil to save my life! 😀 ordered that and the chinotto this week thanks to you!

    11.27.20 Reply