Activewear Upgrade.

Activewear Upgrade

I have been really focused on fitness and getting stronger. I found a class I really really LOVE at a gym nearby and take it 2-3 times a week. To be honest, I think I forgot how much I actually do love group fitness? The energy in the room can be so powerful. I am definitely someone who does best when they mix it up at the gym. I will get really into one thing and then try something else. I ping pong back and forth between new favorite classes and activities. I think variety is really the key in sticking with a fitness routine, at least for me!

I was really into Melissa Wood Health during the pandemic, then I moved onto working with a trainer when I moved to Charleston. Then I was doing the obĂ© fitness workouts, then Peloton, and now I’ve started taking this class. It is so hard, but the coolest thing is that I find myself recognizing the same people in class and making friends? But also, everyone in class looks so cute. It’s felt like time for a little activewear upgrade. My favorite thing to wear is a matching set (a longer bra + leggings) with some sort of top layer that I’ll take off when I start to really sweat!

Activewear Upgrade

A few favorite highlights from the roundup:

  • I am so proud of my Addison Bay collection. I wear this set (bra, + either the leggings in green or navy) at least once a week.
  • The Rich Aunt pullover is truly the best little top layer, especially if you are grabbing a coffee or a juice post workout. I live in these.
  • Beyond Yoga just has such great sets. I got this top and these leggings and will probably buy another set. The fabric is so soft yet it still manages to really hold you in.
  • These are hands down my favorite leggings. So comfortable and cute!
  • Vuori everything, especially in warm weather and especially on the airplane. This pullover is a favorite as both a top layer for the gym but it was a great (breathable!) top to wear on the plane as well. I also live in their joggers and the newer boyfriend shorts.
  • I am a BIG fan of Girlfriend Collective. Their fabrics are really supportive. And made from recycled materials. This hot pink set (bra top + leggings) is a new favorite. Also: the bra tops are supportive enough to run in.

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  1. BugsMom:

    Can you tell us more about the type of class/name of class? I’m always looking for recommendations. Thanks!

    5.22.23 Reply
    • It’s just a boot camp class at my local gym!

      5.22.23 Reply
      • Bugsmom:

        Okay thanks! That’s my current workout, too, and I’m loving it (hard but goes by really quickly).

        5.23.23 Reply