A Monday List of Very Good Things.

A Monday List of Very Good Things.

Happy Monday! I had the best little weekend – the perfect mix of going out and doing a lot (Becca and I had a fun night on Saturday), working out (got to yoga twice and Dancebody once), and introvert time (I’ll tell you about my new fav show down below). Today’s post is just a fun (and kind of random) list of all the things I’m loving right now – there’s a lot!!! 

Weezie Towels

I am very very into my gorgeous new monogrammed Weezie towels (full disclosure: the brand sent me a set of towels). I LOVE these towels. The towels are lush and soft and you can choose a colored (or white) piping with your choice of monogram (they have a bunch of chic fonts to choose from). For my bath and hand towels, I did tan piping with a tonal white monogram (I really like monograms but feel like a colored monogram can be a little much especially in a smaller bathroom the white monogram on white towel is perfect).

I also wanted to mention that I really, really like their washcloths as they are dark and perfect for taking off makeup (how many washcloths have you ruined with mascara, charcoal face masks, etc!? My white washcloths are all in terrible shape!!)

Weezie Towels

beauty products

Kopari Eye Balm

A bunch of you asked if I’d tried this yet so it had been on my list! I am happy to report that I absolutely love it. It’s super hydrating (it almost feels/looks like lip gloss) but it sinks in immediately. Hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin and caffeine helps de-puff!

Asutra Magnesium Body Butter

I guess I’m kinda just in shock at how well this stuff works. It’s SO good on sore muscles. The other night I wasn’t really thinking and I put it on all over my whole body. I was tingly and sleepy and so very relaxed… almost like I’d taken an Ambien. The way to use this is to apply to sore muscles.. more as a spot treatment than an all over thing. It definitely works, and it definitely also makes me a bit sleepy!

Beautycounter Dew Skin

I could not love this product more. For everyday, I really love a tinted moisturizer and I love that I now have a clean one to recommend. No. 2 is my color! It leaves skin even and glowy without looking like you’re wearing makeup.

NARS Sex Machine Lip Duo

The name of this product was slightly intimidating as in doing my day to day makeup, my goal isn’t to look like a sex machine. Maybe it should be? Regardless, this pencil/gloss combo is SO pretty. It’s the perfect rosy pink – great for everyday wear!

True Botanicals Body Oil

Ugh I love this stuff but have to conserve it because the bottle is so small! It smells heavenly and leaves skin so soft and glowy and radiant. Love, love, love – definitely one of the best body oils I’ve ever tried.

5 Smart Reads Newsletter

5 Smart Reads Newsletter

I feel like a broken record as I talk about this on my podcast ALL THE TIME. My friend Hitha is such a smarty. On Instagram, she curates five of the best news/human interest/relevant articles of the day. I am not always great at swiping up so I LOVE that every Saturday morning, she sends a list of all of the articles from the previous week.

The newsletter also includes shopping finds, book recs, and other fun things – it’s a must-read and I look forward to it so much every weekend.

Face Gym Training Sticks

Face Gym Training Sticks

This is so cool – I love the idea of using your workout to your advantage to get better skin. Pre workout, swipe the stick (there are four kinds) all over your skin. It feels a bit like a face balm… not greasy, but definitely very hydrating. The ingredients are encapsulated and designed to release as your skin heats up and your body gets warm.

I tried the multi-vitamin training stick, which is great for hydration. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C & E. I could really feel it working – as I started to work harder (and warm up), I felt it tingling and my skin was soft and glowy afterward.

Shrill on Hulu

Shrill on Hulu

Okay it’s possible that this is my new favorite show? I haven’t had a TV show I was excited about in so long.

I’ve been an Aidy Bryant fan forever and was so thrilled to see her get her own show. This follows her character (Annie) as she navigates her budding career as a writer, her friendships + relationships with family, and bad boyfriends. She is just so damn likeable! It’s so funny but also so relatable… really uplifting at times but also really heartbreaking at times too. And it goes without saying that it’s really nice to see a show that celebrates all body types. I couldn’t love it more… I watched three episodes before bed last night and it was hard to step away!

Sparkly Barettes

Sparkly Barettes

The famous rhinestone barrettes! They came from this Etsy shop and I could not love them more!!! Probably the best $4 or $5 purchase ever. I will say that they take MONTHS to come, so… order them and be prepared to wait a little bit!

That’s it for now… what are you obsessed with??

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  1. I need that magnesium body butter in my life! It sounds like a miracle worker! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Grace! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Rachelle says 3.18.19

    The one new thing I’m really impressed with is that Protein moisturizer bu Drunk Elephant, my skin loves it. Now I kinda want these towels


    • grace at the stripe says 3.18.19

      Oooh I will have to try!!! I haven’t tried much from Drunk Elephant but the products I have tried, I’ve really liked!

  3. Marta says 3.18.19

    Amazing suggestions, I was very intrigued by that Kopari product, it seems interesting. Have an amazing week!

  4. Rachel says 3.18.19

    Such a fun Monday post!

    For puffy dark eyes, how does the Kopari eye balm compare to the Clarks retinol eye cream (you got me hooked on that one!).

    Thanks 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 3.18.19

      They’re super different – you could even use them together! This one is more hydrating, though it does depuff bc caffeine. For depuffing nothing is better than Clark’s but I love the extra boost of hydration that this delivers.

  5. brittany says 3.18.19

    i want to try that body butter- anything that helps with sleep i need!

    i actually shared some new green beauty finds on my blog today too! http://www.notablob.com/2019/03/affordable-green-beauty-products-that.html

  6. Hitha says 3.18.19

    Thank you so much for being #5SR’s biggest fan, Grace! I just ordered those personalized sparkly barrettes (Five. Smart. Reads), that magnesium cream (because I’m constantly in pain), and am hitting up Sephora this afternoon and will be getting that Kopari eye balm. I’m now tempted to get brand new towels too, but baby essentials need to come first…

  7. Amanda says 3.18.19

    How does the magnesium cream compare to the Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream you posted about for sleep previously?

    • grace at the stripe says 3.18.19

      Hey Amanda,
      Great question! Sweet Dreams is just for sleep – and it’s only for your feet!
      This one is a full on body butter (so you can apply anywhere) and the primary benefit is pain relief vs. sleep. This definitely helps me sleep but its primary use is for sore muscles. Hope that clarifies. xoxox

  8. Jen K says 3.18.19

    Must try that True Botanicals Body Oil. I’m a little bit obsessed by body oils right now. I like them better (and somehow am better at remember to apply them since I do it while still damp from my shower) than lotion. Have you tried any of the Osmia body oils? I love their Naked Oil for a good every day one since it doesn’t have a strong scent, but I got their most recent Craft Series bottle and I’m wishing I’d purchased multiple bottles since I get so many comments on how great it smells and it’s sold out now. It’s Sacred Rose and has rose and palo santo. It’s luxurious.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.18.19

      It’s soooooo nice, one of the best I have tried!

      I have not tried Osmia’s oils but I love their products so I will have to give ’em a try! Thank you for the suggestion!

  9. Lisa Autumn says 3.18.19

    Happy Monday lovely!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  10. Biby S Chacon says 3.18.19

    Not going to lie, I binged SHRILL on Hulu this past weekend. I LOVED and found it to be soooo relatable. I hope they continue the show.

  11. Everyone is loving Shrill so I guess I need to get to it ASAP. Also, those Weezie towels are so freaking cute! I love white towels but the upkeep for them is roughhhh.

    xoxo Logan

  12. Shannon says 3.19.19

    Great post! You always have the best recommendations. I picked up those makeup towels – so cute! – and the Asutra body cream. Can’t wait to try them both out!

  13. Keira says 3.19.19

    I just finished my bottle of that radiance oil, and I’m forcing myself to use up a few products in my stash before I repurchase it, but I miss it already! I’m also going to try that magnesium body butter; epsom salt baths are my favorite thing for stress and sore muscles, but sometimes a bath feels like too much work when you’re exhausted, ha.

    Also, I feel you on the stained white washcloths. But there’s something so satisfying about seeing all your makeup come off at the end of the day?

    Love this roundup, Grace! Such a fun way to kick off the week!