Last Week’s Outfits, 2.8.23.

Farm Rio Blouse | Last Weeks Outfits 2.8.23

Last Week’s Outfits, 2.8.23

Last week was a fun one! I was in New York for the first part, and then home and cozy for the second part. It was SO great to be in New York (even though it was so cold!!!). I really missed my friends + favorite spots. This week is a little bit busy… a few events plus hosting a little dinner party for a handful of girlfriends tomorrow night. I hope you’re having a great week (and if you’re up north… that you’re staying warm!!).


What I Did: Flew to New York, had dinner with my friend Becca!

What I Wore: Farm Rio Blouse

Tod's Sneakers and Tod's Bag

Tuesday Day:

What I Did: Ran around the city for meetings!

What I Wore: J.W. Anderson turtleneck, Everlane Jeans, Amazon Socks, Tod’s Sneakers (Fun & Fancy Sneakers post), Tod’s Bag

Yellow Lee Matthews Kaftan | Last Weeks Outfits 2.8.23

Tuesday Night:

What I Did: Whitney Art Party

What I Wore: Lee Matthews Kaftan // Stuart Weitzman Platform Heels

Amazon Pullover


What I Did: Went running in Central Park

What I Wore: Amazon Pullover

Work from home outfit


What I Did: Worked from home, photo shoot, dinner with my friend Laura.

What I Wore: 525 Pullover, Everlane Jeans, Amazon Socks, Loeffler Randall Sneakers

White + Warren Cashmere Turtleneck


What I Did: Went to an art show and then dinner.

What I Wore: White + Warren Cashmere Turtleneck, AGOLDE Jeans, Ferragamo Heels (really old), Amazon Earrings

Amazon Earrings
Worked out at home


What I Did: Worked out at home (a run + yoga via Peloton)

What I Wore: Girlfriend Collective Bra + Leggings // Target Cropped Hoodie // Gap Socks

Target Cropped Hoodie
I love this hoodie!
Going to the movies outfit | Last Weeks Outfits 2.8.23


What I Did: Went to the movies (we saw Knock on the Cabin Door), pardon the chaos of my kitchen.

What I Wore: Mille Blouse, Everlane Jeans, Everlane Ballet Flats

Mille Blouse floral | Last Weeks Outfits 2.8.23

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  1. Kathryn Cook:

    Hi Grace,
    One of my favorite things about this weekly post is the glimpses of your new home. Are you considering doing a post that gives us a tour? I understand if you want to keep it to yourself, just thought I’d ask. Love the blog!


    2.8.23 Reply
  2. LDP:

    Hi Grace! Love those Agolde jeans on you. What size do you get in that particular style? Will purchase through your link. We have similar size/shape. Thanks!

    2.8.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hey LDP,
      I take my usual denim size — i find AGOLDE runs true to size!

      2.8.23 Reply
  3. M:

    Love the yellow dress! Love all the jeans outfits! Love that you do yoga in your kitchen!

    2.8.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      hahahahha yes it’s my makeshift studio!

      2.8.23 Reply
  4. Jessica Camerata:

    Loooove those gold earrings and that yellow dress is so fun! Allie snagged some great pics of you, love the lighting!

    xo Jessica

    2.8.23 Reply
  5. Cy:

    That yellow kaftan looks amazing on you!

    2.8.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      thank you!

      2.8.23 Reply
  6. Hadley:

    But how was Knock On The Cabin Door??

    2.9.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It was good! A little long at times but definitely scary and thought provoking.

      2.10.23 Reply
  7. Ana:

    I feel so silly asking this but talk to me about socks please? Most of my pants are ankle length, partly because that’s what’s been available recently and partly because I’m taller than average and ankle pants are easier if you’re taller. They look like they’re meant to be short, not just they’re too short on me. But I live in the NE, and my ankles and feet are pretty much freezing in winter as a result because I still wearing no show socks with tennis shoes or booties. Or ocassionally some knee high hose with booties that are super thin and don’t actually do anything. But in your post’s recently I saw you are wearing plain socks and ankle pants theyre visible. Is that a new trend? I would’ve thought this was a no-go / super middle age dad look but maybe it’s fine! I was so excited when I saw this and wanted to ask. Thanks!

    2.9.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It’s a new trend. Just go for it! It feels a little strange at first but I promise it gets easier 🙂

      2.10.23 Reply
  8. Isabel:

    Love this post – as always, so fun to see your outfits throughout the week!! Question for you – how do you like the Everlane ballet flats?? They are SO cute. Are they comfy? I’m on the fence about getting myself a pair!

    2.10.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Yes – they are very comfy!!!

      2.10.23 Reply
  9. Marlie:

    Love, love, love your weekly outfit diary! What I also appreciate is the fact that you wear alot of ‘older classic’ items such as a pair of old Ferragamo shoes. My question to you is how do you determine which items of clothing to hold onto and when does a clothing item become ‘vintage’. Another question I keep forgetting to ask is what do you do with all your clothes ? As I blogger I assume you need to post pics of ‘current clothing’ items so assume you purchase alot of clothing and wonder what happens to the clothing when no longer ‘current’. Also, recognize that preparing this blog takes alot of effort and organization so thank you !

    2.13.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi Marlie,

      With regard to what to keep I think it’s just intuitive. I do a closet clean out every month or so and if it just doesn’t feel “me” anymore, it’s time to go!

      To answer the second part of the question I sell the pieces I’m no longer wearing on The RealReal. If they’re not accepted on The RealReal, I donate. I also give a lot of clothes to my mom and sisters.

      2.13.23 Reply