Updated Denim.

Updated Denim

Updated Denim

I have talked about this at length but I’ve definitely spent the past few months refreshing my denim. So many of the styles I’ve loved (even my mom jeans) feel tired. I’ve ordered countless pairs of wide leg jeans and returned most of them. I’ve really tried with the barrel jeans but ultimately found the trend is (generally) not for me. And don’t even get me started on high-rise, non-stretch denim. That is just rude to your internal organs!


I’ve had some success and we’ll talk about that today. To be totally honest, I think it’s just a lot of trial and error and seeing what works on your body. I think it also helps to see it on others. Carly and Faith (our amazing videographer) are always wearing these baggier jeans which has helped to break me in. I see them both so often that baggier denim styles are starting to feel more normal! The two things I have found that work best for me are a) showing a little ankle (a late addition but I LOVE these Sezane jeans, just go up one size!) and if going with a barrel jean, to find one that fits a little more close to the body. I just look stupid in the really oversized ones. As for shorts, I’m branching out there as well! I’ve ordered a bunch of this season’s longer length denim and will be reporting back as I try it.

In an unrelated to jeans/shorts note, one of my favorite Solene looks in The Idea of You (Anne Hathaway’s looks were all SO chic) was actually her Coachella look. The big shirt/short shorts combo just felt so effortless to me. Of course her shirt was The Elder Statesman (men’s!), sold out, and way out of my price range but I like the idea of wearing an oversized chambray shirt (I just ordered this one) with boxer shorts or my beloved Toteme silk shorts from last year.


One thing I love to do is push Grace’s boundaries with what feels confined to Gen Z fashion. Enter a sort of new age denim. At the start of spring I added these Uniqlo jeans to my rolodex and was wearing them almost every day (I wear them heavily cuffed). Every time I saw Grace I was non-stop gabbing about how comfortable AND flattering they are, which led to her purchasing a pair of her own. In truth, I tend to rely heavily on vintage denim to give me the exact fit I’m looking for, buuuut some newer styles have been grabbing my attention! These Citizen of Humanity jeans are to die for, and these J.Crew low rise jeans look EXACTLY like a pair of vintage Guess that I’ve owned for years. I’ve been eyeing these high rise jeans from Reformation for quite some time, so they may need to be my next purchase.

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  1. Katy:

    Thanks for the shorts ideas! Elder millennial, I randomly tried the Agolde Fran low slung in a size down and ended up just loving them for everyday… baggy but not crazy, and easier to manage because it looks cropped and current with the cuff, or I guess you could uncuff if you are tall or feeling adventurous, and they are mid rise which I love!

    5.8.24 Reply
  2. Marisa:

    Hi! Which jeans are the ones in the intro photo that you note are lightweight? Thanks!

    5.9.24 Reply
  3. m:

    Woman in her late 40s here. I keep experimenting with denim styles and NOTHING seems to fit me exactly how I want them to–and they start sagging drastically after a few hours of wear. Jeans used to be a source of ease and casual comfort for me and now they just stress me out. I even look around at the young, thin people wearing the “cool” styles and think they look frumpy and dumpy. Sigh.

    5.9.24 Reply
  4. Onyeriri philomina:

    I like it

    5.12.24 Reply
  5. Alex:

    The Agolde Dame shorts arrived today and I love them! Perfect length and fit – great recommendation!

    5.18.24 Reply