Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway! CLOSED

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

Giveaway is now closed and winner has been emailed – congrats to our winner, Jessica O’Brien.

I have been an enormous fan of NAADAM ever since last winter when I purchased their cashmere track suit in forest green for all of my airplane travel (remember planes!?). What was supposed to be my “flying suit” quickly became my everything suit… it’s so comfortable that I didn’t want to take it off, ever! (Seriously though I had a lot of airplane travel and long flights last winter, flying in a cashmere hoodie, joggers, and socks made my back of plane seat feel like first class!) And while I am focusing on other products today I would be remiss to point out that the set is back in stock this year – it sold out pretty quickly last year so if you’ve had your eye on it, I’d recommend purchasing now!

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

Today I’m excited to partner with NAADAM to show you some of my favorite new arrivals for Fall. The pieces are so good. Super soft, ultra cozy, and YES… there are new matching sets! I could go on and on about this brand (and I will!) but you should also know that they’ve given me a discount code: GRACE15 will get you 15% off sitewide. Some exclusions apply. Also the brand runs very true to size – I’m wearing a medium in everything. I do find that some of their sweaters are on the shorter size, so if you are busty or have a long torso you may want to size up.

LASTLY – one lucky winner will receive $250 to spend at NAADAM! Scroll to the bottom of the post and enter using the widget!

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

NAADAM gets its ethically-sourced, sustainable cashmere from Mongolia. 

Known as “the world’s fairest cashmere.” The other materials they use (wool, cotton, silk, modal), are sustainably-made. You can read more about their sustainability efforts HERE. Also their new ad campaign is so irreverent and funny; a play on “bad” reviews.

I adore this cozy oversized turtleneck and plan to wear it a LOT this winter, so get ready to be sick of it.  It’s slightly cropped (I do have a long torso) so it’s perfect styled with anything high-waisted. I paired this sweater with my cream cropped jeans but a few other ways I plan to wear it: with mom jeans, tucked into skirts…. and layered over a mini dress with over the knee boots.

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!
oversized turtleneck

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway! Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

The next thing we need to talk about is this cozy cashmere tee. It’s the perfect layering piece. I love it styled with a blazer (above), on its own with jeans (below), or doubled up on cashmere with the wide leg cashmere pants from the bottom of the post. The best way to think about this tee and how to wear it is to just swap it in place of your favorite t-shirt for a luxe little upgrade.

high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.
turtleneck, wide leg pants

Last but not least, my new matching set:

the high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants. Oh my, it does not get any better… I cannot recommend this enough. It’s so versatile and SO soft. I wore it hanging around this past weekend at the lake house (I’d wanted to snap a pick but three kids under 5 = not much time for blog photos, ha!) but it’s equally perfect lounging at home, running around the city, OR (someday!) for travel. It’s so chic and feels like wearing a giant hug.

high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.


high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.

For an extra entry, after completing the widget above, comment below with what you would buy!

high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.

Photography by Allie Provost. Created in partnership with NAADAM

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  1. CD says 9.18.20

    OMG I LOVE Naadam cashmere! I would buy their dark teal cashmere joggers & hoodie tracksuit….and maybe the socks, too! Teal is my favorite color and looks like it’s a new addition to their palette for this Fall! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says 9.18.20

    I would love that matching set! Such a great color.

  3. I love the colours you picked out! So cute ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Alicia says 9.18.20

    Most definitely the cardigan hoodie and a pair of joggers!!

  5. Sarah says 9.18.20

    I’d definitely buy the beautiful set that you’re wearing!

  6. Stephanie says 9.18.20

    Love cashmere! I would get the joggers, hoodie and socks in burgundy!

  7. Anne says 9.18.20

    Cashmere joggers are a thing?! New life goals is a matching set with those…

  8. Wendy says 9.18.20

    omg the cable sleeve henley-looks so cozy!

  9. Meghan says 9.18.20

    The cashmere tee would be a perfect layering piece!

  10. Ali says 9.18.20

    What a beautiful and cozy-looking fall set on you! I would buy the same as in your photo or maybe the ice blue cashmere set. All look amazing!

  11. Marcella says 9.18.20

    I was just looking at Nadaam after learning about them on Jess Kirby’s blog! I’ve been eyeing their crewneck cashmere in navy..

  12. Janice Stern says 9.18.20

    I would buy a cozy turtleneck. : )

  13. Anne says 9.18.20

    I would love to cozy up in the grandpa cardigan this winter!

  14. Jenn says 9.18.20

    I am in love with the dark teal hoodie and jogger set! Would love to lounge in that on the weekend after a week of kindergarten remote teaching!

  15. Jane says 9.18.20

    Love! I would buy the joggers and matching hoodie in black.

  16. Colleen says 9.18.20

    Your walnut brown set looks so chic, that would be my pick!

  17. Casey says 9.18.20

    Definitely the turtleneck!!

  18. Jessica Emond says 9.18.20

    Cropped cashmere pants!

  19. Elly says 9.18.20

    The oversized turtleneck for sure!

  20. Sarah Frantz says 9.18.20

    The matching set looks so cozy!

  21. Jill says 9.18.20

    Absolutely need that matching set. The rust color is lovely for fall!

  22. Becca says 9.18.20

    Definitely the matching set! So unique and versatile

  23. Kate says 9.18.20

    Cashmere pants seem like the perfect pants to wear working from home!

  24. Valerie DiStefano says 9.18.20

    I would love to cozy up in the cardigan.

  25. Jamie says 9.18.20

    Definitely the jogger and hoodie combo!! Perfect for working from home this fall.

  26. Charlotte says 9.18.20

    The cashmere joggers seem like the PERFECT WFH luxury!!!

  27. Mackenzie says 9.18.20

    I love the wide leg pants and turtleneck combo you have on!!

  28. Hannah Orenstein says 9.18.20

    I’m highly considering getting a matching set! I’ve been thinking about splurging on one for forever, but just haven’t had a “good enough” reason to yet. I think spending 24/7 inside is a good reason to splurge on coziness, right?

  29. Kaye says 9.18.20

    I’m usually such a ~neutrals~ person but omg, everything in the the dark teal color looks sumptuously soft and amazing!

  30. Mary Baker says 9.18.20

    I absolutely need the merlot matching set!

  31. Connie says 9.18.20

    Omg that turtleneck is everything!!

  32. Navera says 9.18.20

    I’ve got my eye on the long black dress with the slit!

  33. Abby says 9.18.20

    Dying for that Cashmere jogger set!

  34. Rachel says 9.18.20

    Joggers! Neeeeeeed them.

  35. Trendie2 says 9.18.20

    Def the set you are rocking 🙂 wide leg crop pants and turtleneck

  36. Isabelle says 9.18.20

    The cashmere joggers!!! They look absolutely to die for.

  37. Molly says 9.18.20

    The matching set is too cute! But maybe I need a cashmere tee??

  38. Jessica says 9.18.20

    I love the cashmere set! Looks so cozy and perfect for fall

  39. Sam says 9.18.20

    Matching set in walnut brown! Perfect for autumn.

  40. Savanna Oudit says 9.18.20

    I’ve been eyeing Naadam sweaters for a while now and this might be the final push to make me purchase! I think the high low turtleneck would be my first pick. Thanks for this great giveaway Grace!

  41. Kristen Geil says 9.18.20

    It’s the joggers for me!

  42. Megan C says 9.18.20

    The cashmere hoodie and that cozy turtleneck ❤️ Love your recommendations and The Stripe blog!

  43. Abigail Anderson says 9.18.20

    For sure a new matching set — perfect for business on the top, cozy on the bottom for WFH!

  44. Fayola Pollard says 9.18.20

    Although it’s hot as hell in New Orleans, I’d buy the matching cashmere hoodie and jogger in Merlot to cozy up in under the blankets with the AC turned down so low 🙂
    Barring that, my next choice would be a pair of cashmere socks!!

  45. Salley says 9.18.20

    That cashmere tee would be perfect for layering this fall!

  46. Karen says 9.18.20

    Definitely the Kilo Throw blanket! I can just see myself curled up with it, a cup of hot cocoa, watching Gilmore Girls on a winter night ❤️

  47. LeighAnne says 9.18.20

    I love the cashmere sweatsuit! So chic for WFH this winter and it looks so cozy.

  48. Kim says 9.18.20

    I want that t-neck & cropped pant you are wearing- just gorgeous!

  49. Laura Ramirez says 9.18.20

    My sister is having twins in January in Chicago. She is definitely getting a cashmere matching suit from me for Christmas

  50. Allison says 9.18.20

    The matching set is to die for!

  51. Helena says 9.18.20

    The oversized turtleneck looks great!

  52. Kim says 9.18.20

    That cable sleeve henley in green is right up my alley! You look so cozy in all of these Grace 🙂

  53. Courtney says 9.18.20

    If I won the gift card I would grab a pair of the joggers and the oversized turtleneck! So cozy. Their stuff is amazing and would love to add more to my closet.

    So excited for sweater weather to be here so it hopefully makes the continued staying at home a little more cozy and less stifling!

  54. Emily says 9.18.20

    That matching set is just so pretty! Seems like the perfect work from home uniform for this fall!

  55. Bridget A. says 9.18.20

    Oh it’s hard to narrow down what I would buy, because I love it all! Leaning towards the oversized turtleneck or matching set though, both look so cozy for Fall!

  56. Jenna says 9.18.20

    I bought the forest green sweatsuit last year and it ended up being the best quarantine outfit. I would definitely buy some socks to complete the look. Or maybe another matching suit in the merlot or camel colors!

  57. Michelle says 9.18.20

    Love the matching set!

  58. Emily says 9.18.20

    I’d totally buy the exact set you’re wearing! Such a great color 🙂

  59. Linda says 9.18.20

    Those cropped cashmere pants look so cozy!

  60. Genevieve says 9.18.20

    The wool-cashmere oversized turtleneck has been sitting in my cart!

  61. Carolyn W says 9.18.20

    That color on the matching set is gorgeous! Perfect fall WFH outfit.

  62. McKenzie P says 9.18.20

    Exciting! I’d buy a ribbed cardigan to wear to work over dresses. Have been looking for a good staple cardigan.

  63. Michelle says 9.18.20

    I would get the cropped cashmere pants in pale grey, what a beautiful shade!

  64. Melanie says 9.18.20

    I love that short sleeve shirt… it stays so much warmer all year in Texas but I can definitely see myself wearing that! Love that it’s a little different!

  65. Katie says 9.18.20

    Somehow I’ve made it this far without any cashmere in my life, but after seeing these, that definitely has to change!! The cropped pants and turtleneck set look amazing!!!

  66. Molly says 9.18.20

    So hard to choose a favorite but I love the oversized turtleneck in oatmeal!

  67. Marina says 9.18.20

    Ooohhh I would get the walnut cropped pants and sweater set!! Love that color- looks really good on you!

  68. Neha says 9.18.20

    I love the matching set and would be sooo thrilled to buy that for myself. Also really liked the versatile Tee, looks absolutely stunning.

  69. Kristin says 9.18.20

    That turtleneck would be so cute with high waisted skinnies and perfect for a Chicago winter!

  70. Allyson M says 9.18.20

    Would def by a matching set! Perfect for these work from home days to still feel put together!

  71. Ashley says 9.18.20

    So fun! I would live in a matching set!

  72. Alyssa says 9.18.20

    Oh my gosh the cropped pants are #1 on my list!

  73. Abby says 9.18.20

    The pants for sure!

  74. Kailey says 9.18.20

    I love the matching set! Cashmere pants…such a luxury!

  75. Katherine says 9.18.20

    I would totally wear the hoodie everyday!

  76. Chloe says 9.18.20

    I think I would purchase the turtleneck cashmere dress and an additional robe for the winter! I have one of their older season’s cashmere kimono robe and ADORE it! Their quality and sustainability is truly incredible! Naadam is definitely a company with products worth investing your money into.

  77. Donna says 9.18.20

    The matching set! The colors are gorgeous!

  78. Ebbe says 9.18.20

    These are so beautiful! I have my eye on the leggings! So cozy

  79. Nicole says 9.18.20

    I’d get the hoodie and jogger in merlot!

  80. Emily says 9.18.20

    I need that set!!

  81. Caitlin Pond says 9.18.20

    I NEED that set!

  82. Cathy says 9.18.20

    I love the Naadam sweater I have! I am going to add a cashmere tee this year and my wish list includes a jogger set with a hoodie. What a great partnership.

  83. Autumn says 9.18.20

    I would get the hoodie/jogger set in black!

  84. Malvina Kefalas says 9.18.20

    I’ve been lusting about Nadaam cashmere since you’ve been posting about it – I think I’d go for that hi-low turtleneck (and those cashmere pants, because who has ever spent within the limits of a gift card) in that GORGEOUS walnut brown color!

  85. B says 9.18.20

    Hi Grace! Love all the cashmere but really love your white pants with the beige turtle- where are they from?

  86. Karen says 9.18.20

    The oatmeal oversized turtleneck! I need it!

  87. Leah H. says 9.18.20

    I am loving the essential $75 cashmere sweater! One in every color, please!

  88. Caroline says 9.18.20

    A cashmere joggers set has been on my wishlist for years I love that dark cinnamon color

  89. Sharona says 9.18.20

    A turtleneck!! Yours looks so cozy!

  90. Megan says 9.18.20

    cashmere joggers?? Uhhh sign me UP

  91. Heather says 9.18.20

    The ribbed cashmere sweater looks sooo cozy!

  92. Melissa Mitchell says 9.18.20

    Definitely the cashmere turtleneck!!

  93. Shana says 9.18.20

    Love the cinnamon color matching set!

  94. kate says 9.18.20

    I love the matching set! Would definitely buy that. Thanks Grace!!

  95. Jacquie Mitchner says 9.18.20

    I already took your advice with the cashmere silk summer sweater when it went on sale and I live in it!! For the upcoming winter months, I really like the cashmere shawl collar cardigan in pine green! They really are the best brand (and I love their care taking tips too).

  96. Linda G says 9.18.20

    I would buy the hoodie and matching pants

  97. Jessica Camerata says 9.18.20

    I am HERE for the rusty brown orange hues. YES to this look!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  98. Emily says 9.18.20

    Would totally buy the wide leg pants- love them!

  99. Emily says 9.18.20

    Would totally buy the wide leg pants- love them! The set is gorgeous!

  100. EMM says 9.18.20

    LOVE the idea of a cashmere lounge suit. The perfect quarantine cozy outfit I didn’t know I needed!

  101. Kate says 9.18.20

    Omg cashmere joggers would be an incredible cozy vibe!

  102. Jill says 9.18.20

    I would love a matching set! I would go with the cashmere jogger and hoodie in the merlot! They look so beautiful and comfy.

  103. Vil says 9.18.20

    Cashmere joggers for sure

  104. Kate says 9.18.20

    Love the matching set!!!

  105. AlexT says 9.18.20

    I would love a matching set! The perfect work from home attire for fall!

  106. Kayla says 9.18.20

    I would buy the matching set you have! Color is gorgeous ❤️ Thanks for discount code and giveaway!

  107. Maria says 9.18.20

    I love their cashmere!!! So soft

  108. Rachel B says 9.18.20

    Cashmere Joggers for sure…with a matching hoodie for good measure.

  109. Lisa Autumn says 9.18.20

    Oh I just adore Cashmere! I am currently obsessed with the Everlane cashmere turtle neck dresses!

    Lisa |

  110. Marty says 9.18.20

    The cashmere joggers and a matching hoodie, 1,000%!

  111. Emily Davis says 9.18.20

    Swooning over it all–but those cropped pants! Best thing ever for my short legs!

  112. Tracey Florence says 9.18.20

    Everything?! The joggers, the striped sweater in merlot, the hoodie, the V neck sweater… EVERYTHING! (That teal color… )

  113. Kristin S says 9.18.20

    i would buy that exact set you are wearing!! obsessed and perfect for my lazy WFH vibes.

  114. Sarah says 9.18.20

    I would love that matching set! I’m usually not a huge fan of brown colors but this looks amazing!

  115. Kendra says 9.18.20

    I love the matching set and the T… too many good options, it will be hard to choose!

  116. Grace says 9.18.20

    Ooooh definitely would invest in the matching sweat set! Perfect for wfh!

  117. Danielle says 9.18.20

    I would buy the cashmere joggers – that just sounds like the height of luxury!

  118. Katie says 9.18.20

    That turtleneck sweater! My favorite look of polished but secretly cozy.

  119. MCB says 9.18.20

    I would go straight for that Cashmere Boatneck Sweater! Dreamy!

  120. Meghan says 9.18.20

    I live in the desert (it’s 105 degrees today!) so that cashmere tee is a perfect opportunity to add a little luxe during a warm winter!

  121. Katherine says 9.18.20

    I would love to get a pair of joggers. I have never worn cashmere.

  122. Casey says 9.18.20

    The turtleneck!

  123. Molly says 9.18.20

    So hard to choose, but those pants look so comfy!

  124. Lynn says 9.18.20

    That Cable Knit Sleeve Henley Hoodie is gorgeous! Love the Oatmeal color.

  125. Esme says 9.18.20

    I’ve been eyeing the matching set! This may be the push I needed to purchase!

  126. Melinda says 9.18.20

    I’d use this to buy a gift for someone else. I’m (unfortunately) allergic to cashmere, but would love to brighten someone’s day with a special gift.

  127. kathy says 9.18.20

    I would buy the matching set! LOVE!

  128. amy says 9.18.20

    I’ve been eyeing the forest green set you got last year- I want one too! So that would be my top pick since turtlenecks make me feel like I’m being strangled- otherwise I’d go for that sweather you’re wearing above since it’s lovely.

  129. Maria McGuire says 9.18.20

    I would love the joggers and hoodie combo- I need more cozy teaching from home outfits!

  130. Stephanie says 9.18.20

    Cashmere jogger set!

  131. Regina says 9.18.20

    I’d buy your brown sweater and pants – it is stunning!!

  132. Katy H says 9.18.20

    That matching set is everything! I want the matching cashmere hoodie/joggers set and one of the sweaters in their heather fuschia color.

  133. Courtnei McWilliams says 9.18.20

    I would most certainly buy the cropped sweater & cropped pant set! I have a short torso & always have a difficult time finding cashmere sweaters to wear over dresses that don’t go past my hips!

  134. Ashima says 9.18.20

    I would love to buy the matching set 🙂

  135. Rachel says 9.18.20

    Love love love the matching set! I would love some of the cropped joggers in black!

  136. Emily R says 9.18.20

    Some cashmere joggers! Much needed since winter is coming

  137. Jess says 9.18.20

    I really feel like I need the turtleneck/cropped pants outfit. Like I feel it in my bones

  138. Nykia says 9.18.20

    I definitely want the joggers. So excited for this contest. I’m feeling lucky .

  139. Kari says 9.18.20

    Although it’s hard to choose, my first purchase would be a cozy sleep set!

  140. Lily says 9.18.20

    Ooooh totally coveting that matching set in the last photo!! This brand is new to me and I can tell from a quick peruse through their site that I’m going to be OBSESSED!

  141. Megan B says 9.19.20

    but how goes one choose between the cashmere cropped pants, the joggers, or the leggings?? all I know is this actual booty needs some cashmere on it ASAP.

  142. CharD says 9.19.20

    I would get the cute matching set you are wearing, such a great warm fall color

  143. CharD says 9.19.20

    I would get the cute matching set you are wearing, such a great warm fall color

  144. Stephanie says 9.19.20

    The Oversized turtleneck sweater .. definitely! Still digging the jogger set

  145. Courtney says 9.19.20

    Cable knit cardigan is SO cute! Definitely on my to purchase list!

  146. Liz says 9.19.20

    I would love that cream colored turtleneck!

  147. Mary says 9.19.20

    I love a cozy sweater! The pants seem like a good option to buy too!

  148. Heidi says 9.19.20

    Cashmere joggers then never ever take them off.

  149. Katy C. says 9.19.20

    Love the matching set – would def buy that for fall!

  150. Megan Cannon says 9.19.20

    I love the turtleneck tunic and the lightweight mock neck sweater! So cozy

  151. Katherine says 9.19.20

    I would definitely buy these cozy pants that you are wearing. They look so chic while still being cozy and comfy.

  152. Kelli says 9.19.20

    High low turtleneck & cropped pants!

  153. Suzanne says 9.19.20

    Oh wow! I would buy sweaters for my whole family!

  154. sean says 9.19.20

    the cashmere hoodie and jogger set looks like a dream!

  155. Emily says 9.19.20

    I would buy the oversized turtleneck! It looks adorable on you!

  156. Melanie says 9.19.20

    I’d love to get a matching set!!

  157. Jo says 9.19.20

    That pajama button up dress and robe are both calling my name!! Thanks for this post, Grace!

  158. Allysa Z says 9.19.20

    That matching set FOR SURE

  159. Kelly T says 9.19.20

    Definitely the cashmere hoodie and joggers, both in camel! That’s the color of my dogs so when they cozy up to me at night while reading they’ll blend right in!

  160. Holley says 9.19.20

    The matching set

  161. Cy says 9.19.20

    These pieces are so gorgeous! I’d get the crop pants and the turtleneck Love it all!

  162. Jessica Beltran says 9.19.20

    I would love to buy cashmere joggers!!

  163. Suzanne Coleman says 9.19.20

    I would love the matching set that you have! It’s such a beautiful color.

  164. Turner says 9.19.20

    Love the matching set!

  165. Kim G says 9.19.20

    It’s so hard to choose but I definitely would pick the turtleneck so that I can be peak cozy during sweater weather!

  166. Nicole says 9.20.20

    The way you talk about and wear that cashmere jogger..I would totally get myself something similar!

  167. Emilee says 9.20.20

    That set for sure!

  168. April B says 9.20.20

    All of these cashmere items look so cozy! I would chose a matching set with the cashmere hoodie and joggers. I also love the oversized cashmere turtle neck. Thanks, Grace!

  169. Liz ottavelli says 9.20.20

    I would love the cropped cashmere pants and hoody in black! Look so warm, cozy and classy.

  170. Mary says 9.20.20

    My pick is the black cashmere jumpsuit

  171. Alanna says 9.20.20

    I would absolutely get the Hoodie and Joggers–perfect for a luxury work from home experience and fingers crossed, for air travel again someday!

  172. Michele says 9.20.20

    Cashmere hoodie and joggers

  173. Madelyn says 9.20.20

    I would get the $75 sweater, and some socks.

  174. Veronica says 9.20.20

    Ugh, the matching set! I love it. Maybe even better than Khaite.

  175. Sam says 9.20.20

    Would love the matching set you’re wearing!

  176. Cara says 9.20.20

    I would buy the the matching cashmere hoodie and jogger set in the merlot color- perfect for fall & winter! Its all so beautiful!

  177. Kathleen says 9.20.20

    I would buy something in that STUNNING orange rust color! Stay safe!

  178. Kate Ripley says 9.20.20

    I’d love the oversized turtleneck sweater and wide-leg pants!! Dreamy 🙂

  179. dana says 9.20.20

    oh i would buy the cashmere joggers!!

  180. Sharon says 9.20.20

    Cashmere in Teal? As a “ginger” (redhead/strawberry blonde), you can count me in, please!

  181. Sonia Sakhrani says 9.20.20

    The gorgeous cashmere solid scarf

  182. Suzanne Sears says 9.20.20

    Living in SWFL a cashmere tee would be perfect for layering

  183. Angie M. says 9.20.20

    Joggers and Tee !

  184. Audrey Stewart says 9.20.20

    I would buy myself a beautiful pink cashmere sweater.

  185. Allison says 9.20.20

    I would definitely order the nutmeg color for fall!

  186. Kassie says 9.20.20

    That matching set is heaven! I’ve been eyeballing Naadam for months & your code may inspire me to pull the trigger!

  187. Sandra says 9.20.20

    Great post Grace! I would buy the high low turtleneck in the color that you are wearing. Such a beautiful fall color

  188. Mary Abodeely says 9.20.20

    I would buy the hoodie.

  189. Caroline says 9.20.20

    I would definitely buy one if there cashmere matching sets!!! Looks so dreamy.

  190. Lisa says 9.20.20

    Definitely the joggers!

  191. Rosslyn McMillan says 9.20.20

    While I absolutely love the oversized cashmere turtleneck and the cropped pants, I’d invest in the Essential Cashmere Sweaters.

    They are practical and absolutely “essential!” I’d love to own a couple of them.

  192. Ashley Hart says 9.20.20

    The wool cashmere cable knit turtleneck tunic looks incredible! Either that or the cashmere oversized turtleneck! Everything is gorgeous!

  193. Ilene peligal says 9.20.20

    Would love the cashmere tee!

  194. Amanda says 9.20.20

    Love the cashmere tee! Would probably buy that and whatever else catches my eye. 🙂

  195. Griselda Kowalski says 9.20.20

    Those wide leg pants look amazing

  196. Nancy K. says 9.20.20

    The lightweight turtleneck tunic, silk and cashmere, in two colors, please.

  197. Ann Waters says 9.20.20

    I would buy the oversized turtleneck because I have been looking for one like that forever!

  198. Shannon says 9.20.20

    DEFINITELY would buy a cozy jogger and hoodie set.

  199. Stella says 9.20.20

    Would LOVE to get your matching set, the high low turtle neck and cropped cashmere pants!!!

  200. CATHARINE says 9.20.20

    I’d purchase their Oversized V Neck Sweater.

  201. gail shepherd says 9.20.20

    I love cashmere jackets.

  202. Barb Carlson says 9.20.20

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Naadam cashmere! Thanks for the chance!

  203. Brittany Roethemeier says 9.20.20

    Already purchased one classic crew neck and would definitely love a pair of the wide leg pants! And another classic crew neck as well—can’t go wrong and as long as they last they won’t go out of style.

  204. ElizWayman says 9.20.20

    A cashmere track suit sounds like heaven!! I can just imagine living my best life in that.

  205. Margie says 9.20.20

    The grandpa cardigan! I love it!

  206. Lindsey says 9.20.20

    I would 100% get a matching set – love yours!

  207. Shelby says 9.20.20

    I loooove this brand! I would buy a sweat set!!!

  208. Sarah S says 9.20.20

    I am in love with the oversized turtleneck! Probably too hot for LA but I can’t help myself.

  209. Hannah says 9.20.20

    That matching set for sure!!

  210. Rachel says 9.20.20

    I love the color and pants especially of the set you’re wearing!

  211. Emilee says 9.20.20

    I love all these looks

  212. Andrea Pipas says 9.20.20

    Thank you for the giveaway. I would buy the same wide leg pants you are wearing

  213. Snegri says 9.20.20

    The track suit is amaze!!

  214. Linda Pagan says 9.20.20

    I would get the oversized turtleneck!

  215. Stephanie says 9.20.20

    Obsessed with the matching set! So cozy and perfect for autumn!

  216. Sarah says 9.20.20

    I really like the Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan.

  217. Amanda Thurston says 9.20.20

    Love Nadaam! I really want the hoodie and jogger set

  218. Julia Z says 9.20.20

    I would buy the set you’re wearing with the gift card winnings! So cute!

  219. Charlotte says 9.20.20

    I definitely need the cashmere hoodie to get me through the winter!

  220. Katherine Howell says 9.20.20

    I would buy the matching set you are wearing in the pictures above 🙂

  221. Alethea says 9.20.20

    The matching set, for sure! Love that rust color.

  222. Tyler says 9.20.20

    The cashmere hoodie and jogger are at the very top of my list!

  223. heather padilla says 9.20.20

    I love the matching set, it looks so comfy.

  224. Cindy Merrill says 9.20.20

    I really would love one of the blankets or a Throw.

  225. geoffre leetad says 9.20.20

    looks good to me. actually anything cashmere feels good to me.

  226. Alison Z. says 9.21.20

    That matching set is gorgeous and what a perfect shade for fall!

  227. McKristie says 9.21.20

    The track suit!!

  228. Lindsay says 9.21.20

    I would buy the matching set in that last photograph. So cute!

  229. Kelly says 9.21.20

    My best friend gave me the socks as a Christmas gift and they were SUCH a nice luxurious treat I think I’ll do that this year for someone else 🙂

  230. Leeza says 9.21.20

    I’d get a pair of joggers for sure!

  231. Allie says 9.21.20

    Definitely a matching cashmere set!

  232. Kristyn says 9.21.20

    I would love to get one of those matching sets. Fingers crossed!!

  233. Anisha Patel says 9.21.20

    The matching set – I’m getting ready for cozy nights in and this looks perfect for it

  234. Courtney says 9.21.20

    I would get the turtleneck or crew neck sweater for the upcoming chilly months!

  235. Christianna Pally says 9.21.20

    The cropped pants look like perfection!

  236. Jenn Vachon says 9.21.20

    would love a matching set in merlot! so cute

  237. London says 9.21.20

    Love the cashmere tee! So versatile!

  238. miki says 9.21.20

    I adore the first and last outfit so much!
    Miki x

  239. Sarah Ann says 9.21.20

    The high low turtleneck and full length pants!

  240. Nicolle says 9.21.20

    I definitely need a matching set!!

  241. Katie says 9.21.20

    Definitely would buy the cashmere hoodie + joggers in that gorgeous dark teal!

  242. Lindsay says 9.21.20

    I’ve had my eye on NAADAM for a while- I would definitely go with the joggers and hoodie… and maybe a few others like the oversized turtleneck! I love their sustainable practices above all else!

  243. Karlene Barger says 9.21.20

    I’d buy the cashmere blanket (yes, it does get chilly in the fall in Georgia!) I’d also be able to take the blanket to the beach in the spring because nights can be cool then. I could even snuggle in the blanket while watching TV.

  244. Amy Thompson says 9.21.20

    If I win I would buy a cozy cashmere turtleneck.

  245. Lisa Babs says 9.21.20

    I love the Cashmere Twist Headband. So cute and will def keep me warm this winter. I’m also eyeing the $75 sweater. What a deal.

  246. Meghan says 9.21.20

    ALWAYS love a good matching set!

  247. Sarah Schulte says 9.21.20

    I would by that matching suit in your pictures above. So cute!!

  248. Sarah says 9.21.20

    Definitely would get the matching set – how fun!

  249. Kristen says 9.21.20

    crewneck cashmere!

  250. Erica says 9.21.20

    Would loooove those cozy cashmere joggers!

  251. Julia Levine says 9.21.20

    That matching set! It is gorgeous.

  252. Tricia Greene says 9.21.20

    The high low turtleneck

  253. Julia Reinstein says 9.21.20

    Would die for cashmere pants!

  254. Emily says 9.21.20

    I would love to have that cozy turtleneck sweater! Such a beautiful cream color and perfect for fall and winter. Love your blog!

  255. Alex B says 9.21.20

    Definitely would buy the matching set!

  256. Blair says 9.21.20

    Would also love a matching cashmere set! So cozy for winter. (I think of it as an upgraded Juicy tracksuit lol)

  257. Holly P says 9.21.20

    Loving the long sleeve dress with a slit. Not sure where’d I’d be able to wear it anytime soon but such a classic!

  258. Callie says 9.22.20

    Grandpa cardigan would be my pick! I’ve been needing some new ones-I’m down to just one these days. Cashmere is sooo lux…I’d definitely feel classy in this!

  259. lin says 9.22.20

    I am all about matching sets! For me, if it matches, any fabric set instantly looks more posh. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful brand.

  260. Casey says 9.22.20

    Your pics are gorgeous, Grace! I was going to say I would go for the cashmere hoodie/joggers set, but I may have to add to the list the cream cashmere tee and maybe ether rust colored turtleneck. I am also dying for the cashmere onesie they have. It looks SO COZY! I’m riding out quarantine alone so my hope is that it will feel like getting hug that I haven’t had in 6 months lol I’m fine.

  261. Nicci says 9.22.20

    I would buy that cozy sweater for sure. I need a warm hug.

  262. Maria Thomas says 9.24.20

    Joggers for sure!!

  263. Kathleen says 9.24.20

    Camel jogger and hoodie are to die for!!

  264. Emma says 9.24.20

    Ohhh I love everything cashmere and all their products look so good! Honestly that essential cashmere sweater in like 5 colors is calling my name…but I think I would live in the cashmere oversized cowl neck sweater and only having to pay part of it would feel like a steal! 🙂

  265. Rachel B says 9.24.20

    Your outfit looks so soft and its the perfect color for fall, love it

  266. Madison says 9.25.20

    I would loveeee the Naadam joggers! They would be so cozy for the winter