Makeup Bag Spill.

Makeup Bag Spill

Makeup Bag Spill

Over on reels I posted a fun little stop motion video with everything in my makeup bag. To go with that, here is a little reel with everything in my bag! I tend to rotate out favorites, I also have a couple drawers in my bathroom that are dedicated to makeup. But these are what I’m reaching for most right now!

(A reminder that if you are on desktop, just hover over each item for more info on why I love it!)

A few notes to add:
  • I did not have any luck with the Jones Road Miracle Balm until I tried this brush. It is thick and very stiff. The perfect tool for applying just a little bit of product. I highly recommend adding this brush (or one like it) to your own arsenal.
  • The Dr. Sturm Glow Drops are fantastic. Whatever you do, buy the small size. A little goes a long way and they’re expensive. My favorite ways to use it are either all over my face before makeup, or dabbing on just a spec as the last step in your routine.
  • This makeup bag. Just a note as Amazon is weird and defaults to a different not very cute nylon version; you just have to click through the colors to find the woven options). The green that I have is sold out but there are still some of the woven colors available. This looks very similar, and is available in the green!
  • The Haus Labs foundation somehow made the photo/reel but not the grid. Oops! This is my favorite whenever I have an event or a shoot. It’s got great coverage but feels like nothing.

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  1. Nancy:

    love this post…can you please tell me which shades of Jones Road foundation and Miracle Balm you like the most? Contemplating and we have similar coloring.

    7.18.23 Reply
    • Medium in foundation, the miracle balms are really all different and depend on your goal but I probably use magic hour the most.

      7.18.23 Reply
  2. SaraBM:

    Great post! Always love your beauty recomendations. Wich shade of the Jones Road foundation and the haus lab foundation do you use? Thank you!

    7.19.23 Reply