My New Bedtime Routine.

My New Bedtime Routine

I have been so excited about today’s blog post about the Hatch Restore, as it is truly the coolest gadget ever – it feels like something from the future, and it helps with sleep. If you’re new here, I am a terrible sleeper so having a good sleep environment and bedtime routine is really important to me. The Hatch Restore is part alarm clock, part reading light, part sound machine… with guided meditations, soothing sounds, and (maybe my favorite part?) customizable sunrises to wake up to. It’s also quite compact – fitting easily on my small nightstand.

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My New Bedtime Routine

Hatch Restore review

Hatch Restore Review

I am, frankly, terrible with technology so was a little nervous about getting this set up. But it couldn’t have been easier. Start by plugging in the device and then download the Hatch Sleep app from either the App store or Google Play. Make sure you’re connected to wifi. Fill out the simple steps to make an account. Then, follow the prompts to pair your device. This takes a little while but is super easy.

The top button has a touch sensor, so you just tap it to turn it on. To turn, just hold down. And to skip through any step in your routine, just tap! There are volume controls on the left and brightness controls on the right. One thing I really love (I like a very dark room!) is that you can dim or turn off the clock brightness within the app.

In the morning, you can snooze by tapping the top of the unit.

It takes less than five minutes to set up your customizable sleep / wake up routine.

Here’s mine!

  1. Read for 30 minutes. A reading light comes on. You can control the brightness to make it bright enough to read but still dim and soothing.
  2. After I read, the light dims, and a guided meditation or wind down comes on. Right now I have mine set to a 10 minute wind down.
  3. Then, I have soothing waves play to lull me to sleep. The waves play (faintly) all night. If I get annoyed by them (this has happened a few times), you just tap the Restore unit and it stops them.
  4. At 7am, a sunrise happens. I have mine set to Malibu Sunrise.
  5. Then at 7:30 my alarm goes off. I really like the “Forest Song” alarm… it wakes me up but is really pretty (and sounds a lot like you are waking up in the middle of a forest.

I love that you can choose which days you have the alarm… no accidentally getting woken up early on the weekends!

My New Bedtime Routine Hatch Restore how to have a good sleep Hatch Restore honest review

Created in partnership with Hatch Restore. Photography by Clay Austin.

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  1. Jessica Camerata:

    I have a Hatch sound machine (Cathy gave it to me she had extra!) to help me tune out my dog’s intense snoring. It’s GAME CHANGER. Love how easy it is to use too. This one sounds SUPER fancy!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    6.8.21 Reply
    • It’s truly just the best thing ever. I love it so much. The reading light and morning sunrise are so nice.

      6.8.21 Reply
  2. Ok but the Hatch Restore is the cutest! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.8.21 Reply
  3. I was literally just thinking about how I needed something new to help me sleep at night (I have such a hard time falling asleep!) when I came across this post. Perfect timing!

    6.8.21 Reply
    • It’s honestly AMAZING… think you will love. I’ve fallen asleep like a baby since getting it and really missed it during the two nights I was in New York!

      6.8.21 Reply
  4. Oooohhhh this is really interesting!! I use Hue lightbulbs for the sunrise option (I think it’s life changing for people like me who HATE waking up in the morning!), but I love that this combines that with the bedtime routine/guided meditation!

    Do you know if you’re able to fully control the Hatch from the phone app, or if you need to be able to physically reach/touch the device itself (to turn off the alarm, stop the wave noises, etc.)?

    6.8.21 Reply
    • Hi Heather! You just set up the routine via the app, and then it’s like an alarm clock – you can turn it off, etc. from the phone. I haven’t used the app since setting up my routines!

      6.8.21 Reply
  5. Caroline:

    This might sound super weird, but would you be able to dim the light on the clock to like the lowest setting and post it to stories one night after it’s gotten dark? I have the hardest time falling asleep if there’s any light in the room. I’ve put black electrical tape over the power light on my fan, phone charger, surge protector, etc. I have a Phillips clock that does the sunrise thing, but it is only one color and the sound it makes is….not great. It’s what you get with a $30 Amazon thing. I’ve always been curious if a nicer clock might help waking up be less painful & snooze button filled event!

    6.8.21 Reply
    • Hi Caroline – I am not going to do that, but you can make it completely dark – you can even turn the clock (the numbers) off in the app so that there’s literally no light. I’m the same – I don’t like any light at all. This sounds like it could be perfect for you!

      6.9.21 Reply
  6. The Hatch Restore sounds perfect for creating a really beautiful sleep / wake routine! Does it play any other sleep sounds, aside from the waves? I’m a rain / thunderstorm girl myself.

    6.8.21 Reply
  7. katie:

    Love this, but I need to know where the mirror behind your bed is from! *heart eyes*

    6.9.21 Reply
  8. Skye:

    I love my Hatch Restore! So excited to see it here. I couldn’t believe how easy the app was to set up and adjust, and it has fantastic light and sound options. Great partnership!

    6.9.21 Reply