The Theft is Real. ;)

I just love our little conversations in the Facebook group.

I was getting a lot of funny DM’s about from many of you whose partners were stealing your ice rollers and so I wondered… What else are these boys (or girls!) stealing!?! I posted the question to the group and WOW. For the record I am presently single but still can 100% relate – my best guy friend who watches Tyrion used up all my favorite goop body wash, loves all my charcoal mud masks (especially this one) and dismantled my Clarisonic over the summer – OH BOYS. Your responses were so funny to read. The ice roller is definitely a boyfriend/husband/guy friend favorite… but there were some stranger ones in there too! A few of me had me actually laughing out loud; making me look slightly crazy on the plane yesterday.

Also before I go any further, my bathroom shelves above are these Command ledges. I have posted them 1,000,000 times and always get asked about them so am trying to get ahead of that. (And yes, they stay up – mine have been up for two years!)

Boyfriend Beauty

Biore Pore Strips – these were a hot topic and probably the most frequently stolen item! Everyone had something to say aboutit.

Undereye gel masks – reader Elizabeth wrote that her boyfriend loves the Shiseido ones (fancypants!) and said, “of course, I tried to fob him off on the cheaper amazon ones, and he was having none of it.” LOL.

Weleda Skin Food – this was the second most frequently stolen item, which surprised me! And because it’s such a small tube, you guys are constantly repurchasing this one! The hilarious complaint was that your guy puts it EVERYWHERE. Betsy wrote in, “My husband has stolen my Skin Food so often I now I have to buy him his own. He continues to say he is “borrowing” mine, but it’s his.” (Sidebar: if you haven’t tried the new(er) Light Skin Food, it’s divine!)

Eye cream is another big one. And sometimes it makes men do their research. “My husband always steals eye cream! We’re using the Clark’s one you recommended and one night he came into bed to tell me the benefits of retinol he found from googling hahaha.”

Reader Dina has a fancypants husband. “My husband went from using only CeraVe cleanser a few years ago to having a full on regiment! He steals my Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Good Genes daily. Also uses my Retin A and BR Masque Vivant. We mask together now! I hide my Augustinus Bader in my top drawer so he doesn’t know it exists, too valuable!!!” (yas girl, my ex started using my Dr. Bader and I was like NO.

As does Gina. “I created a bit of a monster…the hubby now likes the La Mer face wash (so I bought him his own), the Clarisonic (has his own now), anything Living Proof, Ouai leave-in-conditioner, and any moisturizer I let him use!

Or sometimes they’re more subtle. This made me laugh: Kaye wrote, “One of my favorite husband moments was when he walked out of the bathroom looking stressed and asked “did you know we’re running low on Milky Jelly?

The consensus was that Kiehl’s is a favorite because guys think it looks manly.

A surprising one? LUSH bath bombs! LOL. Also, THREE of you told me your hubs requested silk pillowcases and eye masks after sleeping with yours!

Or they go for your expensive shampoos + conditioner, claiming that they like the smell of your hair. A likely story: “my head and shoulders buying husband keeps using my Oribe Shampoo because he loves the smell of my hair.”

Oribe was another hot topic. One of the funniest things you guys reported was (Lanci!) a husband who thought the Oribe texturizing spray was a home product and used it like ROOM SPRAY, spraying the couch. I cried reading that one.

It seems product misuse is an epidemic. Angie wrote that “My boyfriend thinks anything in my bathroom can be used as hair gel. After using a massive gollip of $100 face cream on his hair, he has now finally learned to ask first. His current fav is to use Victoria’s Secret lotion as hair gel because this is allowed.” LOL.

Not everyone gets to share their product stash, though… Reader Sara wrote, “I wish my boyfriend would use my products!! I got him using a men’s branded Kiehl’s face wash (was using a really harsh Clean & Clear previously) but he stubbornly refuses any other skin care products.

Or some of you have to be forceful. Lisa wrote:”Man I wish my husband would steal some moisturizer. I’ve resorted to sneaking up on him and slapping some on his face when he looks really dry.”

LOL.This was a lot of fun. Tell me what your S/O is stealing in the comments!

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  1. Haha, I love this post! Such a fun and creative read. I don’t live with my boyfriend so nothing right now… wait ’till we move in together though! 😛

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kai says 4.17.19

    I’d love my boyfriend to use some decent products!! He’s irrationally attached to his (wait for it) St Ives Apricot Scrub..and despite me reading the ingredients out to him so he knew he’s literally scrubbing his face with walnut shells, he’s still convinced that if it doesn’t scratch your face to bits, it’s not a proper exfoliant. Sigh.

  3. Meredith says 4.17.19

    I can’t stop laughing about the oribe room spray!

  4. Marta says 4.17.19

    Some of these were so funny! I think it’s great that men are taking care of themselves, our skin is the biggest organ in our body so we have to take care of it.

  5. Kelly says 4.17.19

    What a fun post topic!! I laughed out loud on a couple of those 😉 I think my husband also secretly uses some of my moisturizer haha. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Shana says 4.17.19

    Oh my gosh I forgot about the Lush bath bombs when I responded on facebook. My husband LOVES those things and asks for them in his stocking every year for Christmas 🙂 My SIL always buys them and without fail when she goes into the store and says “nothing with sparkles please” she gets lots of questions about the girl she’s buying for not liking sparkles. She says “actually they are for my brother in law” hahahaha Is there a growing market here or do our SO’s use products only because they are curious as to why we are using it?? So.many.questions. Enjoy your trip!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.19

      That is just so funny!!!
      I can’t get over it; I get that bath bombs are great,but the Lush ones are just SO colorful!!!

    • Stacy says 4.19.19

      I think there are some Lush bath bombs made just for men. My daughter used to be a floor leader at the store in Fashion Island, and she said the bath bombs were very popular with men. One of my favorite Lush products is actually the after shave face moisturizer formulated for men…

  7. Norma says 4.17.19

    I also wish my husband would steal some of my stuff! I have to buy him face wash because if not, he’ll use the same soap he uses on his body when he showers (!!!), the ONLY thing he seems to like, are the Biore pore strips but I still have to remind him that we have them.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.19

      Hahahaha! The biore strips are such a popular one!

    • Kay says 4.17.19

      Omg yes, my bf uses body wash in the shower on his face…he’s all, “it’s all skin, right?”

  8. Lisa Autumn says 4.17.19

    Okay this setup is everything!

    x Lisa |

  9. Ellie says 4.17.19

    This is hilarious! My husband is anti-product, but I am happy to report that I converted him from gel (crunchy and wet looking) to pomade (refined and softer) and got him using good sunscreen from Coola (he even likes the scented Mango one like me!).

    One thing that struck me was how many readers mentioned the price of their products and that their boyfriend/husband wasted it. This make me curious if anyone is asking for the guys to contribute? If they’re using the good stuff on the reg, I think they should help pay for it!! Make them feel the cost of the Oribe or the La Mer and then they might use it more sparingly haha.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.19

      Hahahaha I love it.

      I think that most guys just don’t even realize how expensive this stuff is! I’m curious too!

    • Regina says 4.18.19

      That was all I could think about when reading this…especially considering the wage gap! They had best be contributing if they are using $$$ products!

  10. Clara Artschwager says 4.17.19

    This is AMAZING. Room spray. I’m dead.

  11. Mia says 4.17.19

    Ok very random – but where are those little white shelves from?!? We need some for our bathroom! Thx!

  12. Kaye says 4.17.19

    Oh hey, that was my husband with the Milky Jelly I just had to order him more priming moisturizer rich too. I’ve moved on to a new moisturizer for summer, so I guess he gets to call that his own now!

  13. Kay says 4.17.19

    My bf is the least metro guy out there and falls into the I-wish-he’d-try-new-products category. BUT (not exactly a beauty product) he loves standing on my acupressure mat!

    I also just need to say that his feet are baby soft and he does NOTHING to them; whereas I have alllll the feet products, and yet my feet are dry af.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.19

      The acupressure mat is just the best!!!!
      I always wonder that about guys feet – so unfair!

    • Betsy says 4.18.19

      I lost my acupressure mat to my 8 year old son! He’s obsessed with it!

      Loved this post. It was so fun to read! (And it reminded me to buy more Skin Food for my husband. I’ve switched to the Calendula Face Area, which he won’t touch since it has flowers on it.)

  14. Anne says 4.17.19

    My boo only uses Aveda shampoo because it smells so good. He buys his own and gets annoyed when I use it!

    He refuses to moisturize his face so I too take the approach of sneak attacking him with face lotion when his skin is visibly dry. I have to chase him with sunscreen too which means he’ll be using my retinal before I know it (sun damage is def coming his way).

  15. Erin Robertson says 4.17.19

    My husband is super into Origins products and started buying his his OWN charcoal soap and face mask after being dragged into the store at the mall a few times by me. It cracks me up/warms my heart every time he does a face mask – although I had to coach him to just slather it on and let it sit – at first he was actually trying to rub it in! Haha… 🙂

  16. Kirsten says 4.17.19

    My husband just discovered my scalp massager in the shower…I have a feeling I will be buying him his own lol.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.19

      OMG I am so happy you got the scalp massager – it’s the best little gadget!!

  17. Bailey Carver says 4.17.19

    I’m dying hahaha. My boyfriend doesn’t steal my stuff because we don’t live together, but we have definitely had a few mask parties and I swapped over his body wash to a nicer one and he LOVED it. Definitely makes me worried about my nice moisturizers in the future hahaha.

  18. Rachel Zirkle says 4.17.19

    My husband prefers my hairspray to his gel – even though it’s just soo bad for the environment and his sprays so much on that the apartment reeks of it for hours!!

  19. Lindsay says 4.17.19

    My husband doesn’t steal my products but sometimes I wish he would! I bought a big tub of St. Ives facial moisturizer since it was cheap and he can be picky about the way products smell, and yet he still uses body lotion on his face (although I guess that is better than nothing!). :/ He does love nice body washes and fancy handmade soaps, but he will also use those on his face! I recently splurged on the Dr. Bader Cream, and so far my skin has been looking great. He noticed, and now I’m worried that I’ll get what I’ve wished for and he will want to use the Dr. Bader!

  20. Allison says 4.17.19

    you’re a hoot! loved the read.

  21. Jacqueline says 4.17.19

    Hahaha these comments are great! My husband thought my skincare routine. One day he read a few Reddit threads, and now he knows the difference between AHAs and BHAs, and knows what ingredients he can layer. He has more Biologique Recherche products than I do. We often “Netflix and mask,” meaning we use BR Mask Vivant while watching TV.

  22. Kari says 4.17.19

    My boyfriend is super into stealing my Clinique moisturizer. I like that he’s moisturizing, but now I’d like to focus on his eyebrow routine. A little brush up couldn’t hurt 😉

  23. Elisse says 4.17.19

    This is SO funny. The one about the room spray, and the one about the guy using lotion in his hair! Lol!
    Great post!!

  24. Ashley La Fleur says 4.18.19

    I got my husband on a regimen a few years back and now have created a monster! He only likes Keihl’s products, has a whole Sunday masking routine and recently came home with what he called ‘fancy conditioner’ : Kevin Murphy. I took him to get a manicure recently and next thing I know he’s signing up for the deluxe package at is salon because he can get ‘as many manicures as he wants’ Now if only I could get him to understand the importance of SPF!

  25. Erin says 4.18.19

    Oh man this rang so true! My husband has turned into a monster regarding this stuff. I literally found him using my revlon blow dry brush on his (short!!) BEARD!?! Like what? No! He has also stolen and requested his own R & Co hair oil, Kerastase hair masks and May Lindstrom honey mud masks. Help me!!

  26. Lara says 4.19.19

    what a great post! i only wish i could get my husband of ten years (together for 20) to follow skin care. he commented that his eyes looked so puffy in our daughters 6 month photos – i thought there may be hope – but alas he still hasn’t tried anything i try to push off on him!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.19.19

      Aw! Hope you can get him to try it! My ex loved the men’s kiehl’s eye cream as it has caffeine in it.

  27. Shafira says 4.21.19

    What a funny idea to post these stolen things, I couldn’t stop laughing! My husband always stole my perfume… Even if it is too sweet, he loves it anyway. Haha

  28. Mariah says 4.23.19

    This is so funny! I wish I could get my boyfriend into skincare!

  29. A Girl, A Style says 4.24.19

    Haha, I LOVED reading this one! Mark was always stealing my Aesop Mandarin face cream, Kiehl’s everything, La Roche Posay sensitive range, and Diptyque Eau de Sens perfume, so I ended up buying him his own. And then I am forever slathering fancy hand cream on him because I cannot abide scaly elbows!

    Briony xx

  30. Erin says 5.2.19

    OMG….dying!!! LOL The Oribe couch sprayer and the woman who sneaks up on her husband to slap moisturizer on him had me rolling. What a great read!

  31. Demi says 5.15.19

    Hi Grace! Can you share about these cute little shelves? I love them!