Classic Sneaker Style.

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Maybe I have been living under a rock, but something I didn’t know until more recently is that DSW has the absolute cutest classic and fun sneakers! From comfy slip ons to versatile white sneaks to more fun colorful sneakers like this red pair and this pink pair, they have a pretty amazing assortment. Today I am styling two different pairs (+ I’ve rounded up ten super fun options in the collage below).

The outfit above is my go-to everyday running errands, want to be comfy but cute look. Charleston is a small town and you can’t really wear sweatpants and be anonymous the way I could in New York. This is a good, comfortable alternative: a chunky cashmere sweater, a camel coat, shiny leggings (these are also from DSW), and cute sneakers. Easy and breezy and perfect for running around.

PS – Right now, DSW is running a Luxury Pricing Event  that has promotions up to 65% off through 1/24!

shop the collage: one (just about sold out, shop more Nike styles here!) // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

My friend Molly always looks so chic and put together and one of her go-to looks is a longer dress and sneakers (note: this is definitely a Charleston specific kind of look as we can get away with skipping tights right now if we wear a long dress… back in Brooklyn I would have had to wear tights which wouldn’t be as cute).

I really love how this grey pair from New Balance complements my dress! This pair is so versatile – they look great with jeans, leggings, dresses, pretty much everything!

photography by Laura Saur.

2022 Intentions and Goals.

2022 Intentions and Goals

This post was meant to go up so much earlier but here we are… more than halfway through January! Tomorrow on the podcast Becca and I will be talking more about our goals/intentions for the year ahead (and how we did vs. last year’s goals), but I also wanted to share them here.

2022 Intentions and Goals

This year, my biggest goal is to slow down. In my personal life that means taking the time to actually pause and savor life’s little moments. A laugh with a girlfriend, taking in a really beautiful sunset with my boyfriend, arts & crafts with my niece… being fully present in everything I do, especially when I am with my family. With work, that means being intentional with every thing I post here and on social media: not rushing to create content, saying no when I am overwhelmed, feeling really proud any time I hit “publish.” Slowing down, scaling back!

I have seen a few things on the internet that have really resonated with me that I wanted to share before I share my actual goals.

First of all, Chinae said something really beautiful in her instagram stories a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me. “I think we always feel we need to add more stuff to life and thrive and sometimes, removing things or simplifying life is the road to happy.” 

Also, there was this – from James Clear’s newsletter a couple weeks ago (you know by now that I am getting a lot otu of his book but I love this newsletter, I have been reading it for years and find it so worth the read every week). “Slowing down enables you to act in a high quality way. Kind rather than curt. Polished rather than sloppy. It’s hard to be thoughtful when you’re in a rush.”

Lastly, this Bill Murray quote which I referenced in this blog post:The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything; the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself.” AMEN. I want to let that quote guide me!

Things I want to do this year:

Be able to run 3 miles in a breezy way.

I could run 3 miles (very slowly, with walking breaks) right now if forced or chased. But what I want is to be able to hop on the treadmill and run 3 miles (even just at 6 mph) without any walking breaks and have that not be a big deal. Right now that feels so hard but I also know from past experience that if you stick with it, it gets a lot easier.

Be a little bit bored.

This may seem weird but I really think that when you have time to be a little bit bored, the best ideas happen? I have dreams of books I’d write and products I’d launch but not enough time to explore them. I would like more boredom in 2022.

Build out a better morning routine.

I hate mornings and would like to change that. One thing I’ve been doing is starting my day with an audiobook. While I tidy the apartment, feed the cat, and do my skincare, I let myself just relax a bit and get ready for the day! Along those lines I have also been making it a point to make sure I go to bed with a clean kitchen. Waking up to a clean space puts my mind at ease.

Learn to drive.

Lolz I do know how to actually drive but haven’t had a license in 15 years (when I lived in New York I accidentally let it expire). I need to take drivers ed, get my license, and get a car. My three year old niece has such a hilariously mischievous sense of humor and her favorite question is “Why can’t Grace drive!” (it makes everyone laugh which encourages her, so she asks it nearly every time we are in the car together). Honestly, I’m fine not driving in Charleston (I walk pretty much everywhere except to my parents’ house, and if I am going there I usually have wine which means I wouldn’t want to drive anyway) but the more time I spend in LA (where you definitely need a car), the more I realize I probably should have my license.

A thing I want to stop doing this year:

Spending too much time on social media

When Instagram is a huge part of your job it is easy to get sucked in. There are nights before bed (or weekend mornings) where I will lose an entire hour of my day. What an enormous waste of time. There’s been a lot of talk in the industry about “creating vs. consuming” and I want to create more and consume less!

On the work front:

A big, bold blog redesign.

We are working on a redesign! I relaunched my site seven years ago (when the blog turned 5 and I rebranded from Stripes & Sequins to The Stripe) and we’ve made tweaks to the design throughout the years but it’s time for a broader redesign. I am really, really excited about this.

Grow my email newsletter

My email newsletter is a big focus right now. I am currently at jussssst over 41,000 subscribers and would be psyched to get that number up to 50,000 next year. I send emails every Friday, plus if there is a big sale or launch. You can sign up here if you’d like!

Pushing myself creatively

I really want to get more creative on the visual side of the blog. My friend Laura and I have been shooting together a lot lately… photos like this and this. She is one of the most talented people I’ve worked with and has such a great eye. On my end, I’ve been working harder to plan my photo shoots in advance… creating mood boards ahead of time, having the proper photo styling, props, etc. I want to get better with video and reels as well. Reels has been a huge learning curve for me. I’ve signed up for a few workshops to learn more, and ordered a new tripod.

Shallow Stuff:

Dry brush regularly.

Dry brushing is soooo good for you and makes your skin feel amazing. Over the break I made it a point to dry brush every day and I was shocked by how good my skin felt. My arms are always a little rough and after a week or two of dry brushing before every shower, they felt like silk. I have stuck with it post-break and plan to keep it up. You can read more about the benefits of dry brushing in this blog post!

Take Better Care of My Hair

This is a superficial one but when I cut my hair, I really liked the shorter length (it felt cute and fresh) but also how healthy it suddenly felt. My previous mentality around haircuts was that they were only something I would do every six months or so, when my hair really needed it. Now I am aiming for every six weeks. Plus using a treatment once a week (I love this one!!!).

If you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear your goals for the year ahead!

Photo by Laura Saur.

Recent Amazon Favorites.

Amazon Recent Favorites
amazon robe

Recent Amazon Favorites

This month’s round-up of Amazon favorites is a very good one if you ask me. I mean, the robe alone makes it. I ordered it, fully prepared to hate it or have the quality suck and instead… I’m just obsessed. I feel like Evelyn Hugo when I put it on, and the quality is surprisingly very good.

This sparkle button sweater is also amazing. Although I will tell you (and as I mentioned on Instagram), it runs super big. I ordered my usual medium (I’m typically a small or medium in sweaters but in Amazon pieces nearly always a medium) and it fit like a large. Unfortunately it only starts at a size small, so if you wear below a size 6 I wouldn’t recommend it. And this carafe set is just too good. I love to fill it all the way up with ice and lemon water in the morning and drink it all day. ALSO – this book is the best thing I read last month. So twisty and good. If you are a thriller person, I think you will love it!

Amazon Recent Favorites Amazon Recent Favorites January 2022

collage details: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen // seventeen // eighteen // nineteen // twenty

I have more to say!

This sweater coat is so good. I have not had a chance to photograph it yet but it’s everything I wish the J.Crew sweater blazer that everyone loves would be. It’s long and lean and just a way better silhouette.

This pullover comes in tons of colors and is just so soft. I have the nude (photo below, it’s slightly pinker!) and love it. I may go back for a second one. This is very similar but has a little more structure. It’s still soft but less cozy. (I have the green, naturally.)

I bought this coffee on Liz’s recommendation (for the fancy coffee machine) and love it. Though I am new to whole bean coffee (the machine grinds it fresh for every cup) but think this is really good!!!

I was majorly influenced by TIBAL to try out this salve and it is incredible. So good for sore muscles… it really makes a difference. Also on the “wellness” front, this powder is amazing if I wake up bloated. I put 1/2 teaspoon in my coffee for pretty instantaneous depuffing.

Lastly, two sweaters that I just purchased: this pom pom crewneck (it’s so cute!!!) and this swingy tunic turtleneck sweater (I love the blue color, it’s really pretty).

sparkle button sweater
this sparkle button sweater is just so fun. size down!
Oversized Crewneck Sweater
I love this one too – SO cozy.

Satin Kimono Robe

I just love this robe so much!

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photography by Laura Saur.

Weekend Reading, 1.15.21.

Weekend Reading, 1.15.21
pajamas // blanket // glass + carafe

This was a good week. I got back from LA, we launched THE BLANKETS, and I was busy with shoots, recordings, and deadlines. My dad and I have started doing monthly “just us” lunches which is something I really look forward to. (Yesterday was our second – we went to Shiki for sushi). Meanwhile, my mom and I are taking a “paint your pet” class this afternoon. I am excited / slightly worried to see how I do with painting.

On the work front, something I am really excited about is that AIR MAIL (Graydon Carter’s super cool and chic newsletter + website) asked me to be a guest curator this week. You can see all of my picks here, but also: they’re giving readers of The Stripe 50% off a subscription. I love AIR MAIL – it is one of my daily reads as they have such a fresh (and clever) take on all things fashion, culture, art, and beyond. It was a true honor to get to do this!

Weekend Reading, 1.15.21

Justice for STEVE!

Oh, this green and white stripe dress is gorgeous!

Wow. This post from Orlando was so thoughtful and raw (and deeply relatable at times). An absolute must-read.

A great feature on Tracy Oliver, the creator of Harlem (which I cannot stop watching).

I’ve been having a little pom pom moment and love this affordable Amazon sweater. I ordered the white.

I just ordered this book about reclaiming your creativity in a busy world. It looks perfect for fans of Big Magic.

The color and cables on this pretty sweater are gorgeous.

This Manhattan hotel bar is chic, chic, chic!

Everything we know about season 2 of Only Murders.

On succeeding at failure.

One of my fav dresses is now available in a bunch of new prints. I love the green floral one.

Really appreciated this feature on Paulina Porizkova.

Winter salads to make.

How sweet are these fuzzy slippers? Love the pink.

How to feel confident at the gym, when you are just starting out.

I feel like I’m on a permanent search for cute blouses.

I ordered this one (the white with black dots). Love the longer length.

Loved Jen’s post about being truly happy for your friends.

A guide to at-home COVID-19 tests.

This little red cardigan!

Allll the books becoming movies and TV shows this year!

One of my favorite pairs of affordable heels just got marked down in several colors. Bonus: they’re really comfortable!

On making friends mid-life.

The meaning of Sidney Poitier’s historic Oscar.

The blossoms on these slides are so fun – I am thinking about them for an upcoming trip.

8 of the best California Air BnBs.

I’m full on obsessed with the stripe down the back of this shift dress.

I really enjoyed this interview with Sarita Choudhury – her character (Seema) has been one of my favorite parts of the reboot.

Practical ways to set boundaries (and stick to them!).

This happy floral dress is on my wish list!

An excellent article about face oils and why they don’t actually “hydrate.”

I love this sweet little green floral dress.

22 cocktail recipes to make this year!

Following the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on a road trip through the Deep South.

How FUN is this colorful Richmond rental!?

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photography by Laura Saur.

The Best Green Juice Recipe!

The Best Green Juice Recipe

One of my favorite morning rituals is my green juice! I love it so much. When I lived in New York I’d buy it (at Pressed in Williamsburg) but now that I live in Charleston and don’t have a good juice spot nearby (well, there is one but it’s so expensive!) I make it myself. I like to make a fresh batch every week. I’ll have a big glass immediately and then put the rest in glass bottles to drink over the next few days. Besides being delicious, it’s an easy way to load up on veggies and nutrients first thing, and I find that it sets the tone for the day. The apple adds a little sweetness, the ginger wakes me up… the veggies just feel really good.

And when you make it yourself, you are able to control how much sugar you put into it (and how you also have the freedom to add whatever fruits and vegetables that you like).

The best green juice recipe!

Here’s my “recipe” – it’s so basic, but delicious!


  • one green apple
  • one cucumber
  • a big bunch of celery
  • a lemon (sometimes I’ll add a second lemon if I want more of a kick)
  • ginger (usually a piece the size of my thumb, if I am sick I will do more!!)

I was playing around with other veggies (particularly leafy greens) but always felt so wasteful with those (kale, spinach, etc) as they don’t make much juice.

*I will often double it to make more for the week, but this amount of vegetables is perfect as it fills up the juicer pitcher just to the top without any overflow.


Wash your veggies + fruits!

Give them a good washing, especially the celery! Why is celery always so dirty haha.

Peel any citrus.

Some people leave the lemon rind on but I prefer it off.

Cut produce into smaller sizes.

Halve the lemon, cut the cucumber into 3 or 4 pieces (same with the celery). This just makes things a little easier on the juicer.

Insert into juicer!

I love that the Breville has two speeds. I use the lower speed for the citrus and cucumber,  and the faster one for the harder items (ginger, apple, celery!).

Drink, or store in jars.

I’ve heard it’s best to drink immediately, but I like to do a mix. A big glass right away and then I put the rest in jars for the week ahead.

The Best Green Juice Recipe

PS – This is the juicer I have. I have had it since April (it was one of my first purchases when I moved and finally had the storage space!) I use it at least once a week and absolutely LOVE it. And I will also add that adding a produce bag to the waste area is the move – helps so much with cleanup! Adding to easy clean up, most parts can go in the dishwasher which is a huge bonus to me!

Also: these are the bottles I use. They’re sold out, but I like the look of these!

how to make green juice

healthy juice ingredients

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.