Chartreuse Pops.

Chartreuse Pops fashion

Chartreuse Pops

Chartreuse has long been one of my favorite accent colors. It looks great with white, making it perfect for summer. In my opinion, it’s the perfect little accent to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. It looks great with denim and white… but also navy blue, yellow, tangerine, emerald green. It is, in my opinion, far more versatile than we give it credit for. I typically don’t like to wear it too close to my face unless I am very tan/self-tanned but I love it as an accent. I bought these terrycloth Bottega mules a couple years back and they remain a favorite way to wear the color.

Below are a few favorites and ideas. I love that you can do a lot (full on jacket + trouser set) or a little (a pretty heel or bag.. maybe even just an earring!).

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  1. m:

    Chartreuse is an edgier shade of yellow! I stick to shoes as I need it as far away from my face as possible, but I love the pop of color and cool.

    6.4.24 Reply