Megababe Le Tush Review.

Megababe Le Tush Review

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When Megababe launched Le Tush (a butt mask!), I immediately ordered it, but it sat on the ledge of my bathtub for a long time before I actually tried it. And you know I love a good body treatment or weird mask as much as the next person… but (butt?) I also hate being cold and the idea of just hanging out in my apartment naked (and not being able to sit down lol) while the mask worked its magic didn’t appeal to me.

Megababe Le Tush Review

Katie (the founder of Megababe and a good friend!) kept following up. “Have you Le Tushed???” And I felt so guilty because I hadn’t done it yet. I came clean. “I don’t want to be cold!!!!” She laughed at me and told me to just put it on for 3 minutes before my shower. I figured I could be cold for three minutes. So I applied a layer of the (deliciously minty smelling!) mask to my butt. I did my thighs, boobs, stomach, and back of my arms for good measure. And hung out naked for three minutes (I brushed my teeth and washed my face and before I knew it I was in the shower).

I wasn’t cold for very long.

The three minutes went by incredibly quickly. I’ve since worked up to 5-10 minutes. The key is to have something to distract you. Do a chore. My top picks are putting your laundry away and doing the dishes. By the time you’re done, you’re ready for the shower.

This mask is powerful!

Megababe describes Le Tush as a “facial-grade mask for your butt,” and that description is spot on. It contains a powerful blend of acids along with exfoliating beads to get skin extra smooth. I was pretty shocked by how much could happen in just 3 minutes. After about a minute, my skin was all tingly. And when I rinsed it off, my skin was SO smooth. In just 3 minutes.

It’s great for all types of skin.

It’s not just for butt’ne (lol butt acne). It’s great to do before self-tanning, or any time you want an all over exfoliation. I have dry skin so am more prone to keratosis pilaris (chicken skin / those tiny annoying bumps that can crop up all over but especially on the back of your arms!) on my body than breakouts.

It’s amazing for keratosis pilaris!

This is GREAT for KP which is why I like using it on the back of my arms, too.  (For KP I noticed an immediate difference within the first use but as that’s an ongoing thing, I would recommend doing it once or twice a week for maintenance!)

I highly recommend this mask and def recommend naked masking while doing a chore next time you’re feeling a little bored..

Megababe Le Tush Review

I also love Megababe’s Happy Pits (read my review!) and also, be sure to check out my favorite body products.

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  1. Sharon:

    I’m interested in using this for my back! I use a face mask that I love for my back now, which works, but I would love something stronger. Exfoliating the back really good is hard, and I prefer a chemical exfoliant for a more thorough and even result. Thank you for sharing!

    5.15.20 Reply
    • OH I bet it would be amazing on your back! I cannot vouch personally but i feel like it would be great. LMK how it goes!!!

      5.15.20 Reply
      • Sharon:

        I’m here to report back! Unfortunately, the mega tush mask was too strong for my back. It caused a rosacea outbreak. I have rosacea on my face, but learning I have it on my chest and back as well. It presents as acne on me, almost like welts. So fyi to anyone with annoying adult acne, but otherwise dry skin, this could be it. Luckily, it went away almost completely in 24 hours, so not a hassle.

        BUT, I also used on my rear and it worked great. Noticeably smoother. As someone who dry brushes and uses a Korean mitt to exfoliate, this was still very noticeable in a good way. And only 3 minutes. I’m going to also try on my husband’s back. It comes with the quarantined together territory. I have high hopes.

        5.19.20 Reply
        • Thank you so much for reporting back! AND I’m sorry it gave you a rosacea outbreak. Glad it worked great on your rear though! Always appreciate reader updates as it’s great to see other opinions!

          5.20.20 Reply
  2. LOL I can tell how much you enjoyed the butt jokes 🙂

    5.15.20 Reply
  3. Lauren:

    I’ve used this a bunch of times too and love it, although I haven’t tried it on my KP yet. Will definitely do this, especially now that it’s getting warmer. Great suggestion

    5.15.20 Reply
    • HAHA please let me know how you like it for KP – I noticed a big difference but want to make sure others do, too!

      5.15.20 Reply
  4. You always have the best products – I seriously wanna try them all! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.15.20 Reply
  5. Shari:

    Ooh I never thought about this for the backs of my arms! I have KP also and now I cannot wait to try. I love this product … and actually I love all of the Megababe products I’ve tried. A great brand and cannot recommend enough!

    5.15.20 Reply
    • I couldn’t agree more!!! This one might be my favorite of all – or at least tied with happy pits!

      5.15.20 Reply
  6. I’ve been using a rotation of this mask, skinfix’s resurface+ renewing cream and First Aid Beauty Bump Eraser scrub and for the first time in years my KP bumps are gone! Highly recommend!

    5.15.20 Reply
  7. Jen:

    I want to like this because I want to support Katie and really love her Thigh Rescue but I just can’t get behind it (pun intended). Maybe it is not something marketed for my kind of skin type so I am glad that it is being enjoyed by lots of folks. I think the brand is great, entirely love Thigh Rescue, and have also recently ordered the lemon hand sanitizer. Love that it is derived from plant based alcohols and smells great.

    5.15.20 Reply
  8. emily yelencich:

    I thought I had to have freshly washed skin before I could apply! I’ve been pausing my shower for three minutes when doing it and…that is cold. I’ll try pre-shower!

    5.15.20 Reply
  9. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh you really make me want to try it now x Thank you!

    Lisa |

    5.16.20 Reply
  10. Kira La Forgia:

    i did a body facial(?) quarantine activity yesterday with Le Tush and the Ren body serum (among other things) and it was great! I’ve been having so weird bumps on my butt from hanging out in a swimsuit all the time
    and i can tell it makes a difference already. Thank you Grace!

    5.17.20 Reply
  11. Belize Smirnova:

    Wondering… can it be used on the bikini line to brighten dark spots and get rid of bumps?

    1.4.21 Reply
    • I don’t think so, but you never know? I am not sure about dark spots but for ingrown hairs I always recommend the Flamingo ingrown hair treatment!

      1.4.21 Reply