Ice Roller Benefits – My Full Review!

Ice Roller Benefits - My Full Review!

I initially published this post last March (a year ago) and it was one of my top performing posts – and products of the whole year. Even a year later I still get messages every week from someone who tells me how much they love this beauty tool, that it’s really helped their skin, that their husband steals it, and so on and so forth. That makes me so happy! 

As I said last time, a lot of the skin care products I talk about here are quite expensive. I know this and I own this and I really do try to find great products at affordable price points (for more on that, refer to this post!!) My ice roller though, is something that delivers amazing benefits, works almost instantly (on ALL skin types) and also happens to be under $20. This post is my full review… updated after having had it for about a year and a half now! Spoiler alert. I love it, I swear by it, it makes a huge difference in just a few minutes.

There are a lot of ice rollers out there (I’ve seen them for as much as $50 – what!?!) but I love the Esarora Ice Roller. It’s $16.99. I keep mine in the freezer when I’m not using it so that it’s always ready to go. It comes with a stainless steel roller too but I personally prefer the gel and water ice version. I should note that the water/ice is encased in plastic so there is no mess or ice melting all over your face as you roll!



less puffiness + a lifted effect

This is the biggest thing for me. I like to use this first thing in the morning (especially if I’m low on sleep or have an early meeting) after completing my morning skincare. As I get older, even one glass of wine or a few french fries shows the next morning – my face can get so puffy! Similar to gua sha, the ice roller immediately depuffs your face in a very visible way. You’ll see it in the photos below.

A more defined jaw line

When I use it, I do my whole face, neck, and chest but really concentrate on my jaw. We’re talking the actual jaw bone, and then the skin above and below. It is CRAZY how much more defined my jaw line is after ice rolling.

Less puffiness under your eyes

You have to be careful (the undereye area is so so delicate) but I always use this on my eye area – again, the depuffing benefits are so major.

Smaller looking pores.

It shrinks pores, temporarily! The cold temperature activates shrinkage, making pores look much less noticeable. Of course this effect is only temporary but it’s extremely noticeable.

Long term benefits.

With daily use you’ll likely see that your skin is firmer, less red (it’s great for sensitive skin), and breaking out less. Inflammation is one of the biggest causes of rosacea, acne, psoriasis and (the most important one!?) premature aging. Since the ice roller reduces inflammation, using it daily can help with these things.

Other situational benefits.

I am focusing more on the skincare benefits of ice rolling here but this little gadget is a multi-tasker! It’s amazing for headaches. It’s also great for soothing sunburn. Same goes for sore muscles. And if you’ve had a brow wax (or waxed other areas of your body for that matter), it is very soothing and will help reduce redness.

So… Do Ice Rollers Really Work?

Yes, 100%. I will let the photos below speak. In fairness, I can’t speak to the long term benefits as I have only had mine a few months but the short term benefits are pretty amazing!

Ice Roller Before & After

Here are some (unfiltered iPhone) photos of my face before and after using the roller. It’s pretty dramatic, no!? (The image on the left are before and the right is after) You can really notice a difference in my jaw area. My whole face shape changes and my eyes even look a bit more open.

How To Use An Ice Roller On Your Face

Do it in the morning.

The primary way I use my ice roller is to depuff and energize my skin. Remove from the freezer and roll it around the eyes, cheeks, and jaw line to reduce any puffiness.

Wash your face and apply your skincare routine.

This is the prep part – you want the ice roller to be the last thing you do.

Use upward strokes.

Concentrate on anywhere that’s puffy or bloated. Gently roll, and apply pressure as needed.

Roll for 5-10 minutes.

Honestly, even a couple minutes makes a difference but I think the sweet spot is definitely 5-10 minutes – the roller head stays cold for longer though so feel free to keep on going. You can use it on face and body. Do it while you watch the news!

For pimples + inflammation!

It’s amazing at soothing inflammation and taking down redness.

Get my favorite ice roller right this way. I feel pretty confident saying that it will be the best $17 you ever spend.

Ice Roller Benefits

How To Use An Ice Roller On Your Face
photography by Carter Fish.

A Love Letter: Rent the Runway.

I will admit that at first, I was a bit of a hold out to Rent the Runway. I reasoned that if I really loved something that much, I could just buy it. And you know, re-wear it! And that is still my philosophy (anything I buy, I plan on having for a long time – I am not a big fan of impulse purchases and keep a pretty tightly edited closet).

That being said, last Spring we were doing our podcast live shows and Becca convinced me to sign up for Rent the Runway Unlimited. It was seeing her experience that truly sold me on it. I was going broke buying new dresses. Meanwhile, for each show, she pulled out cute dress after cute dress, all rented on Rent the Runway. And so I signed up. Now, I don’t know what I did without it! (Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, but I have been a member for more than six months before ever partnering together!) Upon signing up, I felt what I like to call, “drunk with wardrobe power.” Especially for dresses. I go to a lot of events and need to dress up quite a bit, but it’s really great being able to rent something, send it back, and get something “new.” And if I really love something I can hold onto it for a while (currently doing that with one of my fav Saloni dresses).

I’m going to share all the things I love about Rent the Runway (and some of my favorite pieces) but before I do that – if you use my link, and code RTRGRACE you can get $100 off your first 60 day trial!

First of all, here’s how it works!

How does Rent the Runway unlimited work?

It’s easy, fast, and really convenient.

You go onto their site, choose four or more styles at a time per shipment. You can keep your items as long as you’d like, or return right away and choose something else. One thing I started doing upon Becca’s recommendation is trying to always have two pieces, and send two back. That way you always have something new on the way!

When you’re ready for something new, return your styles one at a time or all at once. Dry cleaning, insurance and 2-day shipping is covered by RTR!

What I Wore: 1.25 - 1.31


Why I love Rent the Runway Unlimited!

It’s a great way to try out new trends and styles. And designers! An example of this is puff sleeves – I hadn’t been sure I could pull it off and would never have invested in this Kate Spade dress. But it works! Since renting this I’ve been wearing a lot more puff sleeves… sweaters, sweatshirts, etc!

It feels like having a revolving closet, a la Clueless! They have so many (600+, with more added every week!) incredible designers and styles so there’s something for every mood or occasion. It’s particularly great for months when I have a lot of work events (or podcast live shows as I referenced before). No need to try and buy new dresses for every occasion if I’m going to be photographed a lot.

It’s stress free and easy. Everything is dry cleaned, delivered to my door, and ready to go! Get it in 2 days or less. Or go to one of their gorgeous stores in NYC, Chicago, Georgetown, SF and Topanga for an on-the-spot swap and try-on!

When you’re done, just send it back via the pre-paid UPS label that comes with every shipment. OR, speed up return drop-offs in WeWork locations in NYC, D.C., Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Miami. 

If you’re so obsessed with something that you can’t let it go, they provide members-only discounts to purchase any rentals you love.

It’s a great value! I love this stat: the average RTR customer wears $33,000 worth of designer clothing a year, while paying $159 per month (less than that if you use my code!)

This Kate Spade dress is a favorite. I hung onto it for a while as I liked it so much – I only sent it back this week! It was one of those perfect times where I had a fashion week party and didn’t like anything in my closet. Then my RTR order showed up (a day early!) and this dress was inside. (See it “in the wild” below!)

Two other items I really love and have been hanging onto this month are this fun faux fur coat (I love the colorblocking) and this Saloni dress (which I’ve had for wayyyyy too long now but I can’t seem to part with – I may end up buying it!)

And here are a few more items you might remember from my recent outfit diaries! (Rebecca Taylor Dress, Tanya Taylor Blazer, Tanya Taylor Dress!)

And we can’t forget the Retrofete dress that I wore to The Whitney Art Party. This one was so perfect that I considered buying it… but it is so special/memorable that I decided against it. Maybe I will rent it again – it was definitely one of my most favorite things I’ve rented on RTR!

Don’t forget! If you use my link, and code RTRGRACE you can get $100 off your first 60 day trial!

Thank you to Rent the Runway for sponsoring this post! // Photography by Carter Fish.

Saie’s new GLOW Products (+ Swatches)

It’s been a really long time since there was a new cosmetic brand that really blew my mind. I remember when Glossier launched, being really excited about that. And more recently I’ve fallen in love with KOSAS and Ilia. And Tower is great too.

But otherwise, I’ve been pretty medium on any of the new brands that have launched over the past year. Enter Saie (pronounced SAY!). I will admit that I was immediately a little bit skeptical because they were all over every cool girl on instagram’s feed. It helps that Geri Hirsch is their creative director, and that the founder Laney Crowell is a blogger herself and very well connected in the beauty space. Was it all just hype? The answer is NO, the products are GOOD. Very, very good. I first wrote about them back in December (their mascara and brow gel are FAB and I love the purple lash curler; you can read my post about those  products there). I get a similar vibe (aesthetics-wise) to Glossier (bold brows, fresh dewy skin), except with only good for you ingredients. The price points are also very good – nothing is over $25.

More recently the brand sent me their new glow / luminizing products: their Glowy Super Gel and their Dew Balms. I am going to give you a review of both products but want to stress that I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE. Like, I’ve had them maybe two weeks (I think?) and I use them every day. I think you’re going to be obsessed with them too!

Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel Review

The glowy super gel is probably my favorite out of the new collection but it’s hard to pick a fav as I love them all so much. First thing first: someone asked me if this is a foundation. It is not – it isn’t pigmented and won’t cover anything up, but it will give you an amazing GLOW. This is a sheer luminizing gel that you can wear alone, or under makeup as a primer. OR mix in a drop or two with your foundation (I tried mixing it in with both Beautycounter Dew Skin and the new Ilia Skin Tint and had great results with both). It only comes in one color and will work on ALL skin tones as it’s super super sheer. In the above photo you can see it on my hand. Just subtle, glowy radiance.

The formula itself is 75% water so again it’s very sheer – meant to enhance your natural complexion. It contains brightening Papaya and Vitamin C and Rose Hip Seed to moisturize. My favorite is on no makeup days (most days, haha) to just apply a pump or two over moisturizer. It’s like an instagram filter IRL.

You can use it on your body too. Chest, collarbones, shoulders, shins… I am taking this (well honestly I’m taking all of these!) with me to Miami next week.

Saie Beauty Dew Balms Review

OH how I love these. They are just the prettiest little fingerpaints for your face. I’ve swatched them above (out of the tube) and below (rubbed in) to attempt to give you an idea of how the product looks but they’re just so pretty! These are more of a classic highlighter. While the Super Gel can be used all over your face if you’d like, these are just meant for the high points (I do the tops of my cheekbone and my collarbone and sometimes my eyelids).

The formula is very much like a balm, hence the name “dew balm.” So if you have oily skin you might not like these (the super gel would be great for oily skin). They are rich and creamy and blend in so well… plumping up the skin and hydrating it while also providing GLOW!

There are three colors:

Rosy Gold: This one is the best for everyday as it is the most natural (if you look at the swatch below you can see how well it just blends into my natural skin tone.

Saie Lilac: I thought this one was strange at first but it’s actually so pretty on. A tiny bit iridescent (in the best possible way!) If you are very fair, this is going to be your perfect highlighter.

Bronze Nectar: This one is my favorite as it adds just a tiny bit of bronzy radiance… but not TOO much // it’s still fine on my pale winter skin.

The way to do these is to gently tap it onto your skin. Whereas the Super Gel can be the first step in your routine, I like these to be the LAST step in my makeup routine (so after any foundation blush or bronzer you might be using). Squeeze out just a little from the tube, warm it up between your fingers, and just pat it onto your skin. You can use them on your eyelids too. The best approach is to just tap on a little and then keep adding to build shine if you want more!

Photography by Carter Fish.

A Few Pretty Finds for Home!

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a home post. Today I just wanted to share a little roundup with a few things I’ve been really loving! First of all, while not a home decor object, this cookbook. It’s borderline embarrassing how much I cook from it (I’ve made all the dips, a bunch of entrees, and moved onto desserts this weekend) but everything is just so good! Also on the book front, Where Architects Sleep is front and center on my coffee table. It’s a hotel guide; all based on where architects like to stay. It’s really helpful for trip planning and also just fun to page through.

I did a little closet makeover (it’s saved to Instagram highlights if you want to see) and these hyacinth baskets are perfect. I have a nice long row of them on the top shelf and use them to stash beauty products, out of season decorations, etc. etc.

I bought myself this lamp over the holidays (after agonizing over it as it was a splurge) and am so happy with it. It’s so unique (everything Kelly Wearstler does is just perfect). I also bought these funny gold pill boxes for my nightstands (Viagra and Ambien) and coffee table (Qualudes, lol). I admittedly have this fascination with all things pill decor which is funny as I’m so weird with pills that I don’t even like taking Advil for a headache!

These lime green tumblers look vintage and this vase looks so much more expensive than it actually is. This bar tool set is identical to the (more expensive one) I bought a few years ago. I have a great blender already, but if I didn’t, I would invest in this one from Smeg. I love the color! Lastly, I love a ladder for small spaces! I have a lot of throw blankets which can look sloppy but with a ladder you can neatly fold all your blankets and hang them on each level.

clockwise from top left: Jonathan Adler Accent Bowl // Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven // Duralex Glass Tumblers // Kassatex Wool Throw // Bar Tool Set // Smeg Blender // Rustic Wooden Ladder // Nothing Fancy Cookbook // Cheese Knives Set // Pink Vase // Workaday Handmade Tumblers // Kelly Wearstler Table Lamp // Jonathan Adler Pill Box Bundle // Water Hyacinth Storage Box // Where Architects Sleep Book //


All About Sponsored Content.

All About Sponsored Content

Hi! So I do not have an outfit diary for you this week as I was sick last week and I doubt you want to see the same ratty tee and leggings I wore all week. It’s all very aspirational. 😉

All About Sponsored Content

Over the weekend I did an “influencer Q&A” over on Instagram, and I got so many questions around sponsored content and working with brands so I wanted to write a longer post about it. The Q&A is saved to highlights if you are curious, but this post will go into a little more detail about working with brands and what the process looks like. I hope it’s interesting!

How I choose which brands to work with.

The biggest thing here is that I have to love the brand. This means two things – everything on the blog (sponsored or not) is something I genuinely love. It also means that sometimes I will take a more random partnership. A few years ago I partnered with Coca Cola around that soda machine they have at the movies. I was really excited about it (I literally freak out whenever I see it in the airport), but my audience was pretty pissed at me for taking the partnership. So that one backfired. But I’d rather partner with say, a snack that I really love than a clothing brand I’m just medium on. Like Hi-Chew or Dunkin!

For beauty products, I need to be familiar with the brand. If I’m not I need to have time to GET familiar. I always ask for at least 2 weeks to test the product but prefer to have longer… a month, even six weeks if I can get away with it!

For clothing items, I need to be able to choose the items myself. A good example of a brand campaign that I initially passed on was this project with Sam Edelman. I was given line sheets and nothing was my style (it was mostly colorful boots and other really trendy items) so I passed. I did so nicely – I told them I love the brand, but that the styles being offered weren’t in line with my style. They understood and then actually came back a couple weeks later, offering classic styles and colors that were more in line with my personal style. I’m always very honest with brands and personally think that being discerning has actually helped me to get more work, not the other way around.

The Negotiation Process.

Every blogger handles this differently. I managed my own partnerships for years but ultimately found that I get treated better when I have it go through someone else. And in the past couple years, contracts have gotten really tricky so I really need the help. I have someone who manages my partnerships. Her name is Kristin and she’s awesome. I pay her a monthly flat fee and 10% of all projects that she negotiates for me.

We have a media kit that is 3 pages long. The first page details my audience, demographic information, and all blog statistics (monthly pageviews + unique visitors, instagram engagement rates + story views, and so on and so forth), the second page has case studies that show different projects I’ve worked on and how effective they were (different brands have different objectives – some want to drive sales, some want to drive awareness and/or get new followers on social media, etc.), and the third page has my rates. We set our rates based on stats and revisit our rates at the beginning of every year as my blog traffic and instagram audience increase. Were they to decrease I would decrease my rates to be fair to my brand partners but luckily that hasn’t happened!

In all honesty, I rarely deviate from my rate. My goal is to do just enough sponsored content to hit my financial goals every month, but no more than that. So if I discount my rate, then that means turning someone else down. This may be unpopular but I’d rather talk about a brand for free just because I really like them than take a sponsored post that doesn’t pay well.

I am not going to share my exact rates but a good starting point for setting rates is for Instagram to charge $10 for every 1,000 followers; and for a blog post charge $10 for every 1,000 pageviews. So for an instagram post, if you have 50,000 followers you can charge $500 (at least) per feed post… and if you have a blog that gets 500,000 pageviews per month you can charge $5,000 per blog post. Another thing you can do is look at your affiliate revenue. I have really great data from my network (I know exactly how much revenue every single link on my site generates) and can project pretty honestly what sort of sales I should drive with a blog post.

Another way that you could look at it is conversion. So say I am approaching Nordstrom. I’m using made up numbers but let’s pretend that I know (via historical Shopstyle – my affiliate network – data) on average, my blog posts typically drive 10,000 clicks to a retailer’s site, convert at 2% (conversion is the percentage of people who make a purchase after clicking), and typically spend an average order value (AOV) of $200.

I could present this data to the brand and say that I am confident that I can drive $40,000 in sales from my blog post (this is based on multiplying conversion rate times clicks, and then looking at average order value). Nordstrom could then say, okay cool, we feel comfortable paying you 20% of that and settle on a rate of $8,000. AGAIN this is hypothetical and made up numbers and not my rate, but I wanted to share an example. 🙂


Once we decide to work together, there are contracts and agreements to sign off. Kristin reviews all of my contracts and then I review it as well. I laughed a lot because on our podcast with Carly she ranted about how intense contracts have gotten. She wasn’t exaggerating… it’s SO TRUE – they have gotten really complex! Exclusivity clauses (you can’t work with a brand in a similar category for a certain time period) and image usage rights (they can use your likeness for XX weeks, months, years), are the two big ones.

Exclusivity is a tricky one (it’s easy to mess up since I talk about so many beauty products – I have my editorial calendar literally grayed out for some campaigns) and I never really cared about image usage rights (I always figured, awesome if a brand wanted to use my photo… more exposure for me!) until brands started doing instagram ads using bloggers’ content and that’s where things can get sticky. Here’s an example. Say I partner with a skincare brand – let’s call it Olay (this is hypothetical), and then a year later they run instagram ads with my images. But then maybe I’m working with a different brand… maybe their competitor… say Neutrogena. So my audience could be seeing my ad for Neutrogena and then get served ads from Olay with me in them. Awkward!

I do a lot of non-sponsored beauty content and often get asked by brands if they can run ads using my likeness with the products. Usually they’ll offer money to do so but I always say no because I don’t want a zillion branded ads going on with my image.

So contracts are quite a bit of work to review. I spend a lot of time reviewing them and am really glad I have Kristin helping me there!

The Content Creation Process

It’s funny because what you (the reader) sees is just the tip of the iceberg. So much back and forth goes into every piece of sponsored content. The good thing is that it’s a true collaborative process, which is so important. I will never take a brand’s talking points and just use them – I want my sponsored content to reflect my true feelings about the product. Everything is always totally in my own voice and aesthetic but there can be a lot of back and forth with brands.


The first step is concept creation. The concept generally includes: which products I’ve chosen to feature, my key talking points, how I plan to photograph the product, the key benefits of the product (if it’s a beauty post). It’s basically a condensed draft. For some brands this is simple. Just a sentence or two will suffice. “I want to take a selfie of me holding the product and talk about how Hi-Chew is my favorite candy,” for example. For other brands it’s a lot different. With my Sephora partnership it’s a lot more complex. Every project (even just an instagram story) has an elaborate google doc concept and the brand gets two rounds of revisions for just the concept. But honestly it’s nice to be fully aligned – because of that I rarely end up doing re-shoots and the rest of the process is easy breezy.


Once the concept is approved I will work with a photographer to shoot the product. Sometimes brands will provide a creative brief – this is always helpful. I especially like it when they show past examples of things I’ve done that they like. Obviously I won’t replicate those photos but it gives me a reference point for what they like. It typically takes my photographer 3-4 days to turn around images and then I start working on the drafts.

A week or two before the post goes live, a draft is due to the brand. (Sometimes this is a quicker turnaround but usually it’s about a week). Beauty brands tend to require longer for approval as they have to have their legal teams review any claims made. Same with alcohol brands. Legal departments can be really tough! An example of this is the Dr. Sturm post I did… my draft was much more gushy about the product but a lot of the things I said about it were not approved by legal so I had to soften a lot of the language. I felt much more passionately about the product than it may have came across, but from a legal perspective there are things you just can’t say.


This depends upon the contract but typically the way I work is that every brand gets two drafts. I think the most frustrating thing is managing really delayed brand approvals. If you see me suddenly have 3 or 4 pieces of sponsored content in one week (and then NOTHING the following week or week before), I guarantee that it’s because someone somewhere in the process approved my content late. I usually plan to have no more than two, maybe three sponsored pieces of content per week across each channel, with lots of non-sponsored content between… but sometimes you get a bunch of late approvals and everything has to go live all at once.

And of course these things happen but I really do try to spread things out and make sure that in any given week I am not doing more than 25% sponsored content.

Gifted vs. Sponsored

I realize that from a reader perspective gifted items still feel like an ad but the process works really different for both of these things.

Gifted items work a few different ways. The bad way is that boxes of stuff just will arrive at my apartment. A lot of brands send things without ever asking you if you are interested. This is not the way to do it and is so wasteful. I think that once you give your address to a brand/agency, they share influencer databases and your information gets shared across different agencies. I was so happy when I moved a couple years ago and was only getting mail that I wanted… but now I’ve lived in my new place 2.5 years and we are back to the same shenanigans.

The other way that it works is that brands will reach out and send line sheets, asking you if you’d like to pick out an item.

For gifted items, I will accept the gift (but only if I really want it) and tell the brand that I can’t guarantee I will talk about it. I do this because the volume of gifted items is insane. I’m just being honest. If I committed to talk about everything that came in the mail, I would go crazy and also be really annoying to follow. (Everyone feels differently but I personally haaaate unboxings on other people’s channels… I want to hear about if a product works, not watch you open your mail!) If I talk about something that is gifted I will disclose the item as gifted BUT there’s no back and forth with the brand – they don’t get to see a draft or approve what I write about it.

Working with Hotels.

This is a newer one with the live shows for our podcast – I always try to work with a hotel partner when we do live shows as we are not at a place where we are earning enough from the live shows to cover two flights and two hotel rooms (I need my own room to decompress before/after shows; yes I am a bit of a diva there but it is what it is… after a live show I need to hole up in my hotel room and write/nap/decompress!). We’d go into the negative if we didn’t work with our hotel partners. Hopefully that will change as we grow and can get better deals with our venues/sell them all out completely but that isn’t the case just yet.

What happens here is I will reach out to a hotel that I want to stay at with all of my stats (and Becca + the podcast’s stats now too) and ask them if they’d be interested in comping our rooms during the tour. From there we will align on deliverables. The standard is usually that we each get a room, for one or two nights. For one night I usually will only promise a feed post (on all 3 accounts, + instagram stories). For a longer stay we will do more than that. I’ve never been given more than two nights; usually they will offer us a media rate (this is typically somewhere around 25% off) or we’ll just book the third night with our own money!

This is gifted content and not sponsored content so there aren’t any approvals and the hotels generally aren’t very strict about what we post. Some hotels are more particular than others… one time a hotel brand told us we aren’t allowed to shoot in our bed or to feature room service which was devastating as those are my favorite things to feature! 😉

How do Press Trips Work?

Press trips sound in theory incredible (who wouldn’t want a free trip!?), but as I get older I would rather just spend my own money on a real vacation than go on most of the press trips I get invited on. I feel like a spoiled brat and  I will still do one from time to time BUT I am now really careful. Going on one takes me away from my regular work, and a lot of times you don’t really sleep because you’re in planned activities all day and then have to do all your work at night when you get back to your room.

So YES it is a free trip and that is amazing and cool but oftentimes you are in activities from 8am til 11pm with a group of strangers. All the while you are expected to produce and post beautiful content in real time (usually it’s a minimum of 1-2 feed posts, 4 stories per day, and a blog post that goes live after the trip) without any downtime to edit your photos and write your travel guide or whatever it is you’ve committed to do. Not to mention regular work – I still have emails and contracts and daily blog posts to get up while I’m on those trips so I would end up running ragged and getting 4 hours of sleep and then getting sick.

I used to say yes yes yes to press trips but I’ve gotten a lot more careful; now before committing I will ask to see the itinerary and request downtime and also ask to see who is going ahead of time. I’m actually going on my first press trip in AGES this April but it’s one that I’m really looking forward to. More to come there!

OK! I think that is everything! I always want to be as upfront and honest about EVERYTHING – of course, let me know if you have any questions or comments below!