Gift Ideas from Small Businesses.

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses
Minna Blankets + Textiles

Happy Monday (and also, happy December, wow!)! I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I was in Charleston with my parents for five nights and it was so nice. The perfect mix of family time, friend time, and reading on the couch. I read SO much, so this month’s reading list (coming on Thursday, I think!) will be packed with a bunch of great recommendations.

Usually on Mondays I do my “what I actually wore” outfit diary but I didn’t take any outfit pics when I was home (no mirror in my bedroom, haha) and to be honest, I didn’t really dress nicely or put on makeup. Sorry! So, because Saturday was Small Business Saturday (yeah I missed the boat on that, oops!) I wanted to showcase some great gift ideas from a few of my favorite small businesses!!! It’s so important to support smaller businesses and designers when we can, so here are some fun favorites of mine.

I should note that I already featured a bunch of my other fav small businesses in this gift guide, so if you missed it, check out that post for even more ideas! This gift guide runs slightly more expensive than my others (I tried to keep it reasonable) but keep in mind, it’s all things that are handmade by artisans with tiny teams.

PS – Most of the Black Friday sales I posted last week are still going strong, so check out that post if you missed it. I am not doing a Cyber Monday post, but if I see anything really amazing today I will be sure to share on Instagram stories.

Meg Biram small hand painted christmas ornament

one // a hand painted ornament from Meg Biram 

Meg is a friend and she is just so talented and creative. She has an incredible eye and I love everything she does. She’s been blogging forever, and has started painting these incredible murals all over DC. And now for the holidays, she’s painting ornaments. So you can own a piece of her art (hand painted!) for way, way less. I love what she’s done here – they’re all so gorgeous! Peruse her whole shop here… there are a lot more designs than the ones I’ve shared.

two // anything from my sister, Rebecca Atwood!

Speaking of talented and creative humans, my sister Becca is incredible. Her fabrics, wallpaper, and books are beyond. But did you know she also has zip pouches and bedding? While the bedding is definitely more of a treat yourself/splurge/wish list sort of item (it’s incredible; I’m so lucky to own some), her pouches are beautiful and much more accessibly priced! She’s doing a sale; take 20% off with code GIVETHANKS.

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses - hunt slonem bunny portrait plates

three // Hunt Slonem Bunny Portrait Plates

I am such a huge fan of EVERYTHING Hunt Slonem does. He is one of my favorite artists. I have most of his books, I framed some of his wallpaper, and I bought one of his originals (the very smallest size, ha) a few years ago. I was thrilled to see when he launched the Hop Up Shop, packed with fun new wares. My favorite though, are the portrait plates. They’re incredible and would make such a great gift. You could even mount them to the wall as art!

four // a Custom Charm Necklace from Hart Hagerty

Hart just started selling these custom charm necklaces and they are so so cool. Get your bestie her initials and something meaningful! I love the one above with the initials and the lightening bolt.

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

five // A vase from Balefire Glass

I learned about this brand from my sister and am just so obsessed. She got me the larger version of the vase above for my birthday a couple years ago and I love it so much. It reminds me of something you’d find in outer space (hence the name, moon rock), or those oil stickers I loved so much as a kid! Definitely spend some time on their site, everything they make is MAGIC!

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

six // A beautiful mug from Ivy Ceramics

How pretty are these mugs!? I love the marble finish. They’re really special. She has so many other beautiful things though – I recommend checking out the Canyon collection and the Range collection!

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

seven // a Horse Shoe from Holst + Lee

Have a friend who is a little down on their luck? Give her one of these to hang up in her home. Horse shoes have been considered lucky for years and years.  This is a fun take on that, and these are also just really cool – they’ll brighten up any home!

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

eight // this beautiful bowl from Workaday Handmade

My sister gave me this bowl for my birthday a few years ago and it is still one of my most favorite things. I use it for popcorn. It’s so incredibly beautiful and of course I love the eye motif. (This pattern is also available in cups and a smaller bowl, but spend some time on their site – everything they make is BEAUTIFUL.)

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

nine // Earrings from Candy Shop Vintage and Nicola Bathie

I put these together to save space but they’re pretty different. These wine bottle earrings are so fun and a great conversation starter (or a great gift for that pal who maybe had a long holiday season!) and I am also just obsessed with everything Nicola Bathie is doing. Her designs are SO BEAUTIFUL!

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

ten // a blanket from MINNA

How gorge are these throw blankets? (Another fantastic discovery via my sister). Perfect for home… or picnicking… or even the beach!

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  1. Always happy to support small businesses! Thanks for the recommendations, Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.2.19 Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata:

    I need to be better about shopping small. I love Meg’s ornaments, they’re so so pretty!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    12.2.19 Reply
  3. Mary Kate:

    I think I clicked on every link you put, LOL! Such good finds.

    12.2.19 Reply
  4. Terrell Fuller:

    Yasssss a gift guide that features mostly women owned businesses?!?! I love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    12.3.19 Reply
  5. Lisa Autumn:

    Such cute ideas!

    12.3.19 Reply
  6. Abby:

    Amazing finds! While I enjoy reading amazon gift guides, these are so much more inspirational and true keepsakes for the receiver!

    12.6.19 Reply