Apple Airpods Review.

Apple Airpods Review | The Stripe

Have you ever held out on buying something (not wanting to be one of those people who bought the thing that everyone had and won’t shut up about), only to have it turn out to be one of the most magical things you’ve ever bought? That was me with my Apple Airpods. I am, admittedly, a pretty huge Apple geek. My ex boyfriend did this to me (he started me on his old MacBook Air and I never looked back). I have the iMac Pro as my desktop. And the MacBook Pro for when I’m on the go/on the couch. I have an Apple TV and even sprung for the iPhone X despite mixed reviews (I actually really love it, for the record). I think what I love most about Apple is how seamlessly all of their products work together. Their (for the most part) impeccably designed, easy to use, but best of all if you are an idiot with technology they work together without you having to do much.

But for whatever reason, I was a little bit of a holdout when it came to the Airpods. They looked dorky. I thought I’d lose them (I’ve had them a month so far – doing pretty well!). I worried they’d be hard to work.

Nope, they are magical. I bought them after a session at the gym where my headphones kept falling out of my ear. It was time to upgrade. I’d been wearing my Beats wireless headphones (great for working in coffee shops, NOT for the gym – hot ears!!) So today I wanted to tell you guys all the reasons I love them… they are far and away the best purchase I’ve made in a while, I could not love them more.

Apple Airpods Review | The Stripe

First of all, they come with their own pretty cool charging case, which charges them FAST and holds quite a charge. I love this because I’ll commute somewhere, wearing my Airpods, stick them back in their case and by the time my meeting is over, they’re back to 100% charge.

Second, I love how seamlessly they synch with my phone. Literally, you open up the case and your phone immediately recognizes them. Put them inside your ear and a little chime will play… your phone knows to turn them on. And when you take them out of your ear, they’ll stop playing whatever you’re listening to. So damn smart!

I love them at the gym. And they stay IN. It takes a lot to knock them out. I’ll run 3-4 miles with them (although the very fastest I’ll run on the treadmill is about 7.5mph… if you are a speed demon, I can’t confidently say what will happen) and be totally fine. The only time I’ve ever lost one was pulling a t-shirt off over my head with them still in. They’re perfect for the gym. If I was doing a stretch or weights session I always found it annoying as I had to hold my phone or wear leggings with pockets while doing the sequence. Now I can stick my phone on the floor or the bench… it’s so convenient!

They’re also great for conference calls. I’ll be walking home and listening to music and just switch it over to the phone. I’ve taken at least ten calls with them in now and haven’t had a single problem.

As for the sound quality, it’s good! MUCH better than the headphones your phone comes with and any of my other regular headphones, not quite as good as my Beats (but those are noise canceling so it’s a different story).

Overall, I am sold. I could not love these little guys more!

Apple Airpods Review | The Stripe Apple Airpods Review | The Stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.


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  1. They sound like they’d be so useful at the gym! I’m still on the iPhone 6 so I don’t have a need to switch just yet, though!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.30.18 Reply
  2. I am so glad to hear that you love them! My husband literally just gifted me with a pair last night after the wireless Jaybirds that I had been using for years finally broke. (Also, not the best for working out as they would always fall out). Now I am so excited to get going with the airpods.

    1.30.18 Reply
  3. sydnee:

    They seem so easy to lose, that’s my biggest worry!

    x S | Design by Sydnee

    1.30.18 Reply
    • You definitely have to be careful, but I have had mine a month and haven’t lost mine… I lose everything!

      1.31.18 Reply
  4. Jessica Camerata:

    These things are LIFE CHANGING. I just flew with them for the first time this past week. I’m the person who puts in headphones the second I park my car at the airport until I get to my hotel. I pee, I eat, I fly, I always have headphones in when I travel. Game changer.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    1.30.18 Reply
  5. Catherine:

    Here’s my question – did the normal Apple earbuds stay in your ears? They fall out of mine at the slightest movement (as do many other inner-ear devices) so I’ve always concluded that I have weirdly shaped ears. That’s the only reason I haven’t tried the airpods.

    1.30.18 Reply
  6. Rachel:

    This review was so helpful! I’d been on the fence about buying a pair of these. I assumed I would lose them easily, but I’m constantly breaking the reg headphones that came with my phone (or the one’s from my mom’s phone, or dad’s phone, or friend’s phone, I’ve gone through a lot lol) I just find that the apple ones actually stay in my ears, and when I’m not breaking them, they work well.

    1.30.18 Reply
    • You do have to be careful as the case is so small, I lose everything, but am just extra careful as I love them so much.

      1.31.18 Reply
  7. Kaia:

    Grace–for taking calls–do you have to carry your phone around with you, for the other person to hear you? Is that a weird question? Just curious, as I take a lot of work calls with my headphones in, and would love to be able to walk around my office without carrying my phone.

    Thanks for the review!

    1.30.18 Reply
    • Hi Kaia,
      I’m actually not sure as I always have my phone nearby! (I usually do calls with my phone in my pocket or purse) I think it’s okay if you are relatively close to your phone but I’m not sure how long the distance is… they operate on Bluetooth!

      1.31.18 Reply
  8. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    My husband got me a pair of these for Christmas! I wasn’t sure they were something I needed, and now I don’t know what I did without them. I use them to meditate at work, when I’m at the gym or outside running. I have pretty small ears too, and they fit really well. My husband ended up getting himself his own pair because I raved about them. I don’t always agree with reviews, but in this case I wholeheartedly do!

    1.30.18 Reply
  9. So, I wasn’t a big fan of these, but you definitely bring up some good points, especially about conference calls! I can see how they would be so easy to move around while talking.

    GG |

    1.30.18 Reply
  10. Natali:

    Hah, I can totally relate to this, I’m a huge Apple everything person but haven’t tested AirPods yet! Thank you for mentioning, I’ll def. get them as you totally got me sold on them! 😀

    1.30.18 Reply
  11. This is so intriguing! A bunch of my students have them, but I just couldn’t believe they could stay in while working out. But, I totally believe you! Do you have an Apple Watch? I wonder if they would sync to that… because that would be amazing! I am a convert!

    1.30.18 Reply
    • I don’t have an Apple Watch (I don’t want to be thaaaat connected!) but I do know that they synch to the watch!

      1.31.18 Reply
  12. Never been more thrilled about a review before as my AirPods are arriving in the mail tomorrow!!! I was already so excited about them and now I seriously cannot wait! So happy to hear that they are great for you at the gym too!

    1.31.18 Reply
  13. Jenny:

    I love my AirPods as well!

    I did lose my first pair (in the case) 10 days after getting them. Thank goodness for Purchase Security and Extended Protection Insurance on my credit card!

    I purchased a strap to use when I’m working out or walking outside. I highly recommend it!

    2.2.18 Reply
    • Oh no! That’s the worst. A few of my friends have lost theres too and I had a close call where I could not find the case ANYWHERE but then I found it in my bed (no idea how that happened, ha!)

      2.3.18 Reply
  14. Bri:

    I got a pair for Christmas and I cannot agree more! These are amazing, especially since I’m an avid podcast listener. I’m on the phone for work sometimes 60-70% of my day on conference calls (through Ringcentral) and boyyyyy people can hear me and I can hear them and it’s just the most amazing experience. No talking into a speaker or dealing with headphone wires. These are the best present in a very long time.

    2.3.18 Reply
  15. susana fraga:

    I bought mine when I visited nyc and it was almost a apple fan girl purchase and I laughed as my douchepods hahah but I loved them I reach for them all the time.

    9.5.19 Reply