March 2019 in Review.

March 2019 in Review

Well, March came and went in a hot minute!!! I somehow don’t know where the time went! We were SO focused on getting ready for the live show that April 1st (the big day) just sort of came and went and now somehow we are a few weeks into Spring (what!?) and before you know it May will be here and then it will be summer and then I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW!

This month’s top 5 blog posts

ONE // Why We All Need to Care About Inclusive Sizing + A Challenge.

Very very glad to see that this post ranked #1! It’s probably the most important post I wrote all month, maybe even all year. I have gotten a lot of questions about why I’m only shopping inclusive (or inclusive-ish) brands; this post will answer all of that but the bottom line is that I want this blog to be a place where everyone can shop (if they want), and that I want to support brands who are making a difference!

TWO // March 2019 Reading List

My reading lists are always my most popular posts of the month; so no surprises here but this was definitely a great month of reading!

THREE // Spring Cravings

This was my first foray into taking a more inclusive approach to which brands I feature here. It was really hard! It’s gotten much easier with time – I’ve learned so much! This roundup was a fun one – full of pretty Spring things; and everything featured is at the very least available up to a size 16.

FOUR // A Monday List of Really Good Things

Okay it makes me so happy to see posts like this getting a lot of traffic because posts like these are why I initially fell in love with blogging – getting to have a place where I could share all the things I just genuinely love and have discovered! I am definitely going to make sure I do posts like these at least once a month!

FIVE // Ice Roller Benefits

Ugh my ice roller is the best thing I’ve bought in so long and it is such a great price. It is one of the few things in my skincare that makes a (very) noticeable IMMEDIATE difference. Instantly, skin is less puffy and more evenly toned. But go read the post for the full review!

March 2019 in Review


Here are the things you bought the most of, this month!

one // Vince Warren Platform Sneakers

I love these sneakers SO SO MUCH! I actually haven’t bought a new pair in a couple years (I have the grey and the navy) but have been talking about them more here so was happy to see them rank. I can’t recommend them enough; they’re just so comfortable but also so cute. One of my all time favorite purchases.

two // Ice Roller

There are no words for how much I love my ice roller. I talked about it above too but it is just MAGIC. Makes such a massive difference in your skincare routine for such a good price. Read the whole review but man – it will change your life!

three // Piper Coolchange Dress

I love this dress and it ranked really well last month too. So cute and flattering; perfect for summer or vacations!

four // Treasure & Bond Button Down

This is, hands down, the perfect simple slouchy button down. I love mine so much.

five // Maeve Gingham Blouse

I’m loving Anthropologie’s whole inclusive line but this top is definitely one of my absolute favorite pieces from it! I will say it runs a bit small (short); so definitely size up if you are tall.

six // Madewell Jeans

These cropped jeans are so cute! Love everything Madewell is doing right now.

seven // Amazon Tunic Dress

I can’t even handle this dress. I bought it in two colors (pink and light pink) and love it so much – I really can’t believe how affordable it is, though! Of course it isn’t perfect and the quality isn’t the best (it’s not Ulla Johnson!) but it’s cute and nice enough and perfect for days at the beach + cocktails afterward.

eight // Vineyard Vines Eyelet Top

I love this eyelet top (not like I needed another white lace top but c’est la vie). It’s so pretty and cute. Perfect with skinny jeans or black ankle pants. Also available here!

nine // Marabou Slippers

There are no words for how much I love these slides. They make being home even better and they just make me so happy. Oh and they’re only $25. Get these slippers in your life immediately. They are the best and probably my personal favorite purchase from the month!

Ten // Madewell Sweater

I bought this knot front sweater in two colors and it’s just such a nice, easy basic. I highly recommend it.

photo by Carter Fish.

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  1. Definitely my favourite posts of yours from March was the post on inclusive sizing and as usual, your book reviews! Thanks for the great content, Grace. πŸ™‚

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.11.19 Reply
  2. Glad to see that the post about inclusive sizing was the most successful one. I love how bloggers with a big following talk about these kind of things because not only will more people be aware of it but also brands will see more pressure to change.

    4.11.19 Reply
  3. Becca:

    Grace, I, like many of your readers, am so happy to see you thinking carefully about the sizing options available for your readers who have a diverse array of body types. Though it may have been suggested already, I want to emphasize that simply offering a size greater than XL or Size 12 is not enough: fit and cut matters too! However, fit and cut can be hard to judge if someone has not worn larger sizes before. Therefore, while amplifying brands with extended size ranges is a wonderful first step, getting input from readers or other bloggers who actually wear those sizes would be better. Just because a top is available in a larger size does not mean that the brand is actually capable of designing for larger bodies’ needs. Keep doing this workβ€”it is needed and important!

    4.11.19 Reply
    • Hey Becca! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment – I totally agree.
      I talked about this a little bit on Instagram stories last night – I’m not an expert here and I don’t know what is going to fit well/look good on any body other than my own. I think the thing I can help the most with is highlighting the brands that are actually TRYING and doing the work to get there. My goal with this challenge is to do that, to raise awareness about the issue, and to always at the very least provide a plus or extended size option for every piece I wear. Appreciate the feedback!

      4.11.19 Reply
  4. I still need that ice roller in my life! Happy Thursday, friend!

    4.11.19 Reply
  5. Cory:

    I have had those Madewell jeans in my Nordstrom cart for ages and just noticed they are on sale. I couldn’t press “checkout now” fast enough.

    4.11.19 Reply
  6. Shawna:

    I bought the ice roller the day I read your full review! Life changer! I use it every morning and I LOVE my ice roller! Where has this been my whole life???

    4.11.19 Reply
  7. Amy:

    I’ve been meaning to ask this: do you only get credit for sales if we click on your links and complete the purchase immediately? I tend to add things to my online shopping bag and let them marinate for a bit before pulling the trigger, but does this hurt you? Should I come back and re-click your link when I’m ready to buy? Thanks!

    4.11.19 Reply
    • that is so thoughtful of you to even ask! It really depends – if you click on another site’s links, they will get the credit, and some cookie windows are shorter than others. So the best thing to do would be to come back and re-click (that’s what I do when I shop, haha!) I feel bad making that ask, but if you remember, it’s always welcome. thank you, very kind of you! xx

      4.11.19 Reply
      • Amy:

        Good to know! I will be sure to do that in the future. You absolutely deserve credit for introducing us to awesome products πŸ™‚

        4.12.19 Reply
  8. Can’t wait to check out these blog posts πŸ™‚

    4.11.19 Reply
  9. Emily:

    How is the sizing for the Amazon Tunic Dress? I’m going to the beach in a couple of weeks and it would be perfect!

    4.12.19 Reply
    • In all honesty it’s a little bit all over the place – since it’s on Amazon prime I’d rec ordering two sizes. I got the light pink and the dark pink, both in a size Medium (i am usually a small or a medium depending on the brand). One was slightly big, one was slightly small. I ended up keeping both as I loved them both (neither are perfect but for a fun $30 beachy dress I’m fine with the fit being just meh since it’s still so cute. It’s def not consistent.

      4.12.19 Reply
  10. My ice roller is arriving today and I’m VERY excited about it!! Also love your focus on inclusive sizing… it’s really important for all of us to be inclusive, in every way, and it takes each of us to focus on it in more meaningful ways. Awesome what you’re doing, Grace.


    4.16.19 Reply