A Cute Little Sale at Sephora.

A Cute Little Sale at Sephora.

This isn’t as big of a deal as the other sale events, BUT, Sephora is doing a sale right now so I wanted to re-post my list of Sephora favorites. Through December 9th, on purchases of $75 or more, Insiders take $15 off, VIB take $20 off, and Rouge take $25 off with code 2020SAVE !

Here’s my list of evergreen beauty favorites from Sephora – the products I love and use every day.

A Cute Little Sale at Sephora

The Tata Harper resurfacing mask. I am newly out and this is my favorite face mask. It brightens and tightens and just makes you GLOW, all why smoothing and refining the texture of the skin.

This is my favorite candle in the world. I have talked about it here over and over again. It smells a lot like Le Labo Santal 26 (a sexy fireplace) but it’s a lot less expensive. ($34) I bought four. I also always like to buy a few sets of these eye patches from Wander Beauty. This year they have a big set of 18 of the the eye patches which is amazing. For both of these items: I keep a few for me but they also make fun last-minute gift for a girlfriend. Buy a couple of each and keep them wrapped for last minute gifts that will always

More Necessaire body lotion and Eucalyptus body wash. Holy grails.

Another (my third now?) bottle of Biossance’s lactic acid treatment. This is my favorite acid potion – leaves skin so smooth the next day, I do it 2-3x a week.

Lord Jones’ amazing lavender bath salts. They smell heavenly and work wonders on sore achey muscles. I also love giving this as a gift.

NuFace priming gel (the big size!) I go through a lot of this and always use the sale to buy the big bottle.

Great Gifts

As mentioned above, the Maison Louis Marie Candle, Wander Beauty Gold Eye Patches, and Lord Jones Bath Salts are among my favorite gifts to give.

Kiehl’s Brighten Up & Glow Gift Set – this would be the perfect gift for someone in your life who wants to get more into skincare but isn’t sure where to start. All through my twenties, Kiehl’s was my holy grail – I would buy this for my 27 year old self.

Self Care Favs to Pamper at Home

This facial steamer is everything when it comes to creating an at home “spa experience.” It also ALWAYS sells out during this sale. I bought it for myself at the beginning of quarantine and it’s been such a treat. I like to wash my face and then use this before a deep cleansing mask to really let the treatment penetrate.

If I could only pick one favorite face mask it would be this one from Tata Harper. It’s truly the best and leaves your skin SO glowy. This one from OleHenriksen is a close second favorite!

This peel from goop is one of my holy-grails. I have tried quite a few and find it to be the most effective at home peel I’ve tried; it leaves you SO glowy and radiant the next day!

Dry brushing is one of the best things you can do for your skin and circulation (for a nice how-to, refer to this post!) Ths brush is amazing!

For a nice take on a microcurrent facial at home (my personal favorite when getting a facial), the NuFace is king! You need to do it every day to see a difference (but we have a lot more time on our hands, right!?) but for a lifted look, nothing is better. (I also have the ELE attachment which is amazing for the lip and eye areas). I also always stock up on the priming gel during this sale.

Dark Circles + Undereyes

This is always a hot topic! I want to say that there’s no product on the market that will actually get rid of dark circles BUT you can minimize their appearance!

I love using the Supergoop Brightening Eye Cream with the KOSAS concealer or tarte Shape Tape. In fact, I have been really impressed by both of these concealers; the coverage is great. Shape Tape is a bit more full coverage than KOSAS; but KOSAS is a little bit more hydrating. The key for both is to use an eye cream to keep the area really hydrated so that you the concealer doesn’t get cakey and dry.

Other Skincare favs

Tata Harper Everything! Always. I am absolutely obsessed with this brand. If I had to pick just one item to buy from her it would be the resurfacing mask (holy grail FAVORITE MASK EVER).

I always forget about this “line-reducing” concentrate from Kiehl’s but it’s one of my FAV products. It really makes a difference in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on your forehead.

This face cream!

WOW. It’s so good. If you have very dry skin and need a really rich moisturizer, it’s excellent. I love that it also lifts and visibly firms the skin. It’s a new favorite. I’m going to write a longer post just about this cream, but wanted to share it here because of the sale.

Biossance has become a new favorite brand this year; I absolutely love their lactic acid treatment. It’s become a holy grail for me as it makes SUCH a difference in your skin in just a night. I also really love their phytoretinol (the best Bakuchiol/retinol alternative I have tried)

Farmacy is my other fav. Their Green Clean cleansing balm is a holy grail fav. My all time favorite cleanser. I’ve tried so many cleansers (many of them being so much more expensive!!) but always come back to this – it takes off all my makeup while leaving the skin so soft. I am also a big fan of their Deep Sweep toner and this ultra gentle (honey scented) gel cleanser.

One of my all time favorite retinols is the Shani Darden. I do retinol 2-3x a week and lactic acid 2-3x a week. Always separate, never together… but having both products in my skincare repertoire has been a godsend and made a big difference!

Summer Fridays is another fav brand. The Jet Lag mask is probably my all-time favorites (full review here; it’s the perfect fix whenever my skin is really dry + dehydrated and I LOVE it on the plane).

Makeup Favs

I got really into tarte’s shape tape concealer this year. It’s more for big shoots or days where you need a lot of coverage (I love the Kosas concealer otherwise), but it works and covers everything. It can be a bit drying so just make sure you use a good eye cream underneath.

Glowscreen! Is it makeup? Is it skincare? It’s kind of both but I love it so much and wear it nearly every day.

Ilia has become another big favorite brand. A few standouts are this eyeshadow palette (in warm – I apply with a wet brush and the finish is perfection), their mascara, and their eyeliner (the BEST LINER).

And Wander Beauty. My two holy grails from Wander are the foundation and the mascara. I like their eyeshadows a lot, too – really pigmented and pretty. And of course the gold eye masks… get the big pack!

I know I am talking about a lot of mascaras but I love the tarte Sea Curl Mascara – it does not budge or flake and leaves the lashes with a bit of a curl.

My favorite bronzer ever. I’ve been using this since 2006 – it was one of the first luxury beauty products I ever bought! It lasts forever and ever.

The BeautyBlender. I’d be lost without mine. I use it for everything from blending my foundation and highlighter to fixing eye makeup mistakes. I really like this color changing one.

The KOSAS lipstick in Rosewater. This is one of my absolute favorite everyday products. It is the color of my lips but just a little better. I have a few of these around the apartment/in handbags as I can’t be without it!

Body Products

Necessaire everything. I know I sound like a broken record talking about this brand but the products are just… the best. Sleek, minimal packaging… skincare grade ingredients (the body lotion has niacinamide in it which I love!), truly effective and also the fragrances are so nice. The eucalyptus is my personal fav but you can’t go wrong.

The Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak and Scrub!!! HEAVEN.


This is my favorite blonde shampoo… and I’ve tried so many!

I am a big, big Olaplex person. I’ve been doing the No. 3 mask once a week and my hair is SO MUCH SOFTER. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it also meets Sephora’s clean standards. I also like using No.0 beforehand. You don’t need it, but it makes a big difference!


photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. McKenzie:

    Wow! What an list! Thank you for putting this together. So helpful.

    12.4.20 Reply
  2. Don’t tempt me! I’ve been getting tons of emails from Sephora, looks like I’ll need to do a little shopping haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.4.20 Reply
  3. Lenne Zulkiflly:

    I love the Supergoop Brightening Eye Cream! It’s the only eye cream that works well for me. xx


    12.7.20 Reply