March’s Amazon Favorites.

Marchs Amazon Favorites

March’s Amazon Favorites

This month’s Amazon list is a good one if you ask me; the perfect mix of pretty and practical! Lots of dresses (and so many great spring bags), a few new entertaining essentials, a few things I was influenced on, and more!

For the aspiring entertainer, I cannot say enough great things about this little deck of cheese and snack boards to copy. It truly makes creating a beautiful bored easy! The back of each card tells you exactly what to buy and then you just copy her styling. I also love following the author on Instagram. Along those lines, I bought this oversized teak board a couple years ago and it’s perfect.

I love my Paper Shoot camera! I took it with me to Belize and had fun taking film style photos.

My favorite inexpensive sunglasses. I have had these for years but just love them.

Also, two situations where I was influenced!

  • Julia linked these beautiful towels. I managed to snag one rainbow one and liked them so much that I ordered a few yellow ones. Perfect for the beach.
  • Jess influenced me on these amazing sweatpants (no pockets FTW) and Hanes socks.

PS: February’s Amazon Favorites!

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Leave a Comment


  1. Jennifer:

    The woven beach tote does not have a link. I have been eyeing on these, so help a girl out ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Grace

    3.23.23 Reply
  2. Nicole:

    The link for the suede mules is not working

    3.23.23 Reply
  3. Nancy:

    Good morning from Arizona! The link for the beach tote takes you to the home page, I would love to take a look!

    3.23.23 Reply
  4. Amanda:

    Link to the woven beach tote doesnโ€™t work – can you update? Thanks!

    3.23.23 Reply
  5. LD:

    I think the link to the woven bag might be wrong… it’s so cute thought I might have to scoop it up for myself

    3.23.23 Reply
  6. Krista:

    The rainbow towels look like the sustainable ones made by Bathing Culture (their body products smell outstanding)

    3.23.23 Reply
  7. Sue:

    The woven tote is a knock off of the Nagehi tote, a women run small business. You just showed us your red Nagehi tote a few weeks ago, I wish you would promote small women run business instead of Amazon knock offs.

    3.23.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi Sue ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the note. The Nagehi one is a different shape and made from Neoprene. This is faux leather. If we’re going to say it’s knocking anyone off, it would be Bottega Veneta. Everyone – Amazon, Anthropologie, J.Crew, etc. is doing woven leather/faux leather bags right now. I love my Nagehi bag but received feedback from my audience that it was too expensive. It’s hard pleasing everyone, I’m doing my best to scour the web and find as many options as possible. Some will spring for the Nagehi. Others, Bottega! And others, Amazon. I regularly highlight female founded companies, Black owned businesses, the works. But I also love a good Amazon find.

      3.23.23 Reply
  8. Beth:

    Any ideas for a smaller Botega knockoff?

    3.24.23 Reply