Weekend Reading.

Yay, Saturday! It was a busy week and I’m looking forward to a suuuuper chill weekend. It’s going to be sunny in the fifties – I’ll take it! Yoga, a birthday party, maybe a bike ride… I intentionally didn’t make very many plans as my favorite weekends are always the ones where things just unfold. PS – thanks for the kind words on Wednesday’s post. I’ve been really struggling but also think it’s important to talk about both the good and the bad. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Writing that post helped me realize that I’m not alone, and I hope that you guys know you’re not alone, too. Life is not always perfect, even when it might look like it is on social media. Two words: highlight reel. 😉 Anyyyyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend ahead – and that you love this week’s links as much as I did!

My home tour on Coveteur (!!!)

I’m obsessed with this artist.

My fav heels from last year are back in amazing new colors – I ordered the green pair!

Design Sponge’s new magazine looks amazing – I pre-ordered my copy this week!

Definitely need this dress.

Loved this navy + white outfit on Carly.

Also on the navy + white front: this outfit on Mackenzie!

Biggest congrats to Julia on a gorgeous line of dresses. Now please bring the Courtney dress back – I need it!

This vintage style photo of Jenn is SO fun. Love that dress.

Cuuuuute ($19!) summer slides.

Loved seeing Monica’s favorite Amazon purchases… (and that she included the acupressure mat, which is the best!)

Tierney reminded me of this amazing post by Mark Manson… Fuck yes, or Fuck no! I needed it this week!

Love these chic gold drop earrings.

Always love this series – why is it so fun to read about other people’s beauty routines?

Pretty sure I need this crop top/pant set. It’s amazing.

And this got posted to our Facebook group – an awesome post about Outdoor Voices. Had no idea the founder is only 27, what a badass.

I’m terrible at concealer so loved these tips.

Really into the color combination of these leggings.

Loved Blair’s Spring style guide.

Expensive looking mules (that aren’t actually expensive).

On the danger of comparing yourself to others.

All of this, please.

I’m crushing on this swingy seersucker dress!

Helena does neutrals so well. Love this look.

Such a cute wicker basket bag!

Agree with Meg – blogging is not glamorous – or at least not as glamorous as it may seem!

Life changing advice.

Such a gorgeous (green!) wrap dress.

Stress free entertaining.

It’s a purse! But also a watermelon slice! But also a cooler!

Merritt’s post about grief made me cry. Wow.

I’m with Jacey – age is just a number.

Such a pretty maxi – in my favorite color!

I really need to read this book.

If you have a black tie event, this dress would be perfect.

This berry cobbler looks insanely good.

How to be kinder to yourself.

I always get so many compliments on my rainbow J.Crew sequin earrings. I bought mine YEARS ago but they just brought back a very similar style!

How to ditch PMS, the natural way.

Can you believe this cute romper is only $50!?

Wellness Friday: Your Yoga Questions, A 3 Hour Workshop, + Healthy Links!

TGIF, friends! So much to tell you this week… and a LOT of fun healthy links to share from around the web.

First of all, this week as my “something new,” I took a THREE HOUR long inversion workshop over at Sky Ting. It was with one of my favorite instructors, Christopher Golden, and oh my goodness was I out of my element or what. It was so intimidating. So guys I don’t know if you know this but I’m really bad at yoga. I mean I LOVE it, and I go almost every day, but I’m not exactly good. And I’m cool with that. I’m naturally pretty clumsy and prone to falling/injuring myself (which is why I was a runner for so long… running is pretty hard to screw up). I don’t need to be good at everything I do, and it’s actually a good exercise… doing something you like just because you like it, not because you are a pro. I mean, I’m working hard at it and I hope to eventually be good at it but no. I’m not good. I don’t want you to think I’m some yoga expert because I go so often. I’m still verrrry much a beginner.

So this workshop. It was all about mastering the four inversions: handstand, headstand, forearm stand, and shoulder stand. The class was comprised of people who were really good at yoga – there were even several instructors in attendance. So I was pretty intimidated and definitely the least in shape person in the room, but it was still awesome. It was really hard. We too breaks in between each pose and did a lot of prep work for each pose (Christopher was awesome, he walked us through so many things I didn’t know about – for example, protracting your shoulders, and keeping your arms so, so, so straight). I learned a lot and ended up getting into headstand (with his help; against the wall). I’d highly recommend taking an inversion workshop if that’s something you’re interested in doing!

Next – a few reader questions. This week I got some DMs about doing cardio, and also about what changes I’ve noticed since doing more yoga.

Cardio. In a perfect world I would do cardio 3x a week to supplement the yoga. I’ll do 3 miles – usually some combo of running and walking. But yoga is my first priority so 3 days of cardio doesn’t always happen. The yoga class I take is pretty hard. I wouldn’t call it athletic (it’s not a rapid fire flow where you sweat a ton) but you hold the poses for a while.

Changes. Honestly the biggest changes have been to my mindset. Yoga is basically my therapy and helps a lot when I feel depressed or anxious. I always leave class in a great mood, and that in itself makes it worth it. As far as changes in my body, I haven’t lost weight (well I don’t actually weigh myself but my clothes pretty much fit the same as always) BUT I do feel a lot stronger, especially through my core. I’ve also gotten a lot more flexible. I was goofing around and did a high kick the other night and was shocked how high my leg made it up. I don’t know if you all read Alex’s Q&A last week (such a good one) but I hate weight training so an intense yoga class is a better alternative for me.

I am working on doing more cardio. I do really love the way I feel after a run and I definitely do some of my best/most creative thinking on the treadmill. I’d like to lose 5-10 lbs before summer so I’m eating cleaner and trying to make it to Equinox on top of yoga. Honestly though it’s so much about how you eat (and alcohol, sigh). Exercise is more for mental health, and getting stronger.

On a lower note… morning workouts have been HARD. I just haven’t been as motivated. I’ve been really busy with work and have found myself up til midnight getting drafts out to brands for sponsored projects, etc. Yesterday I got to the gym at 7 and that felt really good. I’ve gotta get back on track! What about you? It’s been a little while since we last checked in with each other. Tell me your progress in the comments. 🙂

This Week’s Workouts:

Friday – Lunchtime yoga at Sky Ting.

Saturday – rest (aka drink rosé in the sunshine with my sister and her cat in her backyard).

Sunday – 3 hour inversion workshop at Sky Ting.

Monday – Lunchtime yoga at Sky Ting.

Tuesday – Evening yoga class at Sky Ting.

Wednesday – Lunchtime yoga class at Sky Ting (we did headstands!)

Thursday – 40 minute walk/run on the treadmill at Equinox.

This Week’s Healthy Links:

photo by Trent Bailey.

Coveteur Feature!

I’m excited to share that my apartment is over on The Coveteur today! I’m sort of pinching myself as I’ve been reading the site since (literally) the day it launched. I’m a big fan of all of their features (their beauty advice has gotten really good BTW), their photography, and so on and so forth. Also, their team is REALLY nice. Like REALLY nice. Hannah and Alec were so lovely – I’d been so nervous to meet them and show them my space and they totally put me at ease. Pop on over and read the feature. Besides a full tour of my apartment, we talk about affordable decor tips + tricks and DIYs, moving to Brooklyn, leaving my day job, Tyrion’s luxuriousness (and fixation with the Hermes blanket), and more!

Next week I am going to do a more official home tour (with a video) with links to absolutely EVERYTHING, so if you want to know where something is from I’ll have that up next week, promise. It’s taking me a while to list out where everything is from and find similar things since so much of it is vintage. I promise you’ll have that and all the links next week!!! (In the meantime there are some links in these posts: my FAQ page, my bedroom, my couches, my dining area, and that infamous floor tutorial!)

Thanks, Coveteur!

photography by Alec Kugler.

New Spring Sneaks!

I have always been a Nike fan (nearly all my sneakers are Nike!!) but I always stuck to black (these!) until more recently. Most of my workout gear is black, so I kept things simple and stuck to a monochromatic look.

So boring, I know. That being said, in my everyday life I like a lot of color. This, you know. And that’s where fun sneakers come in. I love that you can take a classic outfit and make it more fun with a more interesting sneaker. My style has gotten a lot more casual this year – especially since moving to Brooklyn (I walk + take public transportation a LOT more and the subway is a solid ten minute walk). But also, I reaaalllly like being comfortable. So naturally, I LOVE the new Nike React sneakers in pink… they are fun, colorful, and vibrant! And besides being cute the fabric is so soft… like walking (running?) on a cloud… or wearing a pillow!

While technically a running shoe (and I tested them out; they are amazing on the treadmill as they’re so lightweight and durable – they make running fun… fun enough to break my all black workout rule!), what I love most about them is that they’re also cute for my day to day. Since I work from home I’m in workout clothes a lot (I have a silly rule where I have to wear my workout clothes until I hit the gym so if I don’t get there first thing, I’m in spandex til lunchtime); the obvious choice with sneakers. However, these look just as great with jeans, a sleek trench, and so on and so forth. They’d even be cute with casual dresses (if Spring decides to show up for real). I am constantly on the go and these are the perfect shoe for that.

The shoes initially sold out in every colors but (as you may have seen on my instagram) they are back in all new colors today… so hop on over to Nike’s site and check them out!

Nike React Sneakers  – new colors (including this gorgeous pink!) launching TODAY!

photography by Trent Bailey. // Created in partnership with Nike + Shopstyle.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask Review.

summer fridays jet lag mask review | the stripe

Cream masks are having a moment right now and I could not be happier. After washing your face you apply a medium thick layer, let your skin soak up all that goodness and radiance, and then just tissue them off. That’s right – you don’t wash them off, you just tissue off the excess which makes them really nice for before bedtime as you don’t have to get up and wash your face; you can just tissue off the excess product and drift away to sleep. My (dry, sensitive) skin responds really, really  well to these sort of masks. They’re great for when your cream doesn’t feel like enough, for when you are tired or jet lagged (hence the clever name of this one), or when you are just feeling like (forgive me for saying this) you’re looking a little old and haggard.

I was so excited when Mariana Hewitt and Lauren Gores launched Summer Fridays – and their new Jet Lag Mask. For one thing, it’s cool to see a fellow blogger create a really awesome product. For another, I was deeply curious as to how good it actually would be. Whenever a product gets a ton of hype I always raise an eyebrow. I ordered the mask with my own money and put it on the second it arrived in the mail (after washing my face, of course). I’ve now used it four times (the tube is half empty – half full?) and I can say with confidence that I really love this product. It reminds me a LOT of my beloved Sisley Black Rose mask (which is amazing but really expensive). Worth the money, worth the hype, and I can see why it keeps selling out at Sephora! This will make your skin feel very, very happy… especially if you’re feeling dry, dehydrated or dull. I should note that it also did an amazing job plumping up the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. A temporary effect, but a verrrry welcome one. Skin is soft, glowy, and radiant. I joke that it makes me look like a Glossier model – fresh faced and dewy, the ultimate compliment. It’s become my new favorite for before a party or an event.

This mask is the first product from the brand and I truly cannot wait to see what comes next!

summer fridays jet lag mask review | the stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.