All the Feels for the Hanacure Mask.

hanacure mask review | grace atwood

This post was originally posted in April 2018, but it remains one of my all time favorite masks… it’s almost as good as getting a professional facial – after you use it your skin is insaaaanely smooth and glowing the next day! Watch the video and enjoy… (I look terrifying!!!)


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The last time we talked about masks, we talked about Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask which is basically a hug for your face. It’s soothing, calming, and feel good. That’s not the case with this one. Not even a little bit. This is an aggressive face mask! But it’s still amazing, so hear me out.

Hanacure is basically an example of Facebook marketing gone right. The ads were following me around everywhere. The formula sounded amazing; designed to absorb + lift out pollution and impurities while firming it to give you smoother, clearer, brighter skin. Also, I was intrigued by how “ugly” the mask makes you, and I got a few DM’s from readers asking me to try it. I don’t work with the brand, so I popped online and ordered the mask, eagerly awaiting its arrival.

But before we talk about the mask, how beautiful is this packaging!? So chic.

Also: I said this in the video, but got some DM’s so wanted to make sure it’s crystal clear: Don’t do this as part of your skin care routine right before a big event. The night before should be fine, but you will def be a little red after!

Hanacure Mask Review

Alright, let’s begin. First, wash and dry your face. Pat your skin dry. Carefully pour the lifting serum into the gelling solution and mix the two formulas together. Then, (using the brush that comes with the mask), smooth the entire solution all over your face. Leave it on for thirty minutes, until it’s dry, and then rinse it off with warm water.

hanacure mask review | grace atwood, the stripe

This mask is WEIRD. But amazing.

After about 7 minutes, I already felt the face mask starting to dry, and as it dries, you feel as though it is pushing on your face. The tightening sensation is so intense that as it dried, I felt my skin puffing out where I didn’t apply the mask (under my eyes, for example). The tightening effect was so intense that it truly felt like it was PUSHING ON MY FACE. Weird. And oh did I look ugly. I put it on my instagram story (and I’ll do it again sometime this week). So ugly.

Rinsing it off is the most satisfying feeling in the world because your skin feels so tight that you want to die. Okay not really but you want it OFF.  The instructions tell you to minimize your facial movements while doing this mask (so don’t do it when you have a conference call or want to sip wine) but this is not a problem because you cannot move your face! Temporary facial paralysis.

So yeah, taking it off feels really great… like a relief!

Rinse thoroughly, pat skin dry, and then slather on a super hydrating cream (I used this one). I experienced some redness for about 30 minutes after, but the instructions warn it can last 90 minutes. So you can do this the day of a big event but you definitely don’t want to do it right before you have something. Allow yourself a few hours because you will be red and you’re going to just want to slather on a calming oil or cream..

Now’s where I get to the good part (because after reading all of this, you probably are horrified that I’d do this to myself). Once the redness goes away, you are GLOWING. Skin looks amazing. Firmer, tighter, completely glowy and luminous.  A lot like going for a facial. Honestly, I am obsessed. I bought the four pack (at the time the single serving wasn’t available) and am glad I did. I’ve used it twice already (and am planning on doing it again this week before a party at my sister’s new store) and think it’s completely worth the money… and the weirdness.

Hanacure experience
this mask makes you look (temporarily) crazy. Look at my lips!
The mask contains a blend of peptides and botanical extracts (including green tee and lotus leaf extract for anti aging… it contains a significant amount of potent antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenol, and vitamins).

If you are starting to see the signs of aging or your skin just feels dull, rough, or saggy I can’t recommend it enough. As it is a little expensive for a face mask, I’d recommend getting the starter kit first just to make sure you like it.

Also, kinda fun… Drew Barrymore is a fan too – I loved seeing her “during” photos, it really does make you look a little nuts.

hanacure mask review | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.


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  1. I love the packaging of the masks! Would love to try them out if I get the chance! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.23.18 Reply
  2. Oh my! This mask sounds intense.
    I wonder if it works for all skin types.

    Happy Monday

    4.23.18 Reply
  3. Shirley:

    How long does the glowing and firmness last after using the mask? It sounds great!

    4.24.18 Reply
    • I’d say probably a day? Not really sure, honestly!!! It’s good a couple hours before a big event.

      4.24.18 Reply
  4. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I’ve been curious about this one for a while, so thanks for the review. Years ago I used to have a mask (wish I could remember the name) that did the exact same thing. You combined the ingredients, brushed it on, and as it dried it basically gave you a face lift. It was amazing. If I can’t find that one again (it was so much less expensive than this), I may go ahead and order this one!

    4.24.18 Reply
    • Ooooh if you remember what it was, do tell!!!!

      Another lifting mask that I love is Roloxin Lift.

      4.24.18 Reply
      • MarciaMarciaMarcia:

        I ended up finding it, but I don’t think it’s made anymore. It was by a natural cosmetic company called Zia (15 minute face lift) – Zia got bought several years ago and it looks like it’s not off the market. I did find the mask on a British website, but I think since it looks to be in scarce supply, I think it will be worth trying Hanacure. Plus, the Zia version used wheat protein, and as someone with celiac, I try to avoid that even in my cosmetics.

        4.25.18 Reply
        • ahhhhh thank you so much for letting me know!

          Let me know what you think of Hanacure! x

          4.25.18 Reply
  5. Give me a break. Get a life!!!

    12.25.18 Reply
  6. dana mannarino:

    I just ordered! I cannot wait to try this mask out!

    The Champagne Edit

    12.26.18 Reply
  7. Meret:

    Hi Grace! Amazing review! I am getting married next month (tiny ceremony, just parents and siblings – don’t worry!), would you recommend using one of the masks the day of or night before? Curious before I make the investment!

    7.31.20 Reply
    • Hey Meret, Definitely the night before. If you watched the video, I said that there – I’d recommend watching the video, as you can see I am quite red in it!! Please be careful, it’s an amazing mask and one that I would recommend but with any big treatment that’s new to your skin you should probably also test a couple weeks in advance too. Wouldn’t want to be red on your big day!

      8.1.20 Reply
  8. Jhomar Pakistan:

    This mask seems to be amazing. just looking for something to uplift my look before my sister’s engagement and here find the real beauty kit. Thanks a lot for sharing
    regards, \

    8.3.20 Reply
  9. The mask set looks super professional! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.4.20 Reply