A Little October Wish List!

A Little October Wish List October Wish List

Happy Monday. Today’s post is a little wish list / compilation of all the pretty things. We drive home to Charleston from Savannah today. I have been doing some shopping for Fall and wanted to share some things I love… they’re either on my wish list, or things I’ve bought as we move into (slightly!) cooler weather!!!! A few of these pieces are a little more splurgy, I do tend to invest more in my fall wardrobe than other seasons.

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A Little October Wish List!

I got these Loeffler Randall lug sole boots as I’ve been looking for a (less prissy/more casual) boot to wear with my non-skinny jeans. They’re a little out of my usual comfort zone but I like them a lot: I am really having a hard time adjusting to figuring out boots with non-skinny jeans.

I feel like velvet dresses are a massive trend for Fall. I ordered the emerald green velvet nap dress but think that this one from Anthro is so pretty (I have some summer dresses in the exact same cut and the fit is perfection).

Headbands generally look really dumb on me as I have big hair and a huge forehead. I can’t do any that are “tall” or puffy. I do love this sparkly one from Jennifer Behr though… it lays nice and close to your head. Also from Jennifer Behr – these butterfly earrings, whoa.

I was influenced by Helena on this Isabel Marant belt. (I sized up to a large.) And I LOVE IT. It’s great with jeans and also over dresses.

How clever is this little collar? A perfect way to update your blouses and sweaters to get on that little trend.

This green trench from Classic Six is just everything. The cut, the color, all of it… perfection! The perfect transitional coat, I really love it.

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  1. Jessica Camerata:

    The Isabel Marant belt is SO GOOD! I love mine so much and wear it all the time. Those Vejas are super cute too, love the velcro!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    10.25.21 Reply
  2. Jen:

    Hi! Just wanted to send a quick FYI that you might have been hacked on Bloglovin. It shows you liking some really weird posts. (Some not in English. Some baby headbands. Something about the “krona virus”. So obviously not you . Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you weren’t aware.

    10.25.21 Reply
  3. Mary:

    High-rise mom jeans are throwing a wrench into fashion across the board. Tops are too cropped to accommodate them, boots fit weird with them. This is exactly what the fashion industry wanted to happen, but I’m not happy about it. I’m sticking with “skinny” jeans, although I don’t to the super tight ones anymore. I think a slightly tapered, straight-leg is more comfortable and classic and looks good with flats and sneakers. I also think this is the reason so many women have chosen to just wear dresses all the time instead. Thank you for helping us try to navigate these trying times! : )

    10.25.21 Reply
    • ALL OF THIS!!!! I feel seen and relate so hard, especially to just wearing dresses all the time instead. 🙂

      10.25.21 Reply
  4. Emily:

    I feel like figuring out which shoes to wear with non-skinny pants should not be this hard! I appreciate any advice or demonstrations on how to navigate this new world.

    Also I love that La Double J dress and the Mille dress. The Mille dress reminds me of a leopard print dress I bought last year . . . 🙂

    10.25.21 Reply
  5. I am HERE for the emerald green velvet dresses. Swoon! I was so very tempted by the holiday nap dress launch, and I’ve not purchased a nap dress before. Now if only I had an occasion to wear them to, ha!

    10.26.21 Reply
  6. Lynn:

    Everything is gorgeous Grace and I’m so happy to see you in these great clothes . I just keep having to slap myself and say “ snap out of it” like the movie “Moonstruck “ with Cher , such a good one that she won an academy award. See it! I’m lucky enough to have some of the great things you shared and good deals and splurges, but just dream and look at the rest of most things . Anyway it’s hot cool here unfortunately most of the year in FL. Enjoy them !!! Beautiful

    10.26.21 Reply