Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend! This week was the perfect mix of fun + productive. A really fun girls’ dinner, a massive closet purge/organization session, lots of work projects and yoga classes and seeing friends in between! Last night I had dinner with two of my bestests, and then today I head up to Bedford NY for the night to see my friend Deirdre and her family. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great – enjoy this beautiful Fall weather if your in New York or New England!

Love Meghan Markle? You’ll LOVE this blog – dedicated to recreating all of her outfits.

I obviously need this forest green tunic.

I thought this article about organization tips was really well done.

How to curb carb cravings.

Very into this powder blue duster coat.

I’ve gotta make this natural energy drink!

I should get this bubblegum pink sweater, right?

Jenn’s preview post has me even more excited to shop Blair’s collection on Monday.

I’ve been on such a patterned coat kick and really want this one.

Mmmm, Jess’s roundup of insta pot recipes has me excited for soup season.

Perfect fall booties.

I so agree with this way to wind down.

How fun is this fringe scarf?

V. v. intrigued by this magical (sounding?) hair towel.

The best new beauty products hitting stores this month.

Ummmm this plaid coat is really fun.

How to layer your skincare.

Loooove this fuzzy sweater!

You know I love cactus oil; now how about cactus water!

The problem with using your phone as an alarm clock.

A chic oversized coat – love the color!

Speaking of… cute coats under $150.

Halloween costume inspiration.

Some cute shoes to wear right now.

Pretty color blocked earrings.

How to make more time for your side hustle.

The best silk camisole. (Love this one too!)

Candles that will make you more productive!

Yessss– the best horror movies of 2018.

A cute (under $100!) vegan leather jacket.

How to get over a breakup, according to your personality type.

If you’re looking for a faux fur coat for Fall, this is a good one.

I am really loving Mackenzie’s Q&A series!!!

Love the look of these simple mules.

What to wear to a fall wedding.

I really loved Krystal’s fall bucket list!

A Few Favorite Pieces for Fall / Friday Musings.

Blazer // Jeans // Tee // Belt // Earrings // Purse

Happy Friday! Today’s post is coming in a little late as I stayed up a little too late with four of my blogger girlfriends (Kat is in town from LA so we met up with Mary, Helena, and Krystal. Minor sidebar, they all have amazing blogs if you don’t already follow them, check ’em out!) at dinner last night. Oops! I usually schedule everything in advance but yesterday snuck away from me with a last minute shoot and some other projects. So this is me, strolling into work at ten on a Friday.

ANYWAY. Do you guys watch CBS Sunday Morning? It’s my favorite. I know I’m going to sound old when I say that I DVR it every week and almost never miss an episode. My mom and I text back and forth about whatever Jane Pauley is wearing that day and it’s become a little bit of a ritual – usually I sit on the couch and watch it with coffee while I make the following week’s to-do list, plan out my Instagram posts, and answer blog + instagram comments/questions from the day before. I think the reason I like it so much (besides the nature moment at the end – FAVORITE!) is that I always learn about something new and it sets me up for the week with something interesting to talk about when I go to events and meetings.

This past Sunday, they ran a feature on the Flat Earthers – a group of people who thought the world is flat. I found it fascinating as they seem like totally normal, level-headed people. I have to say that I in a weird way admire how deeply they believe in their stance. I don’t really believe in anything (and I’m not talking about things like religion/right and wrong/moral values – I believe in those things) that strongly. A while ago I read But What if We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman. I read it years ago so in all honesty I don’t remember everything, but it’s a fascinating non-fiction book. I love all of his books as he makes you think differently but for this one, the general premise is that in hundreds of years, the things we universally believe to be true could seem absurd and even totally wrong. It’s a really interesting book and definitely makes you think!

(So like, what if the Earth really is flat and we are all wrong.)

I mean… probably not but you never know! It’s interesting to think about what things we’re so sure are true now that scientists could disprove in a couple hundred years.

Outfit Details: ASTR Blazer (also love this one, and have + love this one) // Good American Jeans // x Karla Tee // J.Crew Belt // BaubleBar Earrings // Vintage Chanel Purse // Loeffler Randall Boots // Karen Walker Sunglasses

Also, another sidebar. Do you have a DVR? I’ve been asking people this question a lot lately as I’m genuinely curious.

I never had one until I moved to Brooklyn and love mine. But my younger friends tease me about my love of my DVR. I think because I never had one (slash, didn’t know how to use my ex’s DVR when we lived together) it feels luxurious to me; but I guess nobody has cable anymore and everyone just streams? I don’t care. I love mine!!!! I’m not great at remembering what shows are on which days, so it’s always exciting when I open it and it’s full of new stuff to watch.

Photography by Carter Fish.

My Favorite “Secret Weapon” Layering Piece.

My fall wardrobe is all blazers, denim and sweaters – my favorite things to buy. But what about what goes under all of those blazers and (sometimes) clingy knits? Enter my new secret weapon: the 6-in-one shaping tank with patent-pending technology from Yummie. I’m going to speak to the tank’s specific benefits below (with photos of it without the blazer of course) but first I wanted to talk a little bit about shapewear in general. When Yummie first reached out to me to partner, my first instinct was “damn, I want that tank!!!” But I wasn’t sure about writing about shapewear… I think that there’s a little bit of shame associated with wearing/discussing shapewear which is kind of silly. We all just want to look and feel our best, after all.

Shapewear is one of the things I most frequently forget about or save for black-tie occasions. Frankly, until trying this tank, I thought of it as uncomfortable and something to be avoided (high-waisted briefs and granny panties… things you hide at the bottom of your underwear drawer). It would take me back to that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Yummie has changed that for me COMPLETELY. Everything I’ve tried from the brand (this tankworkout leggings, and a bodysuit) is supremely comfortable and fashionable. And what I like about the tank is that it’s cute enough to wear out and about – so it’s more of an everyday tank that happens to have magical powers than anything.

Besides my tank, Yummie has a lot of great bodysuits. Bodysuits were a favorite of mine last Fall/Winter as they create such a clean line (they’re so great with high-waisted denim and pants) and I love the idea of a bodysuit with subtle shaping benefits. I got this one and want to scoop up this long sleeved one next.

So let’s talk about this 6-in-1 Shaping Tank! What makes it so effective is it’s patent-pending technology containing two compression panels instead of one.

You can wear it with both panels in front for extra tummie control, with both panels in back for powerful back (and love handles) shaping) or wear one in the front and back for all around shaping.

I’d never tried a shaping tank before but I LOVE mine (it’s really comfortable and also nice and long so it never rides up or comes untucked) and frankly it gives me the confidence to be a little bit more body-con… usually I would layer a blazer over a loose silk cami as I’m a bit self-conscious of my midsection. This is different for me, but I like it! (Also it makes me stand up a bit straighter which is always a good thing.)

Photography by Carter Fish. // Created in partnership with Yummie + ShopStyle

Best of Amazon, Vol 2.

And we are back with another round of Amazon Favorites! This round-up is always so much fun to put together as there is definitely a certain thrill of the chase and element of discovery that I find exciting. I love discovering new things to share with you here (that you hopefully haven’t seen other places). Amazon requires a bit of digging (and sometimes returning things) but it’s so worth it!

Highlights for me this month were finding the perfect affordable bootie, trying this amazing detox bath (there will be a full, detailed review of it next week), and my friend Lindsay’s new book The Spirit Almanac (it’s amazing, especially if you are into yoga – meditation – self-care, etc… it’s all about rituals throughout the seasons and the best things to do depending on how you are feeling at different times of the year.) Oh and my fabulous glass straws which I simply won’t stop talking about (sorry?) as they are an awesome alternative to paper straws which I hate.

Click the image above to shop, or… pearl bag // lamp // glass straws // tan loafers (they look just like my Guccis!) // detox bath // tan suede boots // open head vase // set of jars // the spirit almanac // drape front coat // velvet chair

And be sure to check out my tips for buying clothes on Amazon!

5 Things I Won’t Shut Up About.

We are back with another little round-up of things I really love right now. One of the things I love most about running a blog is that element of discovery and sharing… finding cool new things that I really love, with the hopes that you guys will love them too! So without further ado, here are five things that I won’t (for lack of a better word) shut up about.

one // First up is Hook & Albert! They make CHIC travel bags but what makes them so special is that the bags unzip so that when you lay them flat, you have a garment bag. BRILLIANT. To me, this bag is especially great for a weekend wedding getaway where you want to pack everything in one bag but also have hanging items. Voila – a bag that holds it all! This is an amazing invention.

Girlfriend Collective Leggings and Bras made from soda cans!

two // Girlfriend Collective. Oh my god you guys, this is big as up until now I almost only wore Outdoor Voices and RARELY wore color to the gym, to the point where my friends teased me about my all black and grey ensembles.

While in Sweden, my friend Danielle had the cuuuuutest powder blue outfit on. I got the details from her and immediately placed an order while I was still in Sweden. When I got home, the comfiest , cutest outfit was waiting for me. The fabric is so soft, and I love the color! So the clothes are amazing but then I learned more about the brand and loved them even more. First, the inclusive sizing (everything is available in XXS – XXXL), and second the, the fact that every pair of leggings is made out of recycled water bottles! (You can learn more about their process here, but I just think that is so, so cool.) My personal favs are the high-rise leggings and the Topanga bra.

que collapsible water bottle

three // A collapsible water bottle. I got this water bottle in a gift bag at an event and am just so obsessed with it! If you travel frequently, you will love this- it barely takes up any space in your suitcase and then boom, there you go… it expands to a full size water bottle when you get to your destination. This came in so handy when I was in Sweden for my yoga retreat!

four // My Soda Stream. Okay this is so so random and definitely not anything new but I will talk to anyone who will listen about how much I love my Soda Stream, mostly because I can’t believe it took me so long to get one! I drink a LOT of seltzer and was feeling very guilty about all of the cans I go through. I use this almost every day now and feel slightly better about the amount of bottles and cans I go through every week.

summer fridays overtime mask review the stripe

five // Summer Fridays Overtime Mask. Mmkay I was/am obsessed with the Summer Fridays Jet Lag  Mask. It’s probably in my top 5. SO GOOD. This one is just as impressive but whereas the Jet Lag mask is incredibly nourishing, the Overtime mask is perfect for sloughing off dead cells and impurities. They make a pretty great double-masking combo. Use this one first to exfoliate and then hydrate with the Jet Lag mask afterward!

Photos of bag by Carter Fish.