Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips Review.

Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips Review

Might I just begin this post by saying that I feel a bit attacked by Instagram’s algorithm? If there is a blackhead removing/pore de-clogging product being advertised, it gets served to me until I will buy it. And there are so many! This being my job, and being a curious person, I have tried a lot of them. This one looked too good to be true. Spread on a bit of cream, apply the papers… minute later, peel papers off along with a satisfying amount of pore gunk. I do love a good nose mask!

I was very tempted by Lanbena’s nose plants pore strips (via Instagram ad) and just had to try them. I ordered mine from Amazon, directly from Lanbena’s Amazon Store. The net takeaway (if you don’t feel like reading further) is that you can probably skip these. But let’s talk about them.

Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips Review

how do lanbena nose plants pore strips work?

These are different from your standard pore cream as they come in a little box as a set. There’s a cream (that feels a lot like Elmer’s glue to be honest) and then some papers (they’re thin, like blotting papers!

How to Use Lambena Nose Plants Pore Strips

Prepare the Skin.

For any sort of pore treatment, I find that the best way to prep the skin is to get pores nice and open. That’s why I like to do a pore strip after a shower. If you’ve already showered, use a facial steamer like this one (my fav!) or just use a warm wash cloth (place it over the nose area for a few minutes. After this, wet your face.

Apply the Cream.

I am calling this a cream but it is more like a paste. It is thick and very sticky. Use your fingers to apply the cream anywhere you’d like. I applied it to my nose but also below my nose/my upper lip area, and a bit further past my nose (the sides of my cheeks?).

Apply the Papers.

Press the papers firmly into the cream. I got a little messy here. I find that one paper doesn’t cover my whole nose area so I use a few. You can tear the papers into smaller pieces if you’d like.

Sit back and wait.

I like to wait a full ten minutes before removing mine.

Gently Peel Off.

Once it’s been ten minutes or so, the strips will feel hard and it is time to peel them off. Gently give them a little tug and carefully peel off. This feels a bit like ripping a bandaid off.

Are Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips Worth It?

Personally, I found that these work but I like Biore strips a lot better. I found that overall, these were pretty messy and the results were only medium good. I also really hated having to scrub the residue off of my face afterward… it hurt a bit and left my nose area red for a bit.

The Biore pore strips are more convenient to use, a better price, they don’t leave nearly as much residue… but most importantly, they work better! Also, the jar dried out after a couple months, even though I was careful to seal it up every time I used them. I didn’t hate this product but I wasn’t jazzed by it either. I am pretty sure the results photos are dramatized. I feel silly buying it when I already had something that worked (the Biore)… I’m just always intrigued and want to try the next big/newest thing.

Where to Buy Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips?

You can buy these at Amazon, directly via the brand’s website, or from Wal-Mart.

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Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips Review

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  1. AP:

    Tony Moly egg pore strips are the best!

    12.11.23 Reply
  2. Desde Cali:

    Here’s a tip: use the rounded (top end) of Tweezerman tweezers to press on the pores around the nose and force out the gunk.
    Works well for me and the pores around my nose have never been smaller!

    12.11.23 Reply
  3. alexandra:

    Oh my gosh, I couldn’t get over the consistency and the smell. I threw these right away LOL

    12.15.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I know… not good!

      12.16.23 Reply
  4. Valentina:

    What worked for me was putting the jar (closed, of course) in a bowl of hot water to melt it, and it worked better! Mine dried up too but worked again once I re-melted it

    3.20.24 Reply