End of Summer Beauty Rituals.

End of Summer Beauty Rituals

Every summer, I let myself get a little bit ragged. I mean maybe that is dramatic, but you know what I mean. My skin is always just a little bit greasy (thanks to copious amounts of sunscreen and humidity), my hair gets a little ratty and long (with the humidity I just wear it in a bun everyday), my feet get really calloused, etc. September rolls around and it’s time for a little bit of maintenance. Here are some of my favorite things to do, please share yours!

End of Summer Beauty Rituals

The Baby Foot Peel.

I always do this foot peel at the end of summer, without fail. My feet get calloused from the beach, sandals, etc… this is like a reset! Warning, if you are new to this: your feet will peel like a snake. Layers and layers of dead skin will come off. So just be prepared to wear socks / not show your feet to anyone for 5-7 days after doing the foot peel. But afterward, you will have the softest, prettiest feet ever. I just did this a couple weeks ago (they peeled all of last week) and forgot how nice my feet can look!

Get a hydrafacial.

My skin gets so gunked up in the summer. Between sunscreen, heavy humidity, and so on and so forth, it just really needs a good old fashioned deep cleanse by the time Labor Day rolls around. In New York, Ever/Body does a great hydrafacial. In Charleston, I go to Spa Azure. I love all kinds of facials but at the end of summer I really live for a hydrafacial as it pushes all the gunk (sunscreen!) out of my pores. If you ask, they’ll show you what came out of your skin at the end. It’s satisfyingly gross.

Start using an intense Vitamin C Serum (think, 25%) to fade sun damage and dark spots.

I did a partnership on my Instagram with Paula’s Choice around this product and I absolutely love it. I can’t say enough good things (and the price is reasonable for what you get!). After a month of using it my skin tone has really evened out. I pay special attention to my d├ęcolletage as that area tends to get more dark spots.

Get a hair cut and fresh highlights!

I did this a couple weeks ago and felt brand new. I definitely let my hair grow longer in the summer as I pretty much always wear it up, and longer hair is easier to put in a bun. The humidity is letting up and I’ll be wearing my hair down again. Glorious.

Give my scalp a deep cleanse.

All that dry shampoo etc! If you live in a big city, I have heard amazing things about Tomoko Shima (I might go when I am up there next!) but if not, I have a big guide to giving yourself a scalp detox.

Get a brow wax and tint them at home.

I need to do this.. mine are so long and bushy right now! During the pandemic I learned how to shape and tint them at home on my own. Now that the world has opened up again, I am back to the salon for waxing but I like to tint them at home.. it’s fun and satisfying!

PS – here is how I like to do an at-home facial!

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  1. Hannah:

    I am all about some great skin care! I use Tata Harper (thanks to your great recommendations!) as well as Estee Lauder (I have used EL for around a decade). I try to use TH @ day & EL @ night.
    I love sun-kissed skin, but not the effects of sun spots & aging (I am on birth control pills, so the sun spots are super EXTRA!).
    I use “Merit” Day Glow in shade “Bounce” to keep a subtle sun-kissed glow. I also love “Merit” Great Skin serum & I put it on after my Tata Harper Serum in the day & before my moisturizer.
    I love in southern Illinois- so weather is truly a 4-season thing here.
    I am excited for fall & winter! XO.

    9.11.23 Reply
  2. m:

    I’ve never done the peel pads, but I love a good heel grating once a month in the summer. I bought one Amazon. They don’t do it at the nail salon anymore (which is probably a good thing) but there’s no faster way to soft feet. I also switch over to a slightly darker shade of neutral for my pedicure. It still feels summery in the south, but little tweaks get me in the mood for fall. I also switch my bar soap scent from floral to something more spicy. It’s the little things!

    9.11.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I couldn’t agree more about grating your feet, haha. I think you’d really love the baby foot peel; it is incredible and gets EVERYTHING! Love the soap change too.

      9.12.23 Reply