Icy Blues.

Icy Blues

Icy Blues

While Carly and I have very different personal styles, there is one color we are both really excited about right now: ice blue! For whatever reason, this shade just feels very fresh right now. While I am still very much into a splash of red, I think I like this color so much because it’s the exact opposite of red. Whereas red feels bold and powerful, ice blue is subtle, soft, and understated.

Since the color itself is so soft, it is amazing and almost cloud-like when used in fabrics like cashmere and mohair. In my opinion, it’s perfect for pairing with just about anything: be it a tough pair of boots, other feminine styles (more is more!), or preppier pieces!


I can’t put my finger on why I love this shade so much, I just do! Carly and I both got the Colorful Standard socks in several colors but this pair is my favorite. I have been pairing mine with my dark brown Gucci loafers ((I love any blue but especially ice blue with dark brown) and my Alaia white crystal flats. And I think what will be next on my list is a simple sweater. I hate that this one from Khaite is exactly what I’m looking for. (I’m pretty sure I’ll opt for the J.Crew rollneck or this very affordable Mango sweater instead).

I also really love this Sezane cardigan (and as Carly points out below, you can wear it backwards to get the look of a crewneck!). As my style is pretty classic, I see myself wearing the sweater with simple denim, a trench, loafers, and socks (I think red could still work here with ice blue, or I’d just keep it simple and do a neutral!). I also love a monochromatic moment, be it pairing the ice blue socks with the Adidas sneakers, or going full head to toe blue!


I have Laura Reilly to thank (and to blame) for my obsession with ice blue. Ever since her newsletter that broke down the cost-per-wear of every item she purchased in 2023, I had a hard time getting the Colorful Standard socks off my mind. I didn’t realize how much power a pair of socks could have on your day-to-day. To top it off, I saw Reese Blutstein in posing with a tote bag from her Future Collective Target collaboration and had to have it immediately (apologies to my bf who had little say in what I got for the holidays). I’m majorly crushing on this Gigi New York tote bag as a good alternative.

Last week I texted Grace and told her about my revelation to only wear cardigans backwards moving forward, and this Sezane cardigan is so dreamy and the PERFECT cardigan for this. It seems like everyone I follow on Instagram is wearing an ice blue Sezane sweater, so consider me influenced.

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