Affordable Cocktail Rings.

Affordable Cocktail Rings

Affordable Cocktail Rings

There is a reader question that I have saved for a future email newsletter, asking about affordable costume jewelry… cocktail rings in particular. The reader had mentioned that she loved my Retrouvai Lollipop Ring (one of my most prized possessions: my 40th birthday gift to self) but was looking for some more affordable options. I was saving the question as I didn’t have a solid answer (yet) but then yesterday I was browsing Anthropologie as I worked on my end of year sales recap and BOOM – so many incredible cocktail rings, all at really affordable prices. Doesn’t hurt that Anthropologie is running an extra 40% off sale styles right now.

The first is these flower rings (pictured above). I have a list (mostly in my head) of dream wish list purchases and an Irene Neuwirth flower ring is pretty high up there. Or, also… Sophie Joanne. These are on sale for $30 but with the extra post-holiday discount they’re only $18! I ordered the turquoise and gold and of course will show them on Instagram when they arrive but have a feeling they will sell out. So fun.

Those were my personal favorite but there is more! There’s also these heart stone rings (also very Irene IMO), this stone inlay ring (I ordered the blue one!), and another heart ring (I couldn’t resist the green malachite). But also this one (very YSL if you ask me, I love the peach!), this oval stone ring, and this solid gold option. Wow. Well done, Anthropologie!!!

PS – you might also enjoy my rather massive guide to the best holiday accessories!

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    I adore a good cocktail ring!

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