January’s Favorites.

Januarys Favorites

It’s time for this month’s edit of favorite things… there are quite a few of them, especially when it comes to beauty! There is so much to talk about. My friend Mally gave me this amazing eye balm and I love it… my skin gets so dry and this is like chapstick for the eyes. I sometimes will layer it over my more active eye creams, or sometimes just use it all on its own. I also forgot how much I love this tinted lip oil. It’s really hydrating and just so pretty. I bought a second tube this month.

On the loungewear front I absolutely LOVE this polo + leggings combo from Lunya. So comfy, and (thank goodness!) holds up great in the washer. I love the darker green color. Besides that? A few tabletop favs (this is an area I’ve been really investing in as my dining room is nearly finished and I’ve been entertaining more), crazy good platforms, a new favorite perfume (it’s WONDERFUL), and more.

PS: December’s favorites!

January’s Favorites

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  1. m.:

    Glad to see another “analog” planner fan out there. There’s something about physically being able to write it down and carry it around that feels old school and adulty. I’ve been using Graphic Image’s leather pocket calendars embossed with my name for 15 years and have a drawer full of old ones in every color of the rainbow. I use them to make lists, write quotes and recipes that I hear on the fly, and to keep track of my plans and progress. It’s fun to look back at them from over the years. It’s like a diary without the editorializing.

    1.23.23 Reply
    • I would be completely lost without mine!!! And I keep mine too – love having the old ones all together on a little shelf.

      1.23.23 Reply