A Few Picks for the New Year!

A Few Picks for the New Year

Are you feeling “new year new me” or “new year same me?” I think I am somewhere in between. I love the start of a new year to reflect upon what’s working and what’s not, to set new goals, to reset eating habits and get organized… but I’m still the same old me. I’m definitely more of a tiny tweaks vs. major overhauls kind of girl. This post is just meant to be a fun little shopping roundup with a few of Carly and my favorite things to get you in the New Year’s spirit. Little rewards and motivators, if you will.

A Few Picks for the New Year

  • If you resolve to take better care of your skin maybe treat yourself to this facial steamer (truly the best little luxury) or these facial cloths.
  • Also on the skincare front: dry brushing is the best. It’s so good for your skin. I have a big blog post about it, and am trying to remember to dry brush for a few minutes before every shower. I have and love this brush. And for in shower exfoliation, I love this eucalyptus scrub. The smell is incredible.
  • I can’t stop talking about this book. It’s amazing. I bought it for four people for Christmas. It’s equal parts inspirational and informative. I am getting so much out of it and feel like it’s really revving up my creative juices.
  • If you resolve to work out more, try a Theragun to massage tired muscles or this water bottle (my new favorite!). Or maybe a cute little workout set – love this crop top and leggings set.
  • Taking better care of your mental health? Try a Headspace subscription and some palo santo.
More Favorites

My Smythson planner is always so polarizing. Every year someone is upset by the price. OR they want to know all of the details, right down to monogramming, etc. It’s not for everyone but I use mine religiously every day to write down my to-do’s, and then I keep it at the end of the year. It is with me every moment of every day – be it at home, in my purse, etc. This is my fifth year as a Smythson gal and I have a nice little stack of them on my bookshelf. An archive of years past.

As for style, I really like the Soho diary, option 2 (week to view) layout. It has a page for the week opposite a plain lined page. On the week page I will list out my to-do’s for each day (meetings, calls, workouts, firm brand deadlines). Opposite that, I put broader to-do’s for the week. The system works really well for me!

Another product I really love is my Hatch Restore. It is kind of everything all in one. A reading lamp, a guided meditation, a sound machine, an alarm clock… it’s really awesome. I partnered with Hatch a few years ago and it is still my absolute favorite.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. Amy Hustad:

    The Trader Joe’s facial sunscreen is a dupe for Unseen Sunscreen and is a quarter of the price.

    1.4.24 Reply
  2. m:

    Happy New Year, New ME! I also love this time of year and I’m starting to look forward to January reset more than I do Christmas. Ahhhh.

    I am also an analog planner gal and have used the (less expensive than Smythson) version by Graphic Image for 15 years. I love the 6″ leather pocket calendar and use it like a Moleskine notebook. I get a new, trendy color each year with my monogram and carry it in my purse to jot down plans, inspirational quotes, and important info. I have a drawer full of them and love to look back over the years.

    Happy 2024!

    1.4.24 Reply
  3. Teresa G:

    Welcome back!! Missed you while you were gone! 🙂

    1.5.24 Reply