Getting Back into a Routine!

Getting Back into a Routine with Blue Apron

Getting Back into a Routine!

Now that summer is winding down (and the weather here in Charleston is cooling down a bit!) I am really looking forward to spending more time at home, cooking, and getting back into a routine! Last week my mom came over for lunch and it was so nice. I made us Blue Apron’s Seared Trout & Onion Dijon Vinaigrette and it was delicious. I would venture to say she was impressed!!

Blue Apron has really helped me to up my cooking game, even when I feel like I’m too busy to cook (spoiler alert, I’m never too busy to cook, I’m just lazy).  Whether I’m learning an entirely new dish, a little trick, or making a delicious sauce or salad dressing, I always learn something new. I would describe myself as a proficient but not creative cook… they also inspire me to try new things!

Right now, Blue Apron is running their best offer: Sign up to get $120 off across your first 5 boxes! I can’t recommend it enough.

Blue Apron box

A few more things I love about Blue Apron.

  • The Wellness menu! Flavorful and delicious but with your health in mind.
  • The ability to customize your boxes… usually I do 2 person, but if I am cooking for more people I can easily switch my box to the 4 person plan!
  • Variety! Every week, you can choose from 35+ menu options.
  • Their recipes are FAST. Nearly every recipe I’ve tried can be completed in under 35 minutes.

Here’s what I chose for this month’s box!

Getting Back into a Routine with Blue Apron Blue Apron recipes

LOVED this Seared Trout recipe. I made it in under 30 minutes and it was absolutely delicious!

Two things that Blue Apron has really helped me with are the sauces and dressings (I often find myself mimicking their recipes when I am cooking without BA), and how much more comfortable I have gotten with cooking proteins. Fish used to make me so nervous as I’d either dry it out or undercook it. Not anymore!

Seared Trout & Onion Dijon Vinaigrette

My mom approved!

Getting Back into a Routine | Blue Apron Seared Trout & Onion Dijon Vinaigrette

Thank you to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Amanda:

    That looks so delicious! And easier than I ever would have thought!

    Where did you get those adorable pink drinking glasses??

    8.17.21 Reply
    • Thank you! They are West Elm but I just scanned their site and they don’t make them anymore!

      8.17.21 Reply
  2. nancy page:

    In general we loved Blue Apron, but the amount of packaging was sometimes disturbing. I also found most of the fish to be unappealing/did not feel as fresh as what I’m able to get in MA.

    8.17.21 Reply
  3. Lynn:

    It looks amazing Grace. I have the Always Pan lived by Jess too and we are locked in again pretty much again in FL, so I guess I should just do it!!! Tell mom I love her gray hair. I’m trying it too!!! She looks great!!!

    8.17.21 Reply
  4. Orla:

    Ok, Grace, what is that gorgeous blouse you are wearing in the Blue Apron ad??

    8.17.21 Reply