A Hilarious TV Show, A New Jewelry Find, and Other Good Things.

Butterfly Print Maxi Dress | A Hilarious TV Show, A New Jewelry Find, and Other Good Things.
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Happy Monday! First of all, today is Amazon Prime Day. In a few hours I will have my picks up but you’ve been warned, this year’s deals are good. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was jam-packed. A four year old’s bday party (I ended up going with the Stomp Rocket and some Babiators for his gift – both were highly recommended when I polled you for suggestions on Instagram), a few fun dinners, and then hanging at my parents’ place last night. It was a really nice weekend. I’m looking forward to a pretty low key week, with a little trip to Georgia on Wednesday.

Also how great is this dress? We talked about it a few weeks ago but I am so in love with the Aqua x Mary Katrantzou collab. The butterfly pattern makes me really happy. It’s dramatic and fun and would be perfect for a big event. Wearable art. I’m wearing a size medium.

A Hilarious TV Show, A New Jewelry Find, and Other Good Things

Hacks, with Jean Smart

Hacks, with Jean Smart

Have you watched Hacks, on HBO Max yet? If not, as I’ve said to friends, OH MY GOD GO WATCH IT!!! It is definitely one of my favorite recent watches. Jean Smart is absolutely brilliant. She plays an aging comedienne with a QVC line (the show was definitely loosely inspired by Joan Rivers; I loved this little guide to the similarities and dissimilarities between the two!), forced to work with a young, brash writer. The two strike up an unlikely friendship and the writing is just so clever. There are only ten episodes, each just over 30 minutes long… you could absolutely watch it in a single weekend – at least, that’s what I did!

A Big Sale at Our Place | A Hilarious TV Show, A New Jewelry Find, and Other Good Things.

A Big Sale at Our Place

I feel like I have been talking about Our Place a little too much and I am sorry BUT oh do I love this pan, and they are having a big sale – two days only, today 6/21 and tomorrow 6/22. Take 25% off ALL purchases $185+ ($225+ CAD) with code FLASH25 


The COOLEST Rings!

I was served Instagram ads for these (amazing!!!) rings a few too many times and finally placed an order. I have larger fingers so I had to wait for my size to come in (the sizing is frustrating but a tip is that they seem to add new rings every day so some days they’ll have your size and some days they won’t) but I will just tell you that these rings are the COOLEST. I bought this one and this one and love them so much – they’re really unique and I have never seen anything like them.

We've Got Issues with Emily & Jess

We’ve Got Issues with Emily & Jess

My friends started a new podcast and I think it’s such a brilliant idea, especially if you care about current events but have a low attention span (is that bad to admit? It’s me, lately!!!). Introducing, We’ve Got Issues, by Jess Kirby and Emily Amick (aka @emilyinyourphone).  Every week they’ll tackle a pressing issue – in under 15 minutes! They aren’t trying to be a news podcast but rather hoping to fill a gap in the market by sharing an interesting and insightful conversation on issues that matter in under 15 minutes. So far they’ve tackled student loan forgiveness and the wealth tax. Head on over to listen, rate, review, subscribe. You know the drill, do all the things!!

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photos by Clay Austin.

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  1. Joy H:

    Thanks for the tip on the Our Place sale! My hubs & I are renovating an 80 year old house, and I ordered all new everything from Our Place for the Tuscan style kitchen. So exciting!!! XOXOXO

    6.21.21 Reply
  2. I saw you recommend Hacks in your story, so I decided to give it a try! I absolutely devoured it. Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile!

    6.21.21 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    I bought the butterfly dress this weekend at Bloomingdale’s! I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on, it’s so flattering and fun! Planning to wear to a summer evening wedding.

    6.21.21 Reply
  4. Marty:

    I have been meaning to check out “Hacks,” after loving Jean Smart on “Mare of Easttown.”
    I just started watching something else I came across on HBO Max, “Starstruck.” So cute and funny. It’s a British series, sort of like “Notting Hill,” but it’s the guy who is famous. Your friend Becca might like it.

    6.21.21 Reply
    • Hi Marty!!!

      YES – i loved her on Mare, too!!!!
      I tried Starstruck and it wasn’t for me. But you’re right – Becca loves it!!!! So funny.

      6.21.21 Reply
  5. Lisa:

    LOVE Hacks!!! We are trying to control ourselves and watch no more than two episodes per week to make it last! My other recent favorite is Ted Lasso on HBO. Also 30 minute episodes – funny with a lot of heart.

    6.21.21 Reply
  6. Ahhhhhh I love Hacks and can’t wait for more one day!!

    6.21.21 Reply