Charleston Packing List.

charleston packing list - what to pack for a week in charleston | spring 2017 | the stripe blog, grace atwood

As you read this, I am off to Charleston for six nights! I could not be more excited. (Can you tell from all of the exclamation points?) As you know a) it has been very cold here in New York, and b) Charleston is my happy place. I can’t wait to be there. For two of the nights, Victoria + Julia (two of my close pals) are going to be there too, so I will get to show them around and take them to all of my favorite spots. Other than that, I will just be catching up with my friends there, shooting quite a bit of content for the blog (I have a photographer I adore + I’m literally packing all of my new Spring clothes as shooting in Charleston is so much nicer than shooting in New York right now). So get ready to see a lot of pink walls, dreamy gardens and old historical buildings. A few things worth noting: this Kate Spade lace dress is the most dreamy – I cannot wait to shoot it (probably against a pink wall – ha) and my pink Nikes are back in stock again. They are my favorites. Two items that didn’t make the collage but just came in the mail are these earrings + this necklace from Lele Sadoughi: the perfect Spring set!

Sorry if this is repetitive but I get asked this a lot: I keep all of my Charleston recommendations updated, and also have a handy Charleston Travel Guide which includes all of my posts about Charleston as well as my favorite places to go!

Top: Kate Spade Floral Dress // Manolo Blahnik Feathered Heels // Away Luggage // Candy Shop Vintage Croissant Necklace // Caroline Constas Off The Shoulder Top // Three J PJs // Joie Tabara Dress // BaubleBar Pom Pom Crispin Earrings // Gucci Marmont White Bag

Middle: Vineyard Vines Blue and White Stripe Dress // Joie Ankle Wrap Heeled Sandal // Pink Pom Earrings // Lilly Pulitzer Two Piece Set // Candy Shop Vintage Rice Bead Necklace // Krewe Cat Eye Sunglasses

Bottom: Pink Nike Sneakers // Elizabeth Cole Parrot Earrings // Parker Beaded Dress // Tibi White Off the Shoulder Top // Kate Spade Floral Handbag


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  1. Have tons of fun in Charleston!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Victoria says 3.13.17

    This packing list is extremely helpful for me…ha! But…it’s gonna be kind of cold for us, no? It’s so funny to me that I’m leaving SF for…basically SF weather. 🙂 Can’t wait to see youuuuu!

  3. Kate says 3.13.17

    That Parker dress is diviiiiine!

  4. Kayti Clayton says 3.13.17

    I’m actually headed to Charleston thiscoming weekend for the first time. Can’t wait! I have so much planned I know it’s going to fly by.

  5. Marta says 3.14.17

    I hope you have fun! So many people talk about Charleston, it makes me want to go there as well haha

  6. Kristin says 3.14.17

    So fun! I love Charleston. My husband and I definitely want to live there someday…Have a great time 🙂


  7. Sue K. says 3.14.17

    OK, you may already know about Dacuba’s Fine Jewelry as you are the Charleston expert but just in case you don’t, you should! They have an entire line of jewelry designed after Charleston iron work. All the fences and gates around the city recreated in sterling or gold with “rice” chain! I visited Charleston in January and just happened to stop in and was so, so pleasantly surprised.

  8. Enjoy Charleston! I love the Vineyard Vines dress.

  9. Nicole says 3.14.17

    Charleston is such a fun city! A week there sounds perfect (and a great way to escape the snow). I really like both pairs of shoes you’ve shared. Those pink Nikes are too cute. Have a great trip!

    Nicole to the Nines

  10. Tracy says 3.14.17

    Have a great trip, Grace!

    Love the Nike Sneakers.

  11. Shannon Waisath says 3.19.17

    Love this roundup! The floral purse and Nike’s are my favorites!