May’s Amazon Favorites.

Mays Amazon Favorites

May’s Amazon Favorites

It has been a minute since my last Amazon favorites post. This month there were quite a lot of fun finds, especially for the home. I have been focused on my little backyard oasis. I got these stools for the sitting area (they make great drink tables, also the price is fantastic: my mom works for a gift shop and they sell the same ones for four times the price!). They are a serious gem of a find and I think they’d work well indoors too!

I also got a grill, HOORAY for grilling season. This one is so cute. It has enough surface area that my bf is happy with it but it’s cute and little and doesn’t take up too much space so I am happy too. And on the more random front: this ottoman. I surprised myself even buying it, but thought it would be great in my closet. And it is pretty much perfect, it looks far more expensive than it actually is. Also for my closet: these gold command hooks, perfect for hanging hats, bags, etc.

There were a few fashion finds I loved (these sunglasses are fantastic but also, these are a fun dupe for the Loewe flower sunglasses). I LOVE this makeup bag, I took it to Venice and love that it holds so much (plus has 5 compartments) but zips together easily.

Lastly, some things I repurchase again and again: this is the best laundry detergent, and I ordered more Red Clay everything salts (the tastiest: I put them on everything from salads to pizza to cottage cheese). Last but not least, just love this phone case. I have it yellow, green, and white!

PS – We skipped April, but here are March’s Amazon favorites, plus 30 fun Amazon Fashion finds!

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  1. Nancy:

    Link to makeup case is the wrong one, can you please repost? Thanks

    5.23.23 Reply
  2. Nancy:

    Hi! The link/pic of the makeup case goes to the sunglasses. I can’t find it easily on Amazon. Are you able to provide the correct link, please? Thank you! Always love these lists 🙂

    5.23.23 Reply
  3. Katie:

    Hi Grace, I have a kind of random influencer question. I ordered some dresses from the last Amazon post you shared, but none of them work so I returned. Will you be penalized for that or will it still get counted as a sale? Also, if I clicked on your link and added your item to my cart then did some other shopping, would that benefit you? Would be curious to know how we can make shopping your links the most effective for you.

    5.23.23 Reply
  4. I never thought a hand held frother would be a game changer, but it is! I use it every single day. Plus it is so easy to wash and is super affordable.

    5.23.23 Reply
  5. Krista:

    Hi there! Love your posts! The link to the smocked set takes me to the floral set, and I can’t easily find the smocked set on Amazon. Can you please share the direct link? Thanks so much!

    5.23.23 Reply
  6. Carla johnson:

    nice things for spring and summer time

    5.23.23 Reply
  7. Sofia:

    Just bought the same grill! We had to get electric because of our apartment building’s rules, but it is so perfect and I’m obsessed with the green color. .

    5.23.23 Reply
  8. Cy:

    Grace, I’m assuming you took the makeup case as your dop kit or is that just for makeup and you use another toiletries bag? It seems like a lot so I’m thinking the former. Thanks

    5.23.23 Reply
    • I had a separate bag for toiletries! I checked a bag 🙂
      Over on instagram I posted some stories with the bag so you can see what it holds.

      5.24.23 Reply
  9. Brenda:

    If you love the glamorous wash, you have got to get over to Ouai’s site and check out their collab for a laundry detergent with their Melrose Place scent. Literally have never been so excited to do laundry before!

    5.26.23 Reply
  10. Tate:

    Hi Grace! If you’re like me, I’m still lamenting the loss of my beloved Laundress detergent. Does glamorous protect dark colors? I’ve been on a hunt to find a replacement to my Laundress that doesn’t fade my dark clothing.

    5.26.23 Reply
  11. Christina:

    Hey Grace
    Can you please confirm for me what the outdoor cooler is made out of? It looks like wood but says it is steel. Is it all steel or both? Any info you can clarify is so helpful! Live outside of boston and wondering if I can leave it out uncovered with potential rain and such. Thanks in advance!!!

    5.29.23 Reply