Classic Style + Changing Things Up.

classic style outfit
jacket // tee // jeans // heels

How was your weekend?

Mine was really nice. I got a lot of me-time which was really wonderful; it’s been one of those months where I’ve had back to back plans on plans on plans which is really fun but can also be draining! So it was nice to stay in and hunker down a bit but also be a little social too (I had friends over yesterday for an afternoon of tequila and tacos!)

Changing Things Up

I have been thinking a lot about blog content and talked about this on Instagram stories over the weekend. In late May/June when we are doing all our live shows I am going to go down to 5 posts a week vs. 6 (moving Weekend Reading to Fridays). I asked you guys what content you’d like to see LESS of and the resounding answer was outfit posts.

Honestly, I thought that was really interesting. I think, at least from your comments, etc, that most of you look to Instagram for fashion and want something different on the blog (skincare, books, life/advice-y stuff). Which totally makes sense. So you are going to see a little bit of a shift in content here (keep in mind I shoot WAYYYYY in advance so there will still be quite a few professionally shot outfits for the next few weeks), but I’m ultimately going to move to more of a roundup format; with everything I wore in a week and maaaaybe one professionally shot outfit. So we will see how that goes!

A lot of you also mentioned (and truly – I LOVE the honesty) being a bit over the “Day in Her Life” feature. I’d love to hear if this is the case for you! I really like the feature but may cut it if a lot of people agree – I love doing them but if I’m posting less, I want to make sure that every post is something that really resonates. Maybe we’ll make that one just a monthly feature.

Outfit Details: 

Michael Kors Trench (inclusive option here) // Hanes xKarla Tee (my favorite t-shirt in the world – runs very small though and only available up to a size XL – I took a medium here but also have a large for a slightly more relaxed fit. For larger sizes I would recommend trying out the men’s one – available up to an XXL OR since you know how much I’m loving all things Universal Standard right now, this tee!)// Levis Jeans (from last year but this pair is very similar and here is a cute plus option.) // J.Crew Leopard Belt (about 10 years old, try this!) // Sarah Flint Heels // Chanel Purse // Celine Sunglasses (my exact pair)

Outfit Details: Michael Kors Trench

I reaaalllly love getting all of your feedback, both positive and negative.

I want this blog to be the best it can possibly be and realize I need to change with the times and also experiment a little bit!!! So please always be honest with me – I want to know what you like, but also what you don’t like!

At the end of the day, the analytics are what drive my decisions – I am always looking at my traffic numbers and seeing which posts get the most clicks, what keeps you on the site the longest, and which products you guys are clicking on and purchasing the most. Still, that more anecdotal feedback is really helpful. And I hear you loud and clear – fewer outfit posts and maybe a weekly round-up of everything I actually wore. (But again, just keep in mind that I shoot very far in advance so you probably won’t notice much of a difference for three weeks or so!)

Levis Jeans featured

I always get questions about my rings.

The diamond band I always wear is Suzanne Kalan, and the pinky signet ring is Estee Lalonde for Daisy Jewellery.

Grace Atwood is featuring a classic style outfit Outfit Details: Michael Kors Trench // Hanes xKarla Tee // Levis Jeans / J.Crew Leopard Belt // Sarah Flint Heels // Chanel Purse // Celine Sunglasses classic style outfit Celine Sunglasses featured Outfit Details: Michael Kors Trench // Hanes xKarla Tee // Levis Jeans / J.Crew Leopard Belt // Chanel Purse // Celine Sunglasses Chanel Purse Sarah Flint Heels

photography by Carter Fish.


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Leave a Comment


  1. Sarah:

    I actually like the Day in the Life posts–you’ve built such a great community here that it’s nice to see who else is a part of it. I like outfit posts but more when they have a purpose (ie office appropriate or spring wedding, etc.) I think the round-up is a nice idea for us to get some quick inspo. I’m one of your older readers so I still look to my blogs for fashion ideas. I love all the skincare, art, books, and lifestyle content you’ve been working on. Thanks for being so open to feedback and encouraging it.

    5.13.19 Reply
  2. Silvia:

    It would be great if you restyle things you’ve bought before. I often have the feeling, some of the items are your ‘the hottest thing’ (for your day) and then they never appear again and are replaced with the next hottest thing. Having shown us your closet, that might really be the case! Being influenced and actually buying some of them, it would be great to see other ideas of how you styled them differently.

    It is a problem I personally have with many fashion bloggers today: it is often about constantly pushing new items, but, really, who cares… After a while, I just tune out (and often unfollow). Maybe, that’s the sentiment of others, too.

    Of course, this is your blog, and you should do whatever feels right for you and your personality.

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Hey Silvia,
      Thanks for that feedback! I actually rewear things over and over and over again so it’s interesting to me that it doesn’t translate that way. I think by showing my daily outfits more (which I do on Instagram) that will help!

      5.13.19 Reply
    • Abby:

      Hey Grace,
      I have to agree with Silvia. It definitely appears like that – apart from your bags and shoes which I can definitely recognise back and again haha
      I think a roundup of outfits you actually wore in a week therefore is a great idea. It will give us a peak into your actual closet and styling mind.
      Also I love outfit posts that give more than one idea on how to style a piece or have a certain Topic just like Sarah says above.

      5.13.19 Reply
    • Tatiana:

      I totally agree with Sylvia’s comment! I have followed Grace when she started with DIY Jewelry and I love her content. I would also love to see things being restyled. I do feel that some blogger are ‘pushing’ things to much.. and I have also lost interest and unfollowed a few.
      Love the idea of a roundup of outfits.

      5.14.19 Reply
  3. Alisande:

    Hi Grace! I just joined the 21st Century and downloaded Instagram-you were one of my first follows! I actually really like the outfit posts on the blog, but as long as you keep outfits coming on Instagram and round up posts on the blog I am good with you phasing them out a little bit. Fashion/outfit ideas is how I found your blog and I am never mad at an outfit post. I actually don’t love the “Day in Her Life” feature, but maybe part of it is they’ve all been really young (I think?). I am your age. Congratulations on your podcast and all the live shows!

    5.13.19 Reply
  4. I actually really enjoy your outfit posts, Grace, but as accompaniment to your writing. I feel like sometimes deeper topics can’t be conveyed in pictures, so outfits do a good job of filling in that space! 🙂

    Happy Monday ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.13.19 Reply
  5. Lara:

    I really enjoy the day in her life posts! I hope they stay !!

    5.13.19 Reply
  6. Although I agree that I would like to see less outfit posts, I am surprised that so many people aren’t love the “Day in Her Life” feature! It’s one of my favorite things you’ve posted on your blog. I’ve always loved reading these kinds of posts on various blogs and it’s something I always look forward to here. I’ll understand if you stop featuring it due to lack of interest, but for my own selfish gains I hope you don’t! 🙂

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thank you Zoe! I think I’m going to take them down to once a month. It’s also a little tricky as people don’t always get me the feature in time and then I’m stuck without one (that is what happened this week!)

      5.13.19 Reply
  7. Maggie:

    I am NOT over the Day In The Life Posts and I second what a prior commenter said about being interested to see how your restyle things. I think that would probably be addressed by a weekly round up showing the outfits you actually wore.

    5.13.19 Reply
    • yeah, it’s funny bc I saw that comment and was like “REALLY!?” not in a negative way, more a curious way, bc I rewear things all day long. I think that will come across more in a weekly roundup. 🙂

      5.13.19 Reply
  8. Kelly:

    I agree with the outfit posts, but only because I think I have a different clothing style than you. However, I do really love when you’ve written on another topic along with your outfits. I love your writing and hearing your opinions!

    Also, I’ve enjoyed the Day in the Life posts because I think it’s fun to read about other people routines and careers. I feel like they’re a fun post to change things up every once in a while. I think making it a monthly post would be a perfect balance!

    I also wanted to just applaud you for how open to constructive criticism you are! You always seem to handle any negativity so well (at least from a reader’s perspective, your responses are always professional). It’s great that you’re able to find takeaways from all comments and use them to make your blog continually better. I love following along! (and I’m also super pumped to attend one of your live shows this summer!!!)

    5.13.19 Reply
    • hey kelly! Thank you so much for the feedback! I am taking A Day in Her Life down to once a month (honestly it’s been a little frustrating tracking them down, people get so excited and then never get back to me and then I’m left hanging!)

      And of course! While this blog is personal (and I would be upset if someone attacked my character or were to say I was a bad person) it’s my business and feedback helps me to make it better/more interesting for you all! You’re all sort of my customers, in that regard!!!!

      appreciate the comment and YAY for the live show – please come say hi! xoxo

      5.13.19 Reply
  9. Rachel:

    I’d love a post about your favorite quick and easy weekend trips. I just recently moved to NY and I feel like the options for trains, renting a car, and flying afford us so many more options for weekend trips!

    5.13.19 Reply
  10. Katie C.:

    I really love the day in the life posts! It is nice to get a glimpse into peoples lives and routines with more “standard” (?) jobs – that was not put eloquently but I think you know what I mean! 🙂

    5.13.19 Reply
  11. Elizabeth:

    Day in her life posts are interesting but need a better hook. Personally i’d love to see women who are more advanced in their career because their advice would be more tried and true. Young women have their place certainly, but not every week in a career profile. Corporette/Corporette Moms website and MMLaFleur actually have really interesting pieces written by experienced career women, just by way of example. The issue of course is having professional pictures, which some women may have due to firm/company bios, but not all. I love the content and discussion on the blog in general. I just think we could “grow up” the day in her life series to be something worthwhile. Experienced career women have a lot to say and provide perspective that young women want (and i’d argue, need) to hear. Thanks for all you do!

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thanks so much for that feedback! And I KNOW! It’s funny, I’d say 9 out of the 10 people who apply are much younger. 🙂

      5.13.19 Reply
  12. HW:

    Hey! I started following you for the outfit posts and still enjoy seeing them. I actually don’t care for skincare and makeup posts, since there are so many YouTube beauty influencers out there that are so amazing. I really enjoy your reading lists as well. I hope that you don’t totally change the blog as I have really enjoyed your format so far.

    5.13.19 Reply
    • thanks so much for that feedback! Not planning on totally changing it at all! Just going down to one less post a week so trying to figure out the best thing to cut!

      5.13.19 Reply
  13. Hi Grace! I really love your outfit posts but I really want some inspiration for re-wearing things to be honest! I tend to always be wearing dresses and they are kind of hard to keep “fresh” in my eyes so I’d love advice on that!

    The Adored Life

    5.13.19 Reply
  14. Sarah:

    For the Day in Her Life posts, I would just say that I love the posts that Cup of Jo does in this style, where it’s less a very detailed schedule and more interesting tidbits, ideas, or tricks that might apply to your audience.

    5.13.19 Reply
  15. Lindsey:

    I love the outfit posts, so hope you will keep those in rotation!

    5.13.19 Reply
  16. Abby:

    I could do without the “a day in her life” posts. I think sometimes the posts are interesting but I usually just skip them. I personally would be more interested in seeing more interior stuff – I love your taste decorating! Interiors and personal posts are by far my favorite of your posts 🙂

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thanks Abby!

      I’d love to add more interiors content. Need to think more about that because I finished redecorating my apartment so haven’t had a lot going on on that front!

      5.13.19 Reply
  17. I like the Day in the Life posts!! I just love all interview style posts anyways.


    5.13.19 Reply
  18. Julia:

    I agree that decreasing the Day In Her Life posts to monthly to see how that goes is a great idea! I love how involved in really wanting to hear reader feedback you are! ☺️

    5.13.19 Reply
  19. elizabeth e:

    A few thoughts – I saw the question on instagram, but I think I let 24 hours pass! I really like the Day in the Life posts, but I am fine with it moving to biweekly or monthly. I’m totally and unabashedly nosy (isn’t that why we all read blogs?), and I love getting a window into other people’s lives. I would love to see more “behind the scenes” of both the blog and the podcast (and the tour, especially)! Like, when you mentioned that you shoot a few weeks out, I was wondering the mechanics of that – what if the weather isn’t great? What if your hair isn’t cooperating? What if you spill coffee on yourself? Just that kind of stuff is, again, super interesting. I’m glad you will still be doing Weekend Reading – I feel like I’ve found so many other interesting places on the internet through that. Thanks for all you do for this community!

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I am nosy too which is why I love the day in life posts!

      And I loveeee these suggestions, thank you for sharing them (and glad you love Weekend Reads as much as I love putting them together!)

      5.13.19 Reply
  20. Shawna:

    I LOVE the weekend reading, so I am happy that you are keeping that! In addition, I love all of your skincare, beauty product reviews and opinions! My skin is constantly changing and evolving, so all of your product tips/recommendations have been helpful and appreciated! If you never change a single thing on your blog, it is one of the well-rounded blogs that I read!

    5.13.19 Reply
  21. Katherine:

    Love the outfit roundup idea! Looking forward to that. And good for you going down to 5 days. Love everything you do and I enjoy it even more knowing you’re not overextending yourself to create that content.

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thank you! Yeah, I got to a point where it’s started to feel like I have two full time jobs again! So realized I need to take a couple things off of my plate!!!

      5.13.19 Reply
  22. Samantha:

    I enjoy the Day in Her Life posts and would be bummed to see them go. As a recent college graduate reading about different occupations and industries has been really insightful.

    The Weekend Reading posts are often the posts that I don’t read.

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thanks for that feedback Samantha!
      Those posts actually get the least traffic + clicks but I’m going to go down to one a month! Weekend reading is actually usually one of my most popular posts of the week. It’s interesting how different topics resonate more/less with each of you!

      5.13.19 Reply
  23. Kate:

    I really enjoy the Day in Her Life posts! Like another reader said, I love getting an inside look into other peoples schedules (I think that some of this might be because my own life has been a bit topsy-turvy the past few years, so I wonder if my nosiness would change if I was more settled down—for the moment, not a problem!) I also love the skincare and beauty posts, and of course, what you’re reading! I don’t know if you’re inclined to do this, but I’d be interested to hear your take on the museums and galleries you visit—just a thought!

    5.13.19 Reply
    • Thanks Kate!
      Those posts actually get the least traffic + clicks but I’m going to go down to one a month!

      5.13.19 Reply
  24. Allison:

    I agree with the critics—nix the “day in her life” posts! In all honestly, I follow your blog because I’m interested in Grace Atwood’s perspective and voice. I don’t really care to read about all these other people.

    5.13.19 Reply
  25. Lisa Autumn:

    I am so obsessed with your style!

    x Lisa |

    5.14.19 Reply
  26. Honestly? I never read the “Day In Her Life” posts. Sometimes I’ll check out your outfit posts if I like the look of what you’re wearing, but ordinarily, I’m not so much a fashion person. I come here mainly for your book posts, makeup posts, and personal essays. Overall, your content is superb and yours is one of my favourite blogs.

    5.14.19 Reply
  27. Gina Moore:

    Just wanted to say that I love your writing and your blog and I LOVE your weekend reading posts!!

    5.14.19 Reply
  28. Taylor J:

    I usually skip the day in the life posts! I think once a month would be good!

    5.14.19 Reply
  29. I like the Day in Her Life posts, but I just wish they were more diverse! Would be great to see you interview some woman of color!

    5.17.19 Reply
    • I’m trying!!!!

      I think this feature may slowly die – it’s a lot of effort on my part to find the “right” people (a diverse mix of women) and a lot of following up on my end and having people not get back to me or miss deadlines (which I understand, it isn’t their job but then I’m left without anyone to feature).

      5.17.19 Reply
  30. Kelly:

    I really like the day in the life posts! I guess I hadn’t thought about it but I do agree that I’m not super into to outfit posts although you always look super freaking cute I just don’t do dressy casual so they don’t resonate so much for me (I don’t wear heels unless maybe I have a business meeting or silk dresses unless it’s like a wedding or something special.) I love your literary posts which is what drew me to your blog in the first place!

    5.17.19 Reply
    • Kelly:

      I forgot to mention I love love love your weekend posts (and gratuitous Tyrion posts are always welcome )

      5.17.19 Reply