A Monday List of Really Good Things.

BaubleBar's Candy Colored Lucite Earrings

Happy Monday – hope you had a great weekend! Today’s post is a semi random assortment of things I love right now. Pretty new jewelry, my new favorite candle, an art exhibit I CANNOT WAIT FOR, some really good beauty products, and more! Hope you enjoy this little list… I love putting these together and I’m pretty excited about everything I’ve featured!

BaubleBar’s Candy Colored Lucite Earrings

OMG. When I saw BaubleBar’s lucite collection, I dropped what I was doing and bought three pairs. I got these in clear and green and these in peach. Every time I wear them I get so many compliments – they’re just fun and feel like candy. Lifesavers, perhaps? I reaally need to stop buying resin and lucite earrings but fell hard for these and don’t regret them a bit. (The green are my favorite, I think.)

Spacey: a new way to collect (affordable, chic) art.

Spacey: a new way to collect (affordable, chic) art.

One of the questions I get asked most tends to be about buying affordable art and haven’t really had a great place to point you guys to. If you’re looking for gorgeous art that’s very well priced, this site is going to be your new destination. Spacey is a new way to collect art and it launches TODAY. Every season they’ll partner with 15 emerging artists to create limited-edition prints. All prints are signed (AND FRAMED) and start at just $95. For a signed, framed print this is an incredible good deal. On top of that there’s a great cause behind it – they donate a percentage of proceeds to art students seeking financial aid.

I am a tough crowd and was blown away by the first collection – the prints are beautiful. To peruse and shop, go here and enter the password: unlockart.

A Handful of Fab Beauty Products

A Handful of Fab Beauty Products

Limecrime Bushy Brow // My friend told me that she likes this better than Boy Brow, which got me to listen. After using it daily for a few weeks, I have to say that I agree with her! The comb is perfect for getting your brows to look fluffy and bushy; it holds all day; and “dirty blonde” is my perfect match. Ob-sessed. It tames your brows perfectly and keeps them under control all day long. Highly recommend.

Revlon Lip Mousse // This stays on all day, doesn’t dry my lips, and gives you that matte look but feels like velvet. My favorite shades are “dusty rose” (the prettiest pink – wearing it here!) and “sunset” (the perfect red but with a tiny bit of orange/coral in it).

Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom Perfume // This was a re-discovery. I bought this perfume years ago on vacation (read more about the perfumery here). The Coqui Coqui blasts this perfume all throughout the hotel + property. You step on site and immediately smell orange blossoms. I forgot how much I love it and have been wearing it on cold winter days when I want to pretend I’m somewhere beautiful and warm.

Frida Kahlo at The Brooklyn Museum

Frida Kahlo at The Brooklyn Museum

I’m so excited for this show – I’m going on Wednesday! This is the largest US exhibition of her work in ten years. It’s not only a display of her paintings, drawings, and photographs; but also her personal belongings (her clothing!! Her jewelry!) I think we can all agree that Frida Kahlo’s style was just as important and iconic as her work and this is going to be a good one. You have to buy tickets in advance – it runs through May 12th.

Malin & Goetz Cannabis Candle

I was sent this candle and didn’t expect to like it – not really a pot smoker? Then I smelled it and WHOA. It smells so good. I tend to prefer manly/woodsy types of candles and this is up my alley. The notes of pepper, patchouli, and and sandalwood all come through; but not in a dirty hippie sort of way… it’s spicy and sexy. Love it. (image credit)

top photo by Carter Fish.


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  1. Cannbis candles? That’s a new thing! I’ll definitely be sitting it out, though, haha! Thank you for sharing this list, Grace! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.11.19 Reply
  2. Em_C_nola:

    I want to take a trip to NYC and see the Frida show so badly! Let us know how it is.

    I also am a big fan of Coqui Coqui stuff…and the cannabis candle sounds interesting.

    2.11.19 Reply
  3. Cy:

    Hi Grace, Another fun round up! I was intrigued about this line after reading the Lime Crime lippy you were wearing. So now I know about the brow gel, thanks. I’m trying a new one from Kaja (Sephora) which I think is pretty good too and the price point is about the same. Frida always makes me think of Mexico City ( one of my favorite places), if you haven’t been to the Casa Azul in Coayacan, put it on your list! I have a little Frida doll that’s sits on my bookshelf and reminds me of my visits there.I’m sure the NY exhibit will be lovely. I was just saying to myself,that I would like to own more art, so love that link.

    2.11.19 Reply
    • The Casa Azul is at the top of my list. Dying to get there at some point! xx

      2.11.19 Reply
      • cy:

        The Coaycan market is amazing too. Take an Uber after the museum ( make reservations/tickets ahead. it’s always crowded). Have lunch at the little stand at the edge of the market. It’s just picnic tables and paper napkins. Every walk of life eats there because it’s so good! lots of lovely hand crafts, it’s huge.

        2.14.19 Reply
  4. The earrings do look amazing and I’m guessing they look even better on. I can see clear jewelry becoming a thing and I’m so happy because when I was working at an accessories shop, one of my favourite collections they created had lots of clear materials and I fell in love.

    2.11.19 Reply
    • I’m so glad it’s a thing too!!! Also makes me happy because it goes with everything!

      2.11.19 Reply
  5. I’m sooo going to that Frida exhibition! I am so excited!

    2.11.19 Reply
  6. So into all the new earrings at Baublebar — need to pick up a pair of these! And totally ordering that Revlon find… thanks!


    2.11.19 Reply
  7. Cy:

    I went on Spacey and bought myself a piece of art! Thank you! I have some nice framed photos, but only one other real piece of art and I need more. One of my goals this year is to add more art to my home. Thank you for the tip.

    2.17.19 Reply
  8. I am officially over winter so just pulled all my orange blossom perfumes out of the fridge (where I store them out of season, haha) too and it has been heaven to wear them again this week. I still need to try that Coqui Coqui one (or more importantly, visit there!).

    I’ve always been sort of terrified to try the Malin + Goetz cannabis candle or scent (I really hate the smell of pot), but you’ve convinced me to try. Also you *must* try their Rum (really sexy and woodsy and so good for cold evenings) and Mojito (smells exactly like fresh lime and mint and rum and so good for summer or dinner parties) versions too. And also their Bergamot perfume (my new obsession) is like a cross between Le Labo Santal and Jo Malone Orange Blossom. You know I could talk about good smells all day, but I cannot get enough of this brand lately!

    Briony xx

    2.22.19 Reply
    • Try the candle! You will absolutely love it!!! I love their Rum scent!!!
      Thank you for the recs, I must try Bergamot! You know you’re my perfume guru!

      2.22.19 Reply