Amazon the Drop Update!

Amazon the Drop Update
blazer, camisole, shorts, clutch, shoes

Amazon the Drop Update!

Today I wanted to share a little update on my second Amazon the Drop collection and how that is going! If you are new here, I designed a collection for Amazon this summer and will be doing a fall one, too! Besides this little update I also wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from their staples line (pieces that are available on a more long-term basis. I’ll be designing some of those for them this summer. But more to come on that, one thing at a time!!!)

I am so, so excited about this project and collection no. 2! We really got a good sense for what worked and didn’t work from the last one. And will be taking everything we learned and using that information to plan a bigger, better fall launch! Some things you can expect: fall nightgowns (with pockets), a matching set, and maybe even a trench coat. (I cannot wait to see samples, crossing my fingers and toes that it works.)  The launch is planned for early Fall and of course I’ll be sharing updates but the best thing you can do is to sign up for SMS updates to get a text when it launches. They will only ever text you when a new collection launches. It’s not going to spam you!!!

Moving on though let’s talk about these staples!

In my opinion, the staples collection has gotten even better than before. There are so many gorgeous pieces but I’m especially loving these little summer shorts suits sets! I bought two little suits and have been getting a lot of use of them – the breezy fabrics are perfect for late summer.

outfit details: blazer, shorts, clutch!

Amazon the Drop Update Amazon the Drop Update

shop the post: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven (size down unless you’re busty!) // eight // nine // ten // eleven (literally the best tank top I’ve ever owned) // twelve

Amazon the Drop UpdateAmazon the Drop Update

the cap-toe mules

we already talked about these mules in my last amazon favorites round-up but these are so fab. love the chanel-esque vibez!


shorts suit set

the dumpling bag

This little dumpling bag gets so many questions. I love what a great size it is and how easily I can tuck it under my arm. It comes in cream and black as well but this auburn color will go perfectly with my new collection.


shorts suit set

Created in partnership with Amazon the Drop // photos by Allie Provost.

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  1. I love your picks, Grace! And your outfit is the cutest! (totally copying it!) ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lisa Autumn says 8.25.20

    OMG the blazer and short set is so cute!

    Lisa |

  3. Dinah says 8.25.20

    Grace, I loved the first collection, but the elastic in the neckline of the red and white dress snapped the first time I washed it! Just wanted to make sure you were aware so that you could address with the Amazon team.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.25.20

      Oh no! Which one? The v-neck, I assume? Do you have a photo I could pass along to the team? (My email is grace at

  4. Stephanie says 8.25.20

    Can’t wait to see the collection – Fingers crossed for a trench!

  5. Courtnei says 8.25.20

    Can’t wait for a nightgown dress with pockets!

  6. Stacey says 8.25.20

    SO excited for the matching set in your new location.

  7. Nora Beirne says 8.25.20

    My shirt from the summer drop already ripped after 1 wear :(. Hoping the quality will be a little better for fall?

    • grace at the stripe says 8.25.20

      Hi Nora,
      I’m so sorry to hear that! Do you have a pic of the tear? I’d love to see it to pass along to the team. This bums me out. I’ve worn both tops multiple times (like probably 5-10x minimum) and have had no issues so I’m just trying to understand!

      The feedback I have received is that people have been really impressed with the quality, especially given the fact that all pieces were under $60.

      If you have a photo or more detail, the best place to reach me is grace – thanks in advance!

  8. Val says 8.25.20

    Hi Grace, really looking forward to your new collection. I was able to snag your green v neck long sleeve dress and really like it. I live in AZ so haven’t worn it yet since it’s hot AF. Looking forward to wearing it soon! I also bought the beige blazer and short set, super cute but the wrinkles bother me! I know linen wrinkles a lot and I just need to get over it! What do you think? I’m going to get the dumpling bag, thanks for the recommendation!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.25.20

      You know, I’ve just kinda given up! I give it a quick steam before wearing, and think that if you wear a non-wrinkly blouse (like this camisole) and tuck it in, you won’t look sloppy!

  9. Jenn Lake says 8.26.20

    SO excited for you, friend!!!