Fall Boots Edit.

Fall Boots Edit

The biggest request I have had over here has been for great boots! So today I have prepared a little fall boots edit of sorts with all of my favorites; again… at a range of price points. Admittedly, we are not wearing boots too much down here in Charleston YET but I have started layering them with my dresses (my go-to’s are my Loeffler Randall Goldy boots; for something less expensive I love the Madewell version – still not inexpensive but they go on sale quite a bit)

Fall Boots Edit

Also.. here is how I would style:

Straight Leg Jeans: something with a slightly pointy/square toe. These J.Crew boots would be my pick.

Flare or Wide Leg Jeans: I personally wear these with a platform heel (or if they are cropped, clogs or a ballet flat) but if I were going to wear them with boots I would do something with more of a platform or lug sole like these or these.

I hope this is helpful… if you have any questions/thoughts, leave ’em in the comments!

Also, see my Fall/Denim Edit.

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  1. Dana:

    Beautiful choices, Grace! Also Schutz makes a really beautiful kitten heel boot as a more affordable rec for the Loeffler Randall one if anyone is looking!

    10.14.22 Reply
  2. KJ:

    Gorgeous boot round-up- love so many of them. I’ve been eyeing the green Loeffler ones and the JCrew platforms too…….so many good choices.

    10.14.22 Reply
  3. Marisa:

    Ahh I have been checking Poshmark and TRR for the green croc Goldys – they are SO GOOD

    10.14.22 Reply
    • They are the best. When I bought them I was like… “am I really going to spend this much on green boots?” But I am so glad I did.

      10.15.22 Reply
  4. Ana:

    Hi – Im totally stumped after 2 years of pandemic and new pants styles. Can you please help? What pants would look good with the Chelsea boots? Straight leg or bootcut? Hopefully not just ankle pants where im going to freeze my ankles come November/ December. Put another way – I have kids under 4 and do not wear heels during the week. Not negotiable for me. But i don’t know what type of flat boots / pants combos look ok? I don’t want to wear yoga pants and tennis shoes only. Thanks!!!

    10.14.22 Reply
    • Hi! For the chelsea boots I’d probably style them with…

      …a maxi dress and boots.
      …leggings or cigarette pants and something oversized (like an oversized button down shirt)
      …straight cut jeans (probably not boot cut)

      10.15.22 Reply
  5. OMG these are all so gorgeous, I really need to get some new boots! Love the croc ones here

    10.18.22 Reply
  6. Kira:

    Kind of related to this post – I remember a few weeks ago on Instagram you posted your favorite tights, and I totally failed to screenshot and can’t find them on the blog… Do you mind reminding me which ones they are? Thank you!!

    10.22.22 Reply