Benefit Setting Spray Review.

Benefit Setting Spray Review

Benefit Setting Spray Review

Today’s post is just a mini one, but a good one! I have to be honest, until I tried this setting spray from Benefit, I kinda thought setting sprays were bogus. Kinda just like a nice refreshing little ritual to end the makeup routine. I was wrong. Maybe it took moving to the South where my makeup starts to slide off my face within five minutes of setting foot outside… but I was wrong. This spray is magical. I will tell you that over the years I have tried a LOT of setting sprays and can say with confidence that it is the best one I’ve tried. It’s become an integral part of my routine… in this heat, I don’t leave home without a few spritzes!

The way that I use it:

After doing my makeup (and making sure my mascara has had time to dry OR waiting until this has dried and doing my mascara afterward), I mist 3-4 spritzes all over my face. It’s the best. The brand says that it also blurs your pores and I do not notice any difference there BUT it keeps my makeup on all day and for that, I’m eternally grateful!

photography by Clay Austin.

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